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The Harley-Davidson VRSC (V-Twin Racing Street Custom)

  • The Harley-Davidson VRSC (V-Twin Hustling Road Custom) is a model of muscle bicycle, created by Harley-Davidson. The motor, called the Unrest motor depends on the VR-1000 Superbike motor and mutually created and built with the German games auto maker Porsche.The VRSC was presented in 2001 in a solitary model called the V-Bar. The V-Pole was produced to contend with Japanese and American muscle bicycles. The "V-Bar" made utilization of the Upheaval motor, grew together with Porsche[1] that, surprisingly utilized overhead cams and fluid cooling. Not at all like other Harley generation cruisers, a 60-degree V-twin motor, the radiator and the hydroformed outline individuals bolster the round-topped air cleaner cover. The fuel tank on the V-Bar is situated underneath the seat, putting the rider on top of it, as opposed to the typical frontal arrangement. The "tank" for this situation is dressing, concealing the edge. Inexactly in light of the VR-1000 Superbike, Harley-Davidson assembles it as a stage for racing rivalry machines. All VRSC models are delivered at Harley-Davidson's Vehicle and Powertrain Operations office in Kansas City, Missouri. 

  • Models[edit] 

  • VRSCA V-Rod[edit] 

  • Show years: 2002–2006. The first V-Bar had a 1,130 cubic centimeters (69 cu in) Unrest Motor, creating an asserted 115 torque (86 kW) at the wrench. The V-Bar had 49 mm forks and a 180 mm raise tire, with strong plate wheels. The VRSCAs were all processing plant furnished with 3.7 US gallons (14 l; 3.1 demon lady) fuel tanks. In 2006 the VRSCA was outfitted with Brembo Brakes. The VRSCA was just offered with forward controls. 2003 models were incorporated into the 100th commemoration version. 

  • VRSCAW V-Rod[edit] 

  • Show years: 2007–2010. The VRSCAW V-Bar is the successor to the VRSCA. Initially Created in 2007, it is basically a VRSCA with another edge to oblige the 240 mm raise tire and five gallon gas tank that came standard. The aluminum bodywork of the VRSCA was utilized as a part of a couple of early-creation VRSCAW models, however was later dropped. With these progressions the VRSCAW is a guaranteed 37 pounds (17 kg) heavier than its ancestor. For the principal generation year the power-plant remained an unaltered 1,130 cubic centimeters (69 cu in) Unrest motor. The VRSCAW is just offered with forward controls. The blend of expanded weight, and a 240 mm raise tire with no power increment made the 2007 VRSCAW the slowest creation VRSC delivered 

  • In 2008 the VRSCAW V-Pole's Unrest was expanded from 1,130 cc to 1,250 cubic centimeters (76 cu in), delivering an asserted 84 pound compel feet (114 N·m) @ 7,000 rpm, and pinnacle force of 123 torque (92 kW) at the crankshaft, a shoe grip was additionally included, similar to an electronically monitored slowing mechanism alternative. For the 2009 model year the VRSCAW supplanted the VRSCD, which was dropped from the line, as the "base model" for the VRSC family, and the recommended retail cost was lessened. 

  • VRSCB V-Rod[edit] 

  • Show years: 2004–2005. The VRSCB V-Pole had a two-year run. It was mechanically indistinguishable to the VRSCA, with corrective contrasts incorporated a dark edge, cleaned aluminum and dark powder-covered motor, and a somewhat extraordinary clamshell, instrument lodging and handlebars. The VRSCB was just offered with forward controls. 

  • VRSCD Night Rod[edit] 

  • Show years: 2006–2008. The Night Bar was presented in 2006 as the "new speedster roused bike" worked around the Insurgency motor. The Night Bar has mid controls like the 2006 Road Pole. These are the main two V-Pole models with mid controls (Back sets). Straight-shot suppressors assisted the Transformation Motor with producing an asserted 120 torque (89 kW) at the wrench. The Night Bar had a dark edge, dark and chrome motor, Brembo Brakes, opened aluminum plate wheels, and a shading coordinated fairing. 

  • In 2008 the VRSCD Night Bar's Upheaval was expanded from 1,130 to 1,250 cubic centimeters (69 to 76 cu in), delivering an asserted 85 pound constrain feet (115 N·m) @ 7,000 rpm, and pinnacle force of 125 drive (93 kW) at the wrench, a shoe grip was likewise included, similar to an ABS alternative. For the 2008 model year, the VRSCD was the main residual VRSC model to even now have a 180 mm raise tire or mid-pegs. 2008 was likewise the last year of creation for the VRSCD Night Bar. 

  • Night Pole Uncommon 

  • VRSCDX Night Pole Special[edit] 

  • Demonstrate years: 2007–Present. The VRSCDX is promoted as the production line made custom rendition of the standard Night Bar and is additionally a portion of Harley-Davidson's "Dim Custom" arrangement. Notwithstanding a 240 mm wide back tire, the majority of the chrome segments of the VRSCD were supplanted with dark. The wheels were supplanted by dark opened circle wheels, with dull orange stick striping. The Straight shot double fumes created an asserted 120 pull (89 kW) at the wrench. A 5 gallon tank was standard. The DX additionally incorporate hustling stripes. In 2008 the VRSCDX Night Bar Extraordinary's Insurgency was expanded from 1,130 to 1,250 cubic centimeters (69 to 76 cu in), creating asserted torque of 85 pound constrain feet (115 N·m) @ 7,000 rpm, and pinnacle force of 125 strength (93 kW) at the wrench, a shoe grip was likewise included, similar to an ABS alternative. 

  • For the 2012 model year, Harley-Davidson propelled a tenth commemoration rendition of the Night Pole Extraordinary. This model had a straight-shot fumes with double, chrome cut suppressors and chrome deplete shield; split five-talked cast aluminum wheels with jewel cut highlights; pullback handlebar with cleaned complete; modified front forks in silver and cleaned completes; adapted, chrome speed screen visor; representation, including V-Pole tenth commemoration image; and chrome powertrain with platinum crankcase and heads. 

  • VRSCF V-Pole Muscle[edit] 

  • Demonstrate years: 2009–Present. The V-Bar Muscle was presented in the late spring of 2008 at the Harley-Davidson merchant appear in Las Vegas for the 2009 creation demonstrate year. In advancing the Muscle, American design display Marisa Mill operator was enlisted for a publicizing effort went for more youthful, urban riders.[1] It would be one of just three VRSC models for 2009. Like the other two models, the Muscle utilized the 1,250 cubic centimeters (76 cu in) Upset Motor, a 240 mm wide back tire, 5 US gallons (19 l; 4.2 pixie lady) fuel tank, shoe grasp and forward controls. Dissimilar to alternate models in the VRSC lineup, the Muscle had straight shot double debilitates, with a hybrid, one on every side of the bicycle, not at all like the 2>1>2 fumes found on all other VRSC models. Also, the Muscle utilized an air-put away with ridicule air-rams like those found on numerous American horse and muscle autos. In the creation variant of the bicycle the air-rams are restorative. The VRSCF additionally had a hacked raise bumper with coordinated turn signals, and a side-mounted tag. Transform signs were incorporated into the back view reflects surprisingly as a stock component on a Harley-Davidson cruiser. The VRSCF gave at the wrench an asserted 86 pound drive feet (117 N·m) of torque at 6,500 rpm, which was somewhat more torque than the other VRSC models, at a marginally bring down motor paces. Guaranteed crest wrench torque was marginally lower than the Night Bar Unique, at 122 strength (91 kW) at 500 rpm bring down motor speed. 

  • VRSCSE: Screamin' Bird CVO V-Rod[edit] 

  • Display years: 2005. In 2005 Harley-Davidson's Custom Vehicle Operations delivered their first V-Bar. The measurements were indistinguishable to the VRSCA at the time, however the VRSCSE had additional chrome, custom paint, and not the run of the mill "clamshell" found on other VRSC models. The VRSCSE had a 1,250 cc Upheaval Motor, with CNC ported heads.Model years: 2006. The VRSCSE2 was the primary V-Pole or VRSC demonstrate with a 240 mm raise tire. It additionally utilized the Screamin' Hawk 1,250 cc Transformation Motor. 

  • VRSCR: Road Rod[edit] 

  • Demonstrate years: 2006–2007. The Road Bar was showcased as the "roadster-enlivened" individual from the VRSC line. The Road Pole was the main VRSC to utilize transformed forks made by Showa Company, with a lofty rake and Brembo provided brakes. It had the most noteworthy seat stature at 30 inches (76 cm) of any VRSC display, and asserted the best incline point at 40°, over the 32° incline of the other VRSC models. The Road Pole came outfitted exclusively with mid-mounted controls. The Road Pole was the first with a 5-gallon tank in the 2006 year demonstrate, that would get to be standard for the line in 2007. 

  • VRSCX: V-Rod[edit] 

  • Demonstrate years: 2007. Harley-Davidson put out the VRSCX as a Screamin' Falcon Tribute bicycle amid the Harley V-Bar's second sequential NHRA Title. The VRSCX had an indistinguishable measurements from the 2007 VRSCAW, including the 240 mm raise tire, 5 gallon gas tank, and forward controls. In any case, the VRSCX additionally had paintwork like the ace stock V-Pole, a smoked drag-visor windshield, and also the 1,250 cc Screamin' Falcon Transformation Motor. 1400 were assembled. 

  • VRXSE: V-Pole "Destroyer"[edit] 

  • In 2006 Harley-Davidson Presented a non-road lawful drag bicycle nicknamed "the Destroyer". It accompanied an indistinguishable motors from others in its family, except for a long stroke flywheel, bigger valves, dyno tuned speed stacks, expansive bore high pressure fashioned cylinders, high lift cams, multi organize bolt up grip, programmable move light, pneumatic shifter, bigger throttle bodies, and more race hardware. A sum of 646 vehicles were delivered with 625 discharged to merchant showrooms. 

  • The Transformation engine[edit] 

  • Harley-Davidson VR-1000 hustling superbike 

  • The Transformation motor depends on the VR-1000 Superbike race program, created by Harley-Davidson's Powertrain Building group. It is a fluid cooled, double overhead-cam, inside offset degree V-twin motor with a relocation of 69 cubic inches (1,130 cc), delivering 115 pull (86 kW) at 8,250 rpm at the wrench, with a redline of 9,000 rpm.[2] [3] It was presented for the new V-Bar line in 2001 for the 2002 model year, beginning with the single VRSCA (V-Twin Hustling Road Custom) show. [4] [5] 

  • A 1,250 cc Screamin' Falcon form of the Upheaval engi.

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