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words Paragraph on Constitution of India

  • The expression "Constitution" symbolizes every one of those standards, guidelines, traditions or traditions which decide the association of a state and the structure of the Legislature. In this way every state must have a constitution. Diverse creators have characterized constitution in their own particular ways. Austin characterizes constitution as 'that which settles the structure of preeminent government'. Woolsey characterizes constitution as 'the accumulation of standards as per which the forces of the legislature, the privileges of the represented and the relations between the two are balanced'. Bryce says 'the constitution of a state comprises of those of its principles or laws which decide the type of its legislature and the separate rights and obligations of it towards the natives and of the subjects towards the administration". In this way we may conclude from the above definitions that constitution decides the shape or structure of the administration, its forces and capacities opposite the official, authoritative wing and the legal, the rights and obligations of the subjects, the shared relations among different organs of the legislature and the relationship between the residents and their administration. In this manner a state without a constitution is inconceivable. The vote based type of state established in character.

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