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Write a paragraph on the depletion of ozone layer

  • Certain things like shaving froth, antiperspirants, paints and so on., come in vaporized jars. These are kept under weight in the vaporizer and turn out as froth or splash, when the catch at the highest point of the can is squeezed. This gadget has turned out to be extremely famous due to the usability. For instance, when we utilize shaving cream, or shaving cleanser or cake, we need to work up a foam utilizing a brush. Be that as it may, shaving froth can be connected specifically on the face, without utilizing a brush. 

  • Certain chemicals like fluorocarbons and chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) are utilized as propellents as a part of vaporizers. It has been found that when these chemicals are discharged, they respond with ozone of the environment and decimate it. The layer of ozone in the climate pieces bright radiation from the sun. Harm to the ozone layer empowers bright beams to achieve the earth. These beams can bring about disease and waterfall. It is an important to stop the utilization of hurtful chemicals like CFC which make harm the ozone layer. Researchers are taking a shot at creating different chemicals which can be utilized as a part of mist concentrates.

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