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the Difference between the State and Nation

  • These two terms (State and Country) have regularly been confounded and between variably utilized and utilized even by the prominent political scholars. Yet, while talking, as far as Political Science, these two terms are very unmistakable from each other. Etymologically additionally they have been gotten from various sources. 

  • The expression "State" has been gotten from "Status" prior utilized by the Teutons while the expression "Country" is gotten from the Latin word "Natio" which generally indicates birth or race. Be that as it may, regardless of their diverse wellsprings of source the two terms have gained their own implications in like manner utilization and these procured implications are very not the same as their unique implications. There is just a slight distinction between the two terms. Educator R.N. Gilchrist trusts that the expression "country" is extremely close in intending to state. 

  • It has a more extensive importance. It is the State in addition to nationality. He gives the case of the English Country. When we discuss the English Country, we mean the English individuals composed in one state and acting suddenly as a solidarity. 

  • He wavers to talk about the Austro-Hungarian country, however he could talk flawlessly and accurately of the pre-war Austro-Hungarian country. "The country", says T. Green, "underlies the State", and the state is "the country sorted out unquestionably". 

  • He likewise calls attention to that the individuals from a country "in their corporate or partner activity are enlivened by specific interests emerging out of their corporate or partner activity are vivified by specific interests emerging out of their association". 

  • After such a large amount of discourse on these terms, we can make the accompanying refinement amongst State and the Country: 

  • (1) The State is a solid political association though the country is dynamic and profound. 

  • (2) The State is constituted of the four fundamental components, specifically, Settled Region, Populace, Government and Power. All these fundamental constituents and essential for the association of the State. While the country is constituted of numerous social components, all of which are most fundamental for the presence of the country. 

  • (3) The country is ethnic and on the grounds that it is ethnic it is not constrained to one state alone. It might incorporate more than one state. For instance, German country included Eastern and Western Germany, Austria and Switzerland since Germans and German-talking individuals lived there. In any case, just a couple of masterminds focus on this reality. For the most part, it is trusted that a country is constrained to a state. 

  • (4) The State can exist without national sentiments yet a country can't. For instance, before 1918, Austro-Hungary was a state however it couldn't be viewed as a country since it didn't have that essential solidarity of soul which was required to make it a country.

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