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The Bajaj Pulsar is a motorcycle brand owned by Bajaj Auto

The Bajaj Pulsar is a cruiser mark claimed by Bajaj Auto in India. The bike was created by the item building division of Bajaj Auto in relationship with Tokyo R&D,[1] and later with cruiser fashioner Glynn Kerr. Right now there are five variations accessible, with motor limits of 135 cc, 150 cc, 180 cc, 200 cc, and 220 cc. Beforehand it was additionally offered with a 200 cc DTS-i oil cooled motor, which now has been suspended. Rather another rendition Pulsar 200NS was propelled in 2012. However, then Pulsar 200NS generation was ceased in August 2015.[2] With a normal month to month offers of around 86,000 units in 2011, Pulsar guaranteed a 2011 piece of the overall industry of 47% in its segment.[3] By April 2012, more than five million units of Pulsar were sold.[4]

Prior to the presentation of the Pulsar, the Indian cruiser advertise pattern was towards fuel proficient, little limit bikes (that shaped the 80–125 cc class). Greater bikes with higher limit for all intents and purposes did not exist (aside from Enfield Slug). The dispatch and achievement of Legend Honda CBZ in 1999 demonstrated that there was interest for execution bicycles. Bajaj took the signal from that point on and propelled the Pulsar twins in India on 24 November 2001.[5] Since the presentation and accomplishment of Bajaj Pulsar, Indian youth started expecting high power and different components from moderate bikes.

The venture was confronted with inside resistance, reservations by Mckinsey and questions on its impacts on Bajaj's connection with Kawasaki. The venture required roughly 36 months for culmination and cost Bajaj ₹ 1 billion.The unique Pulsar accompanied a 150 cc air-cooled, single-barrel, petrol, start lighted four-stroke motor which made 13 HP of greatest power. They highlighted a solitary start attachment to touch off the air-fuel blend sustained from a carburetor, basic spring safeguards, round headlamp vault and 1,265 mm wheelbase. Plate brakes as standard gear was a curiosity in Indian cruisers of the mid 2000s. Other standard components were stopping lights and an airplane sort fuel tank top.

In mid-2001, the Indian Armed force requested 1500 Bajaj Pulsars for its protection faculty.

The 180 cc rendition made 15 HP of most extreme power and accompanied a twin-tone horn, which was discretionary gear on the 150 cc form. Electric Begin (ES) was offered as standard component in the 180 cc display and discretionary on the 150 cc model.[16]


2003 Model bajaj pulsar 150 cc

The second era Pulsars highlighted Bajaj Auto's recently created DTSi innovation, which expanded the power rating of both forms by 1 hp (0.75 kW) each furthermore expanded fuel economy.[17] This model additionally present another headlamp gathering, 1,320 mm wheelbase,[18] and standard twin-tone horn and excursion meter.


In 2005, Bajaj propelled Pulsar 150. The bicycle was offered with 17-inch (430 mm) composite wheels as standard alternative, and the position was additionally brought down by around 12 mm. It was the first run through any bicycle producer in India had offered 17-inch (430 mm) profile wheels at the back. The fuel tank now had a limit of just 18 litres.[19] The power yield was currently further expanded to 13.5 hp (10.1 kW) @ 8500 rpm for the 150 while it expanded to 16.5 hp (12.3 kW) @ 8500 rpm for the 180.[20] The back safeguards were presently gas-filled Nitrox safeguards.

The LCD screen presented with the UG-3 rendition of the Pulsar


Bajaj presented another variant of Pulsar (UG III). New elements included: pilot lights isolated from the fundamental headlamp, turn pointers with clear focal points and golden knob, self-crossing out turn marker switch, flush LCD screen with computerized read-out of key vehicle information, non-contact speed sensor, non-contact illuminated switches, twin-stripe Drove tail-light get together and side boards changed for a sharp, decreasing towards-the-back look. The motor had expanded torque accessibility, lessened vibration and enhanced rigging shift feel. cc variants.[21]

The new headlamp plan presented for the whole Pulsar arrangement in 2006


In July 2007, Bajaj started offering the Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi and Pulsar 180 DTS-i, the previous highlighting fuel infusion and oil cooled motors, a computerized dash, and present day styling. This bicycle has a few components which are absolutely new to the Indian market, similar to the fuel infusion itself, raise circle brake and clasp on handlebars (the initial two just accessible in the 220 model).


The new Pulsar has numerous firsts surprisingly. It comes outfitted with an oil cooler, which controls motor oil temperatures at managed high speeds and rpms, in this way guaranteeing more steady motor oil thickness.

The new computerized reassure is a propelled adaptation of the most recent Pulsar family. Aside from the Advanced Odometer, Computerized Speedo Meter, Advanced Fuel Gage, Self Scratching off Pointers and two Advanced Excursion Meters, the comfort on the 180 cc Pulsar DTS-I has markers for the air channel condition, motor temperature, battery voltage and oil level.


Bajaj discharged the UG IV (fourth redesign) variants of the Pulsar 150 and Pulsar 180 in April 2009. The updates for the Pulsar 150 incorporated an all-dark topic, tank scoops like those on the Pulsar 200, a 3D Pulsar logo, and a changed electrical framework (full DC). Control likewise expanded from 13.5 HP to 14.09 HP (at 8,500 rpm).

Electrical improvements like auto take light turn off following few moments of killing the motor to ensure the battery, self-wiping out turn signals, symbol brightening (horn symbol, pointer symbol, motor cut off symbol, and so forth.), side stand cautioning light, duel computerized trip meter, low fuel cautioning light (which likewise flashes when the motor is revved too hard), and low battery marker are basic components among every one of the variations and Auto Stifle Framework in 220 Variation.

The Pulsar 180 got overhauls like more extensive tires, split seat, tank scoops, cut on handlebars, 3D Pulsar logo, swing arm suspension acquired from Pulsar 200, and thicker forks. The power was expanded to 17 PS.[22]

Bajaj propelled a carbureted rendition of Pulsar 220 on June 2009, labeling it as "the quickest bicycle in India".[23] It additionally ceased the creation of Pulsar 200 on July 2009.

Bajaj additionally presented another Light Games adaptation of Pulsar named as Pulsar 135LS. It is the primary bicycle in India to contain 4-valve DTS-i innovation. It comprises 4 littler valves as opposed to 2 standard greater valves, styling likewise is changed and looks turn out to be more forceful. The bicycle is ARAI ensured for 68.5 km/l and weights just 122 kg.


Bajaj discharged the UG 4.5 forms of the Pulsar 150. The updates for the Pulsar 150 incorporated a clasp on handlebars like those in Pulsar 135LS. Control additionally expanded from 14.09 HP to 15.06 HP (at 9,000 rpm).

A bare form of Pulsar 220 is likewise propelled, named as Pulsar 220S (Road Contender) which holds everything from Pulsar 220 with the exception of the front fairing. Front fairing is like Pulsar 180/150. Old Pulsar 220 is presently named as Pulsar 220F.


Bajaj discharged Pulsar 135LS,150,180 and 220F.[24]


2012 denoted the section of Bajaj's most recent plan, the Pulsar 200NS (NS remaining for Exposed Game). The bicycle has an overhauled 200 cc fluid cooled motor, which produces 23.17 bhp (17.28 kW) at 9,500 rpm and 18.3 N·m (13.5 lbf·ft) at 8,000 rpm. It has another triple-start plan, alongside another four-valve SOHC. The organization guarantees a top speed of 136 km/h (85 mph). It doesn't have fuel infusion like its forerunner, the Pulsar 220Fi. It has a petal circle brake on the front, a plate brake on the back wheel, and a gas-charged monoshock. It was propelled in April 2012.[25] Asserted efficiency is 58 kilometers for each liter (140 mpg-US) when ridden under 60 kilometers for every hour (37 mph).[25] Outline of the 200NS was by Bajaj lead fashioner Edgar Heinrich, who left Bajaj to wind up head of BMW Motorrad plan in mid-2012.[26]


At the February 2014 Automobile Expo, Bajaj reported two new 375 cc Pulsar variations: the CS400, an unfaired "road bare" contrasted elaborately with the Ducati Diavel,[27] and the SS400, with a full fairing.[28] Models demonstrated were portrayed by press as "close generation prototypes.".[27] Later in the next year the a bicycle seeming to be like the SS400 came into creation with a 200cc fuel infused motor, totally new forceful look with twin projector headlamps and was named as RS200. This is the most capable pulsar yet.



DTSi remains for Computerized Twin Start, a Bajaj Auto trademark. Bajaj Auto holds an Indian patent for the DTSi technology.[citation needed] The Alfa Romeo Twin-Start motors, the BMW F650 Funduro which was sold in India from 1995 to 1997 likewise had a twin-start plug innovation, and the Rotax cruiser motors, all the more as of late Honda's iDSI Vehicle motors utilize a comparative game plan of two start plugs. However not very many little limit motors did in the end execute such a plan in their creation models.

Patent infringement[edit]

In September 2007, Bajaj Auto documented a case blaming that the advancement for TVS Fire was infringing upon their patent for DTS-I.[29] TVS Engines chose to sue Bajaj Auto for libel.[30][31] On February 2008, the Madras High Court in Chennai controlled TVS from propelling it with the twin start plug technology.[32] TVS bid against this choice, guaranteeing that urgent proof was not taken into account[33] and in Walk 2008, propelled the Fire with a changed motor containing one start plug.[34] The DTSi thought is a basic one to comprehend – it included use of two start plugs (rather than one) per motor barrel. On 16 September 2009, the Preeminent Court of India allowed TVS Engines to produce and offer the 125 cc TVS Fire with Twin Start Technology[35] till the pendency of the suit under the steady gaze of the Madras High Court, yet it should keep up exact records of its business everywhere throughout the country.ExhausTEC remains for Fumes Torque Extension Chamber, an innovation protected by

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