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Study of Fayol and Taylor

  1. Both the people have added to advancement of study of administration. The commitment of these two pioneers in the field of study of administration has been evaluated as "The work of Taylor and Fayol seemed to be, obviously, particularly corresponding. They both understood that issue of work force and its administration at all levels is the way to individual achievement. Both connected logical strategy to this issue Taylor worked fundamentally from agent level, from base to upward, while Fayol focused on overseeing chief and work downwards, was only an impression of their altogether different professions". They both contrast from each other in taking after viewpoints: - 

  2. Taylor took a gander at administration from supervisory perspective and attempted to enhance proficiency at working level. He moved upwards while planning hypothesis. Then again, Fayol broke down administration from level of top administration descending. Therefore, Fayol could bear the cost of a more extensive vision than Taylor. 

  3. Taylor called his reasoning "Logical Administration" while Fayol portrayed his approach as "A general hypothesis of organization". 

  4. Fundamental point of Taylor - to enhance work efficiency and to dispense with all sort of waste through institutionalization of work and instruments. Fayol endeavored to build up a widespread hypothesis of administration and worried upon requirement for instructing the hypothesis of administration. 

  5. Taylor centered his consideration around actuality by administration and his standards are appropriate on shop floor. In any case, Fayol focused on capacity of supervisors and on general standards of administration wheel could be similarly connected taking all things together. 

  6. Comparability - Both stressed common co-operation amongst work and representatives. 

  7. Circles of Human Action 

  8. Fayol's hypothesis is more broadly relevant than that of Taylor, despite the fact that Taylor's rationality has experienced a major change Under impact of present day improvement, yet Fayol's standards of administration have stood the trial of time are as yet being acknowledged as the center of administration hypothesis. 

  9. Analysts See Point 

  10. As indicated by Clinicians, Taylor's review had taking after downsides: - 

  11. Disregards human variables - Considers them as machines. Disregards human prerequisites, need and goals. 

  12. Division of Arranging and Doing. 

  13. Disappointment - Contrasting execution and others. 

  14. No most ideal way - Logical administration does not give one most ideal route for taking care of issues. 

  15. Basis Taylor Fayol 

  16. Human aspect Taylor neglects human components and there is more weight on enhancing men, materials and methods Fayol pays due respects on human component. E.g. Rule of activity, Espirit De' Corps and Value perceives a requirement for human relations 

  17. Status Father of logical management Father of administration standards 

  18. Effectiveness and administration Stressed on efficiency Stressed on general organization 

  19. Approach It has small scale approach since it is confined to production line only It has full scale approach and plates general standards of administration which are relevant in each field of administration. 

  20. Extent of principles These standards are confined to creation activities These are pertinent in a wide range of association in regards to their administration issues 

  21. Achievement Scientific management Administrative administration

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