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What are the 4 essential groups of birds

  1. Diversion Winged animals 

  2. Diversion winged animals are great runners however they can't fly long separations. Their wings are short and round, however legs are huge. The mouths are likewise unequivocally assembled. Guys are forceful. One male keeps up a collection of mistresses of 3-4 females. Amusement feathered creatures incorporate partridges, birds, quall grouse and pea fowls. 

  3. Preying Winged creatures 

  4. Preying winged creatures are predators. They murder mice and other littler creatures and eat them. They have extremely solid, snare like bill. There feet have bended and pointed hook. Their vision is sharp. Preying winged creatures incorporate vultures, kites hawks and birds of prey. 

  5. Roosting Winged creatures 

  6. Roosting winged creatures constitute the biggest gathering of fowls. When they sit on a tree, their digit get a handle on the branch of the tree in a manner that they can't tumble off the branch. Baya, songbirds, swallow, bulbul, finches, house sparrow, weaver-feathered creature, crow and jaybird are some regular roosting fowls. 

  7. Flightless Winged creatures 

  8. Flightless winged creatures can run yet they can't fly. Flightless flying creatures are substantial measured. They by and large need tail quills. The bottom of sternum is truant. Male flightless winged animals have penis. Flightless fowls incorporate ostriches, rhea, emu, kiwi, and penguin. Ostrich is the biggest living flying creature. It weighs around 157 kg. Ostriches are great runners. They are found in Africa and Arabia. Rhea is found in South America. It is littler than ostrich. Emu is found in Australia. It is littler than rhea. Kiwi is found in New Zealand. It is Southern side of the equator (Antarctica). Their body is suited for plunging and swimming.

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