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the features of Government and Social Life during Chalukay Dynasty

  • The Eastern Chalukyan Kingdom was administered similarly as whatever other kingdom in the Deccan in those days was. It was for the most part required in wars; few of them could be viewed as reasonable or important. 

  • The main other real movement was religious effort with respect to sectarians in their cloisters and different focuses of religious action. The Chinese traveler Hiuen Tsang was in Eastern Andhra in c. 629. He says that when he was there were around 20 Buddhist religious communities and more than 3000 ministers in the kingdom of Vengi. 

  • The decay of Buddhism in Eastern Andhra was occasioned by brahmanical movement bolstered by the Ikshvaku and different lines. Vimaladitya, one of the Eastern Chalukya rulers, was a Jaina. In Amaravati Buddhism and Budhist craftsmanship prospered. 

  • The Eastern Chalukyan legislative organization had an impossible to miss include specified in the Motupalli engraving of Ganapati Kakatiya; to be specific, the appropriation to the condition of the whole freight of destroyed boats. 

  • This was esteemed overbearing practice and was put a conclusion to by that Kakatiya. Rajaraja I Eastern Chalukya belittled Nannaya Bhatta who made an interpretation of the Mahaharata into Telugu. It was from the tenth century (Yuddhamalla III) onwards just that Telugu came to be seriously belittled. 

  • Vira Chola, the child of Kulottunga I, made arrangement for a Vedic school. These peace time exercises demonstrate that the military distractions of the rulers did not thoroughly meddle with the tranquil accomplishments of the general population.

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