Write-only language

In PC diversion, a compose just dialect is an insulting term for a programming dialect claimed to have language structure (or semantics) adequately thick and unusual that any routine of huge size is excessively troublesome, making it impossible to comprehend by different software engineers and can't be securely edited.[1] In like manner, compose just code is source code so arcane, complex, or badly organized that it can't be dependably adjusted or even understood by anybody with the conceivable special case of the author.[1]

An all the more seldom utilized term is perused just dialect, which alludes to frameworks with such a large number of limit conditions that the code must be composed through consistent experimentation and not from first standards. The subsequent code is superbly decipherable by different developers, however any endeavor to copy it in another setting will come up short. The accepted case of a read-just dialect is AppleScript.Write-just dialect is likewise alluded to as line clamor, recommending that the code looks like spurious characters from flag commotion in the correspondence line. In such a dialect it would be more hard to peruse, comprehend, and alter existing source code than to begin once again and revamp it from scratch.[citation needed]

Dialects that are frequently criticized as compose just incorporate APL, DDT, Perl,[3] Forward, TECO,[4] Mathematica and standard expression sentence structure utilized as a part of different dialects. Properties that these dialects have in like manner incorporate an expansive arrangement of administrators and a language structure which energizes, or possibly allows, the written work of exceptionally thick code. Some additionally have linguistic uses which are altogether different from different dialects, and some utilization diverse characters sets. The code beneath for instance is Conway's Session of Life as written in APL2:[5]

⍎'⎕',∈N⍴⊂S←'←⎕←(3=T)∨M∧2=T←⊃+/(V⌽"⊂M),(V⊖"⊂M),(V,⌽V)⌽"(V,V ←1¯1)⊖"⊂M'

Three related yet unique ideas:

Spaghetti code

Source code in any dialect that has a perplexing and tangled control structure, making it hard to get it.

Muddled code

In any dialect, software engineers may intentionally muddle code to cover its motivation (security through indefinite quality) or its rationale, to avoid altering, hinder figuring out, or as a baffle or recreational test for somebody perusing the source code.

Intentionally confounding dialects

For example, INTERCAL and Brainfuck that are not planned for down to earth utilize, but rather to challenge and divert developers.

Perused just language[edit]

AppleScript has been depicted as a perused just dialect because of significant usage contrasts between various projects on the Mac stage. In principle, AppleScript is a basic dialect with extensive syntactic sugar that makes code simple to peruse and compose. Notwithstanding, the center of the framework, particularly the framework known as "lumping" and the items it chips away at, must be executed inside the outsider applications that support scripting. This support is difficult to include, and applications pick and pick which parts of the lumping framework to actualize. This prompts basically irregular support inside applications.

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