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The Divine Secrets of Success

  • The mystery of accomplishment is overcoming or relinquishing the conscience where it utilizes recognition to make meaning. 

  • The recognitions you acknowledge turn into the establishments of the convictions you will make. The partition, or split-personality, would not exist in the event that it were not for recognitions. 

  • The conscience is the image of partition, similarly as the Heavenly Soul is the image of peace. What you see in others you are reinforcing in yourself. You may permit your brain to mis-see, however the Heavenly Soul gives your mind a chance to reinterpret its own particular misperceptions. 

  • The Sacred Soul is the ideal educator and your mystery of progress. He utilizes just what your mind as of now comprehends in showing you that you don't comprehend it. He can uncover your internal light and manage a hesitant learner without going counter to the learner's own particular personality, since some portion of that brain is still for God. 

  • Reluctantly or not, we as a whole long to learn. This is the reason the Blessed Soul needs you to disclose to Him when you are baffled and not settled. He doesn't anticipate that you will make sense of the arrangement. 

  • In spite of the inner self's endeavor to cover this piece of your reasoning, the hesitant learner in you is still considerably more grounded than the sense of self, despite the fact that the personality does not perceive this. 

  • The Heavenly Soul remembers it superbly, on the grounds that in the learner is the place He withstands; this is the place in your mind where the Sacred Soul makes you feel at Home, even while despite everything you long for partition. I felt this myself when I was overpowered by disappointment and danger and debilitation, yet at the same time felt things would work themselves out. 

  • You who are a piece of God are at Home in His Tranquility, aside from when the self image meddles with particular considerations or wrong-disapproved of recognition. This is the figment starting, which the Heavenly Soul is fixing. The self image made the world as it sees it, yet the Blessed Soul, the Reinterpreter of what the sense of self made, sees the world as an instructing gadget to bring us Home, which only is to stir. Here is your mystery of accomplishment. 

  • The Blessed Soul, just for you, must see time and reinterpret it into the immortal. He should work through alternate extremes, since He should work with, and for, a mind that is in restriction. Subsequently he will right and we will learn, as we are interested in learning. 

  • Our isolated personality did not, obviously, make truth, but rather truth will set us free. The mystery of progress is to look as the Sacred Soul looks, and don't fear your unique contemplations, and afterward you can see how He gets it. 

  • A Course in Wonders expresses, "The Sacred Soul is of God, some portion of you. He is your Guide all together that you accomplish your own particular through and through freedom." He is holding the recognition of things past, and everything to come, and conveys them to the present for your advantage. 

  • He will utilize considerations of your past alongside what He knows the future holds, to orchestrate occasions all together that your unrestrained choice be satisfied. He is doing this for you in light of the fact that your accomplishment of unrestrained choice is fundamental all together that your siblings and sisters accomplish through and through freedom too. The accomplishment of unrestrained choice, whereby everybody is satisfied, is about our part in the interlocking chain of Reparation. Its finish is ensured by God, paying little respect to the self image's strife.

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