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words essay on Friends

  1. A companion in need is a companion surely is an axiom that stands genuine dependably. In our everyday work, we run over such a variety of people and every one of them are not our companions. 

  2. God does not make companions. We get them. How are companions made? Companions have a few qualities in like manner. They are for the most part of a similar age bunch. Their aptitudes and intrigue, different preferences are for the most part normal. They may live close-by, may go to a similar school or might do a similar work. Great companions thoroughly understand each other. There would be no privileged insights among them. They cherish each other superior to their relative. 

  3. There are various types of companions. Genuine and dedicated companions, easygoing companions and false or faint-hearted allies. A genuine and dependable companion has certain qualities, which you ought to likewise have. It is accurately said that to have a companion you ought to be one. 

  4. Genuine companions resemble one soul, living in two bodies. They are appended such a great amount to each other. A genuine companion is one who comes to you, when all others have cleared out. Never a genuine one compliments you. He may on occasion disapprove of you. A companion's scowl is said to be superior to an adversary's acclaim. An old companion resembles old wine. He is a fortifying power. An old companion is one, on whom one can simply depend. He remains by you, at all circumstances and shares you delights and distresses. It is an unbroken kinship till the last. 

  5. In our everyday issues, we go over such a large number of, who get to be companions for a reason. There are additionally other sort of companions, who are easygoing companions, whom we meet on our goes in transports and the trains. They are companions with whom we trade such a large number of perspectives. Yet, toward the end of the adventure, each goes his own particular manner and the easygoing companionship is additionally gone. 

  6. There are faint-hearted allies. They are sycophants. They laud you to skies and wait around you the length of you appreciate property and power. At the point when fortune betrays you, they would be no place to be seen. 

  7. Companionship spreads on. Indeed, even in you have a thousand companions you can in any case include one more. It is said that house can be known by the companions who visit it. Know his companions and you know the man. Mahatma Gandhi says difficulty is the pot test for fellowship. You know your genuine companion, just when he remains by you, in times of affliction. It is said thriving makes companions. Misfortune tries them. 

  8. Cases of genuine companions are numerous in our Puranas and history. Karna, the primary child of Kunthi was a genuine companion of Duryodhana, for whose purpose he yielded his life. The account of Sudhama and Ruler Krishna is another case of genuine fellowship. 

  9. Kinship is said to be a workmanship and not very many people are said to be conceived with a characteristic present for it. It is said that fellowship duplicates our delights and partitions our grief's. Your life is honored, in the event that you have an unwavering companion. Particle this universe of wild every one of us requires a genuine companion. Be that as it may, be careful; a companion of all is a companion of none.

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