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Write a short note on the third battle of Panipat

  1. The victory of Punjab carried the Marathas into face to face encounter with the Afgan general, Ahmad Shah Abddali. The Maratha and Afgan strengths met at Paniat in Advertisement 1761. While Najib-ud-Daulah of Rohilkhand and Shuja-ud-Daulah of Awadh aided the Afgan strengths, no Indian power approached to help the Marathas. This was on the grounds that the Marathas had estranged every one of them. This, alongside the way that the Marathas needed solidarity, were two of the greatest considers their annihilation in the third clash of Panipath. 

  2. The annihilation at Panipat finished the likelihood of the Maratha building up an all-India domain. Diverse Maratha boss split away and began administering once again little zones. The fight additionally gave a chance to the English east India organization to unite its energy in India.

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