Freedom Quotes New For You 2016

  1. My definition of a free society is a society where it is safe to be unpopular.
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  3. Freedom is the oxygen of the soul.
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  5. Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom.
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  7. Nations grown corrupt Love bondage more than liberty; Bondage with ease than strenuous liberty.
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  9. Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.
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  11. Freedom is the will to be responsible to ourselves.
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  13. We cannot defend freedom abroad by deserting it at home.
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  15. Freedom is not worth having if it does not connote freedom to err.
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  17. We feel free when we escape – even if it be but from the frying pan into the fire.
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  19. When the People contend for their liberty, they seldom get anything for their Victory but new Masters.
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  21. Freedom means choosing your burden.
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  23. Freedom is the right to live as we wish.
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  25. Without freedom, no one really has a name.
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  27. Freedom is nothing else but a chance to be better.
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  29. Freedom lies in being bold.
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  31. You have freedom when you’re easy in your harness.
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  33. Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.
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  35. A free race cannot be born of slave mothers.
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  37. Freedom is what you do with what’s been done to you.
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  39. He who does not enjoy solitude will not love freedom.
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  41. Freedom is just chaos, with better lighting.
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  43. We seek peace, knowing that peace is the climate of freedom.
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  45. Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.
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  47. Liberty doesn’t work as well in practice as it does in speeches.
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  49. Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant o From Fear To Love- A Spiritual Journey f rapid growth.
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  51. The average man does not want to be free. He simply wants to be safe.
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  53. Freedom is the right to question and change the established way of doing things.
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  55. Freedom is first of all a responsibility before the God from whom we come.
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  57. Once a man has tasted freedom, he will never be content to be a slave.
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  59. For every man who lives without freedom, the rest of us must face the guilt.
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  61. History does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or the timid.
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  63. A nation may lose its liberties in a day and not miss them in a century.
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  65. We have to call it “freedom”: who’d want to die for “a lesser tyranny”?
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  67. Order without liberty and liberty without order are equally destructive.
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  69. We must be free not because we claim freedom, but because we practice it.
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  71. Freedom is always and exclusively freedom for the one who thinks differently.
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  73. True individual freedom cannot exist without economic security and independence.
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  75. The authority of any governing institution must stop at its citizen’s skin.
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  77. The right to be heard does not automatically include the right to be taken seriously.
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  79. Liberty, taking the word in its concrete sense, consists in the ability to choose.

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  81. Freedom has a thousand charms to show, That slaves, howe’er contented, never know.
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  83. Liberty without learning is always in peril and learning without liberty is always in vain.
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  85. Who would be free themselves must strike the blow. Better even to die free than to live slaves.
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  87. The sound of tireless voices is the price we pay for the right to hear the music of our own opinions.
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  89. They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security.
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  91. Freedom is the fundamental condition for any growth.
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  93. Freedom is that instant between when someone tells you to do something and when you decide how to respond.
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  96. Freedom can be preserved only if it is treated as a supreme principle which must not be sacrificed for particular advantages.
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  98. You can only protect your liberties in this world by protecting the other man’s freedom. You can only be free if I am free.
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  100. There are two freedoms – the false, where a man is free to do what he likes; the true, where he is free to do what he ought.
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  102. Freedom is not something that anybody can be given. Freedom is something people take, and people are as free as they want to be.
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  104. None who have always been free can understand the terrible fascinating power of the hope of freedom to those who are not free.
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  106. If you want to be free, there is but one way; it is to guarantee an equally full measure of liberty to all your neighbors. There is no other.
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  108. When liberty is taken away by force it can be restored by force. When it is relinquished voluntarily by default it can never be recovered.
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  110. It is not the fact of liberty but the way in which liberty is exercised that ultimately determines whether liberty itself survives.
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  112. Man is free at the moment he wishes to be.
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  114. Freedom would be meani!!ngless without security in the home and in the streets.
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  116. Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.
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  118. The secret of happine!!!ss is freedom. The secret of freedom is courage.
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  120. Freedom and Justice are twin sisters.
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  122. The only thing mon!!!!ey gives you is the freedom of not worrying about money.
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  125. Freedom of the press is limited to those who own one.
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  127. Once you sta!!rt settling, and letting others control your life, it can quickly become a habit, so it’s best to avoid such things altogether.
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  129. This day, you are free, because you have chosen to be free – and because of your choice, your days of insignificance are over.
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  131. If we are to be truly free, that freedom will come @@through cooperation and tolerance with one another.
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  133. What we think about when we are free to think @@about what we will – that is what we are or will soon become.
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  135. I have to remind myself that some bird@@s aren’t meant to be caged. Their feathers are just too bright.
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  137. Truth and freedom, having few lovers, are demanding mistresses.
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  139. The positive testimony of history is that the State invariably had its origin in conquest and confiscation. No primitive Sta@@te known to history originated in any other manner.
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  141. We are conscious of the force of man’s life, and we call it freedom.
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  143. We will never arrive to the notion of total freedom, that is, the absence of cause.
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  145. Nothing has ever been more insupportable for a man and a human society than freedom.
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  147. There is nothing more alluring to man than freedom of conscience, but neither is there anything more agonizing.
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  149. In the end they will lay their freedom at our feet and say to us, Make us your slaves, but feed us.
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  151. They were given paradise, they wanted freedom, and stole fire from heaven, though they knew that they would become unhappy.
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  153. What man wants is simply indep!!endent choice, whatever that independence may cost and wherever it may lead.
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  155. Nothing is more seductive for m!!!@@an than his freedom of conscience, but nothing is a greater cause of suffering.
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  157. That thing is Freedom: the gift !!whereby ye most resemble your Maker and are yourselves part of eternal reality.

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  159. Sometimes salvation is found in agony.
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  161. Adventures are all !@very well in their place, but there’s a lot to be said for regular meals and freedom from pain.
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  163. Let the mountains touch the h!!oly sky and birds with dreams forever fly.
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  165. Freedom flourishes upon the bedrock of ethics and integrity.
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  167. Freedom to be yourself is am!!ong the most valuable freedoms I know.
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  169. Freedom of thoughts are more i!!mportant than any other kind of freedom.
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  171. Liberty opens the door to !!possibility. Freedom gives us a chance to make that possibility a reality.
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  173. No one is free until we are all free.
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  175. So let freedom ring from the !!prodigious hilltops of New Hampshire.
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  177. Freedom is one thing. You ha!!ve it all or you are not free.
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  179. Freedom only comes thro!!!!ugh persistent revolt, through persistent agitation, through persistently rising up against the system of evil.
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  181. !!You can’t separate peace from freedom because no one can be at peace unless he has his freedom.
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  183. It’s liberty or death! It’s freedom for everybody or freedom for nobody!
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  185. If you’re not ready to die for it, put the word ‘freedom’ out of your vocabulary.
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  187. You don’t have to be a man to fight for freedom. All you have to do is to be an intelligent human being.
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  189. It is only after slavery and prison that the sweetest appreciation of freedom can come.
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  191. Culture is an indispensable weapon in the freedom struggle.
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  193. After you get your freedom, your enemy will respect you.

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