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best friendship sms new 2016

Wen emotions play their role, heart cries. Wen heart cries, it doesn't make any sound. The 1 who hears the unmade sound is called true friend.
A special poem 4 a priceless friend- Love is like a silent rose with every petal of gold.. But friendship is like a living flower with love in every fold


Best words by a true friend
"My care will be in the heart not in the words"...
"My anger will be in the words and not in the heart"...
Friendship does not occur with spcl people, but people become spcl after being friends. I don't know what I am 4 u, bu tU r spcl 4 me..!
"Everyone Is Not My Friend.. But My Friendz Are Not Just Like Everyone.."
" Never go away from a friend when u find some small faults.
Always remember in friendship u need affection not perfection."
My Friendship Is Nt A Moon..
Nt A Sun..
Nt Even A Star..
B'coz Day All Disappear..
My Friendship Is Like Sky Will Always Be There 4 U 4 Ever..
My Friends r like my Balls.
Very close, Always at Hand &
Always Hanging Around,
Doing Nothng
But without them; I’m simply No Man
I asked god to bless u dear dear friend
He did it.
I asked him to love u..
He did it.
I asked him to make u happy...
He smiled n said, " Your Funny friendship sms will do better"..


Best friendship is
like a music,
we cant see
we can feel
enjoy the true
melodies of
Friendship ..You are
my best music
Its my promise.
one day my brain asked me "why r u sending SMS to that person, who is not messaging you ? but my heart said to my brain "u need messages but I need friend."
A true friend cares 4 U if she says nasty things to your face instead of behind UR back. Real friendship is most notable in those times of trouble. Times of prosperity are full of 'friends'.
True friendship is like sound health, the value of it is seldom known until it is lost.
"Best Friendship is Not having a gang of people around u.. Its best to have 1 heart which is true, which is thinking of u & cares for u always"
Best Friendship is 1 way road to be travelled by two, with Handin Hand,
to care,
to share,
to 4give,
to Love,
to say Silently...
that I M always with U:-----


"Everyone hears what you say.
Friends listen to what you say.
Best friend listen to what you don't say."
True friend is a
push when u stop,
chat when u are alone,
guide when u search,
smile when u are sad,
song when u are glad.
10000 in a train,
54 in a bus,
16 in a van,
10 in a sumo,
4 in a car,
3 in a auto,
2 in on a bike,
only ONE
in my heart......thats u MY best friend
A best friend is someone you grow up with; best friendship sms
A true friend is someone who helps you grow up.
Thanks for being always being by my side during my formative years!
Friends and friendship
It's a package of "Feelings"
Nobody can "Make" it,
Nobody can "Break" it,
Nobody can "Explain" it,
Only "I" and "U" can "FEEL" it.

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