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the inter-relationship between Sociology and Political Science

  • Human science and political science are so intently and profoundly identified with each other that one gets to be distinctly negligible without the other. As per Morris Ginsberg "Truly, Human science has its principle establishes in governmental issues and rationality of history". 

  • The state, which is the focal point of political science in its initial stage was to a greater degree a social than political establishment. Human science is the crucial sociology which studies man's social life all in all and endeavors to find the actualities and the laws of life all in all. 

  • Political science, then again, is worried with the political existence of a .man which is one a player in his aggregate life. Humanism is the investigation of society where as a political science is mostly worried with the state and government. These two sociologies are extremely regular in specific circles. 

  • Political science is a branch of human science which manages the standards of association and legislature of human culture. The topic of political science in this way comes surprisingly close to humanism. 

  • Human science depends especially on political science in each regard. The state and governments make laws for the welfare of the general public. The administration evacuate social wrongs, for example, neediness, unemployment, share thus on from the general public. The undesirable traditions are removed from the general public by the legislature. 

  • The administration gives money related help to individuals at the season of regular disasters, for example, surges, starvation, tornado and dry season. Social foundations and social associations are managed by the state and government. 

  • Human science concentrates on different parts of political exercises through the assistance of political science. The administration can achieve changes in the general public with the assistance of laws. 

  • Similarly, political science relies on human science and human science gives material to political science, that is the political existence of the general population. 

  • In this manner, a few sociologists view political science as an extraordinary branch of human science, one might say that without sociological foundation the. investigation of political science is very outlandish. Political science manages the social gatherings sorted out under the sway of the state. 

  • The types of government, the nature of administrative organs, the laws and circle of the state movement are mostly controlled by the social procedures. The laws which are framed by the legislature depend on the social traditions, customs, mores, standards, and so on of the general public. 

  • The majority of the progressions which have been occurred in the political hypothesis amid the past circumstances have been conceivable because of human science. For comprehension of political issues, some information about human science is exceptionally basic since every political issue are for the most part amended with a social viewpoint. 

  • In this association F.H. Gidding says "To instruct the hypothesis of the state to men who have not learnt the main rule of humanism resemble showing stargazing or thermodynamics to men who have not learnt Newton's laws of Movement". 

  • In this manner, both human science and political science relies on each other. Both are between related and between ward. Genuinely, one might say that society is the reflect of governmental issues of the nation. 

  • As indicated by G.E.G. Catlin, human science and political science are the two countenances of a similar figure. In the sentiment of F.G. Wilson "It must be conceded to course, that it is frequently hard to decide, whether a specific author ought to be considered as sociologists or political scholar or thinker.

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