Write-only memory (WOM)

Compose just memory (WOM) is the inverse of read-just memory (ROM). By some definition, a WOM is a memory gadget which can be composed however never perused. Since there ought to be no viable use for a memory circuit from which information can't be recovered, the idea is frequently utilized as a joke or a code word for a fizzled memory gadget.

The primary utilization of the term is for the most part ascribed to Signetics in 1972. Signetics distributed some compose just memory writing as the consequence of an inside handy joke, which is every now and again referenced inside the hardware industry,[1][2] a staple of programming building lexicons,[3] and incorporated into accumulations of the best hoaxes.The datasheet was made "as a lark"[4] by Signetics design John G "Jack" Curtis[5] and was enlivened by an invented and hilarious vacuum tube datasheet[6] from the 1940s. It was viewed as "an icebreaker" and was intentionally incorporated into the Signetics catalog.[5]

Roy L Twitty, a Signetics PR individual, discharged a joking official statement touting the WOM on April 1, 1973.[7]

Rather than the more ordinary trademark bends, the 25120 "completely encoded, 9046×N, Irregular Get to, compose just memory" information sheet included aimless charts of "bit limit versus Temp.", "Iff versus Vff", "Number of pins remaining versus number of attachment additions", and "AQL versus offering cost". The 25120 required a 6.3 VAC Vff (vacuum tube fiber) supply, a +10 Vcc (twofold the Vcc of standard TTL rationale of the day), and Vdd of zero volts (i.e. ground), ±2%. It was indicated to keep running in the vicinity of 0 and −70°C.[8]


In 1982, Apple distributed their official Apple IIe Instructional booklet (part number A2L2005),[9] which included two references to compose just memory.

On page 233:

bit container: The last resting spot of all data; see compose just memory.

On page 250:

compose just memory: A type of PC memory into which data can be put away yet never, ever recovered, created under government contract in 1975 by Educator Homberg T. Farnsfarfle. Farnsfarfle's unique model, roughly one inch on each side, has so far been utilized to store more than 100 trillion expressions of surplus government data. Farnsfarfle's pundits have decried his venture as a six-million-dollar boondoggle, however his safeguards call attention to that this overabundance data would have taken a toll more than 250 billion dollars to store in ordinary media.


In 1995 PC Contradictionary book, it reports EWOM, or Erasable Compose Just Memory (a similarity of EPROM), a memory copyrighted by IBM (Irish Business Machines), which enables the information to be built into and after that eradicated from, for memory re-use.[10]

With the unstable development of the measure of video information accessible both on the web and in private use, there rose a typical joke that video tapes and other video media are "compose memory", in light of the fact that without productive methods for look and recovery for video information chronicles next to no is seen subsequent to recording.

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