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the Directorate of secondary education

  • The Directorate of Auxiliary Instruction cares for the administration of optional school training in the state. The Executive of Open Guidelines (Schools) [DPI (S)] is responsible for this Directorate. He is additionally the Drawing and Dispensing Officer (D.D.O) for the foundation and officers at the Central command. 

  • The D.P.I (S) is responsible to the Training Secretary in all matters concerning optional instruction. He is to execute the imperative instructive arrangements and projects of the Administration furthermore offer recommendations to the Legislature concerning any part of school training. The D.P.I (S) is helped by four Delegate Chiefs, who are helped by Associate Executives, Authoritative Officers and so forth. 

  • 1. Delegate Executive School Organization (D.D.S.A.) 

  • He is the responsible for school organization. He manages all matters identifying with exchanges, advancements, rank, arrival of evaluations and defense of posts of educators of all classes C and V Aces, instructors, superintendents. He is helped by A.D.S.A (I) and A.D.S.A. (II). The A.D.S.A (I) ordinarily manages male non-gazetted optional staff, though A.D.S.A. (II) manages the managerial matters identifying with the female staff. 

  • 2. Appointee Executive Grown-up Instruction 

  • He is responsible for all matters identifying with grown-up instruction in the state. He is helped by Social Training Officers and Venture Officers. 

  • 3. Appointee Chief Vocationalisation (D.D.V) 

  • The D.D.V. manages all matters identifying with vocationalisation of training. He is additionally Counsel, Specialized Training in the state. He is helped by four subject authorities. 

  • 4. Appointee Chief Books (D.D.B) 

  • He manages matters identifying with concede in-help to non-public schools. He is helped by a Right hand Accounts Officer (A.A.O) from the back office. 

  • 5. Extra Executive Youth Programs 

  • The Extra D.P.I cares for the improvement of games and physical instruction exercises. He is helped by a Young Welfare Officer (Y.W.O.) and a Games Officer. 

  • 6. Regulatory Office 

  • He manages every single managerial matter identifying with P.E.S.I and II officers. He is helped by Recorder Training (RE) who is additionally an attracting and dispensing officer to the three Directorates and S.C.E.R.T. 

  • 7. Arranging and Works. 

  • The D.D.S.E. heads arranging and works. He is helped by an officer on Exceptional Obligation for arranging and works - O.S.D (P and W). 

  • 8. Measurable Officer 

  • He manages a wide range of insights, information accumulation, preparing, breaking down and reporting. He additionally distributes the yearly reports of the Instruction Office. 

  • Notwithstanding the elements of the Optional School Directorate, a couple of more branches are being made to meet the expanding needs of the Directorate. Keeping in mind the end goal to enhance the nature of instruction, State Board of Instructive Research and Preparing (SCERT) has been made. It works under a senior-most officer of the instruction office.

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