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your sample essay on Accountability

  1. Responsibility alludes to the commitment of a person to report formally to his prevalent for the correct release of his duty. It is the answerability of a subordinate to render a record of his exercises to his unrivaled. The individual who acknowledges duty is responsible for the execution of the relegated obligations. " 

  2. To be responsible is. to be responsible for one's direct in regard to commitment satisfied or unful­filled" Responsibility is the commitment of a person to keep his unrivaled educated of his utilization of power and achievement of doled out undertakings. 

  3. Responsibility becomes out of duty and runs as an inseparable unit with it. A man who is in charge of results must perceive that he will be judged by the nature of his execution. Similarly as obligation is a subsidiary of power, responsibility is a subordinate of duty. Duty is the commitment to perform relegated errands, accoun­tability is the reporting of execution. 

  4. Responsibility makes respon­sibility significant and finishes the procedure of assignment. Responsi­bility is expressed regarding work to be done, while responsibility is expressed as far as execution. Power is designated, obligation is expected and responsibility is forced. Power streams descending while responsibility for execution streams upward. Obligation emerges from power while responsibility is gotten from respon­sibility. 

  5. Power implies some self-governance while responsibility is intended to manage self-governance. Power is the medium for making respon­sibility while responsibility is a method for satisfying duty.

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