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your Paragraph on the Merits of Indian Civilization

  • The Indian development is a good example for alternate human advancements of the world. The materialistic human progress of the West is borne around its own ills, its apotheosis of influence and riches. Regardless of its magnificence it is all vain. Indian human progress has its moorings in its rationality, in most profound sense of being, in morals, in its religion. It depends on the acknowledgment of the superiorly of the soul to the body, the otherworldly world to the wonderful world. The Indians have constantly clutched God, to the Endless. This has given it progression. Other extraordinary world human advancements like the Babylonian progress, the Egyptian development, the Roman civilization, and the Greek civic establishments have gone back and forth. The Indus-Valley or Mohenjodar-Harappan or the Indian human advancement still lives, notwithstanding several years of oppression.

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