Bad relationship status shayari

  1. Tu jo Marji mang le Hr chij kurban hai meri

  2. Bs ek jaan hi na mangna kyuki tu hi to jaan hai meri

  3. ===========================================
  4. Pachtayi bahot us k darwaze par dastak de kar

  5. dard ki inteha ho gai jab uss ne poocha kon ho tum
  6. ===========================================
  7. I will not treat you like a priority 

  8. when you treat me like an option.
  9. ===========================================
  10. If someone is treating you like an option,

  11. drop them and move on. 

  12. They are not worth your time or you.
  13. ===========================================
  14. You dont need to waste your time on someone 

  15. who only wants you around when 

  16. it fits their needs.
  17. ===========================================
  18. We can harm a relationship if in 

  19. the here-and-now we deal with 

  20. that person as though 

  21. he or she were some phantom from our past. 

  22. ===========================================
  23. A relationship built on deceit, 

  24. is a relationship built to crumble.

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