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broken heart sms new 2016

  1. @har nashe ka ka naam kharab nahi hota

  2. har ishq ka naam kharab nahi hota

  3. @yu hi jhoom lete hai nashe mein peene wale

  4. har nashe ka ka naam sharab nahi hota

  5.  Sharabi
  6. @peete sharab deepika padukone ki kasam dekar

  7. mahfil mein gaye to dosto pila di sherya ghoshal ki kasam dekar

  8. @socha khuda se sikayat karunga aatifa aasif ki per khuda bhi

  9. tonu ka aashiq nikla

  10.  Besharam
  11. @jo nasha sharab peene se nahi hota

  12. @wo nasha aapki teesari aankh ko dekh

  13. ne se hota hai chaman ke phool bhi aapko

  14. kaante kahte ek hum hi nahi sabhi aapko

  15. besharam kahte hai

  16.  Galat Fahmi
  17. aankho ki baat samjh lete hai

  18. @mil jaye sapne to mulakaat samjh lete hai

  19. rote to pahad bhi

  20. patta nahi log use barsaat kyu samjh lete hai

  21.  @Kaha koi aisa mila
  22. Kaha koi aisa mila jispe dil luta dete,
  23. har ek ne dhoka diya kis-kisko bhula dete,

  24. @apne dil ka dard dil hi mein dabaye rakhe hain,
  25. karte bayan to mehfil ko rula dete.

  26.  I’m Searching For
  27. I’m A Lonely Road Of
  28. Broken Dreams

  29. @Its A Boulevard That
  30. I’m Searching For

  31. @These Stars Are All
  32. So Dull

  33. Its The Moon That I’m
  34. Searching For

  35. @Happiness Is So Angry
  36. At Me

  37. Its Life That I’m
  38. Searching For

  39. There Is A Crowd
  40. Around Me At All Times

  41. Its a Friend That I’m
  42. Searching For

  43. My Life Is Just Like
  44. Path

  45. Its A Destination That
  46. I’m Searching For

  47. @Don’t Know What Is It
  48. That I’ve Lost

  49. @May Be Its ‘ME’ That
  50. I’m Searching For !!

  51.  Some people hurt
  52. Some people hurt by words & some by action…
  53. @But the biggest hurt i believe is
  54. that someone ignoring u
  55. when u value them bigger than anything else!

  56.  We Dont Succeed In Our 1st Love!
  57. @@We Dont Succeed In Our 1st Love!
  58. Becoz We Lack Certain Qualites.
  59. But
  60. After Achieving Those Qualities,
  61. We Never Love Again!

  62.  Each drop of a Tear is Costly
  63. @Each drop of a Tear is Costly
  64. than anything in World..
  65. But,
  66. No One knows its value
  67. until they have it in their own eyes
  68. For Someone.

  69.  When You Have To Walk Alone
  70. Some Battles Have To Be Fought Alone,
  71. Some Paths Have To Be Crossed Alone,

  72. So Never Be Emotionally Attached With Anyone.
  73. You Never Know When You Have To Walk Alone

  74. A Nice Line Said By A Broken Heart

  75. “Plz Dont Come One More Time Infront Of Me,
  76. Otherwise
  77. I’ll Trust U Again”

  78. @ Is dil ke har dhadkan
  79. Is dil ke har dhadkan ka ehsaas ho tum.
  80. Tum kya jaano hamare liye kitne khaas ho tum.

  81. @juda ho k tumne hame maut se bhi battar sazaa di hai,
  82. Phir bhi is tadapte dil ne tumhe khush rehne ki duaaein di hai.

  83.  @Dard kia hota hai btayein gein kisi roz
  84. Dard kia hota hai btayein gein kisi roz
  85. Kamal ki ghazal tum ko sunaein gein kisi roz

  86. Thi unki zid k mai jaun unko manane
  87. @Mujko yeh veham tha vo bulayein gein kisi roz

  88. kabi b maine to socha b nahi tha
  89. Vo itna mere dil ko dukhaein gein kisi roz

  90. @Har roz aieene sey yehi poochti hun mae
  91. Kia rukh pe tabassum sajayein gein kisi roz?

  92. @Urney do in parindon ko azaad fizaon mein
  93. Tumhare hon agar to lout ayein gein kisi roz

  94. Apne sitam ka dekh lena khud hi Saqi tum
  95. Zakham e jigar tamaam log dekhein gein kisi roz !

  96.  Wo sunta to main kehta
  97. @Wo sunta to main kehta,mujhe kuch aur kehna tha,
  98. wo pal bhar ko jo ruk jata,mujhe kuch aur kehna tha.

  99. kamai zindagi bhar ki,usi k naam to kar di,
  100. mujhe kuch aur karna tha,mujhe kuch aur kehna tha.

  101. kahan us ne suni meri,suni b un-suni kar di,
  102. usay maloom tha itna,mujhe kuch aur kehna tha.

  103. meray dil main jo dar aya,koi mujh main b dar aya,
  104. @waheen ik rabta toota,mujhe kuch aur kehna tha.

  105. rawan tha piyar NUS NUS main,bohat qurbat thi apis main,
  106. usay kuch aur sun-ana tha,mujhe kuch aur kehna tha.

  107. @ghalat fehmi ne baton ko barha dala younhi warna,
  108. kaha kuch tha,wo kuch samjha,mujhe kuch aur kehna tha.

  109.  Once broke your heart!
  110. I don’t know exactly
  111. what being mature is
  112. .
  113. .
  114. .
  115. but I think when you are finally able to joke
  116. about things that once broke your heart!

  117.  Najaney log dil kaisey tod detey hain….
  118. Log apna bana k chor detey hain,
  119. @Apno se rishta tod k ghairon se jod detey hain,
  120. Ham toa ik phool na tod saktey,
  121. Najaney log dil kaisey tod detey hain….

  122.  I Just Stopped Showing It”.
  123. The most beautiful words
  124. @by a wounded heart
  125. “I Never Stopped Loving You,
  126. I Just Stopped Showing It”.

  127.  The pain of broke heart
  128. @IF you broke heart any one.
  129. one day your own heart will
  130. broke some one.
  131. Than you know the pain of
  132. broke heart.

  133. @ Still i love her…
  134. Even though,
  135. she hates me in every movement of life ,
  136. but i love her with very seconds,
  137. not because she has broken my heart,
  138. @but she as thought me to live with broken heart,

  139.  I have already been replaced
  140. I have tried to move on
  141. @but with every guy
  142. I feel more & more
  143. @like I’ll never be able to replace u.
  144. And the sad thing is…
  145. @I know I have already been replaced

  146. @Best diference between PROMISES and MEMORIES…

  147. PROMISE: we break them..
  148. .
  149. .
  150. .
  151. MEMORIES: they break us.

  152.  Forget the times
  153. @Forget the times he walked by,
  154. Forget the times he made you cry,

  155. Forget the times he spoke your name,
  156. Remember now your not the same.

  157. Forget the times he held your hand,
  158. @Forget the sweet things if you can,

  159. Forget the times & don’t pretend,
  160. Remember now he’s just your friend.

  161.  Some broken heart
  162. @Some broken heart, may never mend,
  163. Some memories may never end,

  164. Some wet tears may never dry,
  165. But my love for you will never die…

  166.  Break my heart
  167. @Break my heart
  168. destroy my soul
  169. and
  170. leave me crying
  171. i’d still love you
  172. and
  173. i won’t expect you to
  174. love me in return …

  175.  @Scribbled By Their Dear Ones
  176. Nobody In The World
  177. Can Have A Crystal Clear Heart.!!

  178. Because

  179. @Everyone’s Heart Has Some Scratches
  180. Scribbled By Their Dear Ones

  181.  Everything To Me.
  182. Its Not When I Look Back,
  183. At All The Memories &
  184. @Good Times We Had,
  185. Makes Me Sad,
  186. Its When U Consider Those,
  187. Memories As Nothing To you,
  188. When They Meant,
  189. Everything To Me.

  190.  More DIFFICULT..!!
  191. Walking alone is not difficult
  192. @But when we have
  193. walked a mile with someone

  194. Then coming back alone
  195. that is more DIFFICULT..!!

  196.  I still love you
  197. @I only have two words for you: I’m done.
  198. After everything I’ve done for you, every chance that I gave you,
  199. and yet you still break my heart. But it’s over now.
  200. @Finally I’ve realized that I don’t deserve this and honestly,
  201. you don’t deserve me.
  202. Yeah I still love you and I probably will for a long time,
  203. but I can’t stay here anymore. It hurts too much.
  204. I guess this is moving on.

  205.  loog yaad aney lagey
  206. @Jinhein bhulaney mein yaro, barey zamaney lagay
  207. Jub dil dukha tou wohi loog yaad aney lagey

  208.  Small but Touching
  209. @Small but Touching Thought:
  210. “Before U Break Someone’s Heart,
  211. Make Sure u r Not In It”

  212. If The Person U Love Doesn’t Love U Back
  213. @Just Imagine That U Are The Letter ‘E’
  214. In The Word L O V E –
  215. You Are There But Never Pronounced...

  216.  It is not yours
  217. Avoiding something doesn’t always
  218. mean that u hate it..

  219. It could also mean that u want it,
  220. but u just know that it isn’t urs....

  221.  Their thinking about u is changed…”
  222. The only reason @behind broken relation is.,

  223. Either they think that u r changed.,

  224. Or

  225. Their thinking @about u is changed…”

  226.  The worst pain in life
  227. The worst pain in life is when you see
  228. Your life being spoiled by the one you trust the most.
  229. and
  230. you cant do anything except
  231. standing quiet and asking yourself that
  232. is it the gift of trusting @someone or
  233. is it what i deserve?

  234.  Pain of holding on / letting go
  235. In Relationship,
  236. Always @Remember:

  237. “When @the pain of
  238. holding on
  239. is greater than
  240. the pain of letting go”

  241.  Its Difficult To Wait For Someone ,
  242. Its Difficult To Wait For Someone ,
  243. And Its Difficult To Forget Someone !
  244. But The Most @Difficult Thing Is To
  245. Decide Whether To Wait Or To
  246. Forget Someone…..!!

  247.  “I Was Not Always HEARTLESS
  248. “I Was Not
  249. Always HEARTLESS
  250. But
  251. After You @Broke My HEART
  252. I Start Using My
  253. HEART – LESS

  254.  Most @hurting Line
  255. Most hurting Line by a true Love:
  256. If U will leave me,
  257. I prOmise U will cOme back Once
  258. with ur @OPEN EYES to see my CLOSED EYES..!!

  259.  Which is more painful???
  260. Which is more painful???

  261. “when a@ person whom u trusted,hurts u..”
  262. or
  263. “the person whom u hurted,still trusts u..”

  264. keep thinking

  265.  A Sad Lines By Broken Heart-
  266. “They Say Follow Your Heart
  267. But When @Your Heart Is In So Many Pieces,
  268. Which Way @Are You To Follow?”

  269. Words @From Broken Heart:

  270. ” I Said My Heart Is Urs..
  271. But
  272. I Didnt Say..

  273.  The @Pain Someone Feels
  274. Not All Scars Show.
  275. Not All Wounds Heal.
  276. Sometimes,
  277. You Can’t Always See
  278. The Pain Someone Feels

  279.  “Feelings” To Play With…!!
  280. From @All The Toys In The World,

  281. People Choose

  282. “Feelings”

  283. To Play With…!!

  284.  “I Don’t TRUST Easily
  285. “I @Don’t TRUST Easily
  286. Because The People
  287. I Have @Trusted In The Past Gave Me
  288. A Reason Not To. . .”

  289.  Broken Trust is like a melted Chocolate,
  290. @Broken Trust is like a melted Chocolate,
  291. No matter how u tried to freeze it,
  292. it will never return to its original Shape..!

  293.  Line by a broken heart
  294. Line by a broken heart

  295. Sorry my heart is
  296. Closed @for renovation..!!!
  297. Be back
  298. When the damage has
  299. Been repaired..!

  300.  Sometimes,….
  301. Sometimes,
  302. Someone Has To Hurt You
  303. Deep @Enough
  304. To Make You Realize
  305. How Better Your Life
  306. Is Without Them In It. . . !!!

  307.  Be Your Sweetest Stranger Forever
  308. I @Know Your Life Can Go On Without Me,
  309. That You Can Be Happy Without Me,
  310. That You Can Survive Without Me,
  311. But Even If You Turn Me Away,
  312. I Will Still Choose To Stay With You,
  313. Be @Your Sweetest Stranger Forever

  314.  Worth An Explanation …. !!!
  315. @If You Leave Someone
  316. At Least Tell Them
  317. WHY

  318. Because

  319. What’s More Painful Than
  320. @Being Abandoned
  321. Is Knowing
  322. You Are Not Worth An
  323. Explanation …. !!!

  324.  We can’t kiss our elbow
  325. @The fact that we can’t kiss our elbow
  326. is enough to make us realize
  327. that something in life
  328. may seem to be very close to us
  329. but is still beyond our reach…!

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