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Good Morning SMS Message 2016

  1. A morning without GOD is @like a mind with no thoughts, EMPTY. Thank God for this blessing we call LIFE.

  2.  We are born again…
  3. Each morning we are @born again. What we do today is what matters most.

  4.  Good morning
  5. Waking up to a new @day is a gift, appreciate it and do remember you are loved. Good morning and have a splendid day.

  6.  Smile and good morning
  7. I’ve learnt that a @smile and good morning goes a long way, and saying thank you goes even further.

  8.  good morning quotes
  9. A little appreciation and a good morning goes a long way to building a good relationship with your co-workers and getting results.

  10.  good morning quotes
  11. Every morning has a @new beginning, a new blessing, a new hope. It’s a perfect day because it’s God’s gift. Have a blessed, hopeful, perfect day to begin with.

  12.  good morning quotes
  13. A smile is a way of @writing your thoughts on your face, telling others that they are accepted, liked and appreciated. So here’s a big smile just for you. Good Morning!

  14.  good morning quotes
  15. A simple ‘Good @morning beautiful.’ makes my entire day awesome. You’re busy, but don’t forget to let me know you’re thinking of me.

  16.  good morning quotes
  17. Good morning! @Remember you only get 1 mom, 1 dad, 1 God and 1 life…cherish them while you can.

  18.  good morning quotes
  19. A new morning @means a new beginning, a new struggle, a new endeavor, but with the Lord by our side we can overcome any challenges and turn obstacles into stepping stones.

  20. Vorer aalo futbe jakhon rater abosane
  21. tomay aabar jagte @hobe misti diner taane,
  22. 2to ankhi khule dekho kete gache raat
  23. misti hese surya tomai janai Suprovat

  24.  good morning sms bangali
  25. Bondhu holo sobar priyo,bondhu anek dami,bondhu mane khusir aamej ektu paglami,bondhu mane ekla dupur bristi @rimjim.Bondhu mane Tumi/Ami, Bondhu EVERYTHING.G~M

  26.  GOOD MORNING sms bangali
  27. Swapno dekhar prohor sese , Firlo pori ghumer deshe . Tulo megher aral theke surjo dilo dekha , Takiye dakho vorer aloy notun swapno lekha . GOOD MORNING ! !

  28.  *Good morning* sms bangali
  29. Jodi mon kade ami asbo borsha hoye,

  30. jodi mon hase @ami asbo roddur hoye,

  31. jodi mon ore ami asbo pakhi hoye,

  32. jodi mon khojhe ami asbo BONDHU hoye.

  33. *Good morning*

  34.  Good morning sms bangali
  35. RAT bolche TOMAY AMI vison VALOBASI,
  36. TUMI SWPN@O dekhbe bolei AMI DINER pore asi,
  37. GHUM parabo bolei TOMAR MATHAY bolai HAT,

  39.  *Good morning* sms bangali
  40. Jodi mon kade ami asbo borsha hoye,

  41. jodi mon hase ami asbo roddur hoye,

  42. jodi mon ore@ ami asbo pakhi hoye,

  43. jodi mon khojhe ami asbo BONDHU hoye.

  44. *Good morning*

  45.  Good Morning !
  46. _G_O_O_D
  47. _ _
  48. _M_
  49. _ _
  50. _O_
  51. _ _
  52. _R_
  53. _ _
  54. _N_
  55. _ _
  56. _I_
  57. _ _
  58. _N_
  59. _ _
  60. _G_
  61. _ _ _ _
  62. H_A_V_E
  63. _ _
  64. _A_
  65. _ _ _ _
  66. N_I_C_E
  67. _ _ _
  68. D_A_Y
  69. Good Morning All
  70.  The Word ‘Hello’ means..
  71. The Word ‘Hello’ means
  72. H=How R U?
  73. E=Every@thing all right?
  74. L=Like 2 hear 4rm U.
  75. L=Love 2 C U soon.
  76. O=Obviously,
  77. I miss you!
  78. Good Morning my friend.
  79.  Blessing Means !
  80. B-egin ur day with
  81. L-ove in ur heart…
  82. E-ver Smiling…
  83. S-hare goodness
  84. S-hine like d sun
  85. I-nspire some1…
  86. N-ever 4get that
  87. G-OD is with U.
  88. Good Morning !!
  89.  The minute you think of giving up..
  90. “The minute you think of giving up any relation,
  91. think of the reason why you held it so long”
  92. Good mor@ning and have a nice day.

  93. Work for a cause n not for applause
  94. “Live life to @express n not to Impress
  95. “Dont strive to make ur presence noticed,
  96. Just make ur absence felt”..
  97. Good Morning..
  98.  Grass Is Shining With Morning Dew..
  99. *Grass Is Shining With Morning Dew*
  100. *Making The Day So Fresh nd New*
  101. *Hope The Joy Comes Your Way*
  102. *Best Wishes For The New Day*
  103.  A Cup of@ Hot Hello’s..
  104. A Cup of Hot Hello’s
  105. A Plate of Crispy Wishes
  106. A Spoon of Sweet Smiles
  107. n
  108. A Slice of Great Success
  109. Hope this Breakfast Makes your Day Lovely!
  111.  May you begin this day..
  112. May you begin this day
  113. with a smile on your face,
  114. and with happiness for
  115. your soul to embrace.
  116. Good Morning my love
  117.  Silent in @mouth may avoid many problems..
  118. Silent in mouth may avoid many problems..
  119. in mouth may solve all d problems..
  120. So always @have a sweet,silent smile…
  121. Wish u a good morning and nice day
  122.  The beauty of relationship..
  123. The beauty of relationship is not
  124. just listening when the word are spoken,
  125. but in feeling and sharing even when
  126. ther is nothing except silence..
  127. Good Morning !!
  128.  Evrything In Life Has A Beautiful Ending.
  129. Evrything In Life Has A Beautiful Ending.
  130. If Its Not Beautiful,
  131. Then Bel@ieve Me Its Not D End,
  132. Its Just D Beginning Of Something More Beautiful.
  133. Good Morning !!
  134.  Good Morning From 3 Idiots..
  135. (‘.’)> (‘.’)> (‘.’)>
  136. <\”\ <\”\ <\”\
  137. _/”\_ _/”\_ _/”\_
  138. Good Morning From 3 Idiots
  139. Hello Brother…
  140. All Is Well…!! :)
  141.  God gave me 3 baskets of fruits
  142. Erly dis morning God gave me 3 baskets of fruits
  143. -Love
  144. -Happiness
  145. -Peace Of Mind
  146. nd told me 2 share them with peal Dear 2 me.
  147. I’m sh@aring all with U
  148. Good Morng!
  149.  Always See good in everyone..
  150. Always See good in everyone.
  151. Be blind to d faults of others.
  152. It brings @peace in ur life.
  153. Things dont change,
  154. so Just change d way U look at them..
  155. Good Morning

  156. .:i!i!i:.:i!i!i:.
  157. :i HELLO i:
  158. “. ‘.__.’ .”
  159. ‘+,_,+’
  160. It’s Me!
  161. Wishing U
  162. A Great Lovely
  163. G
  164. O
  165. O
  166. D,M O R N G !!
  167.  A strong n positive attitude creates..
  168. A strong n @positive attitude creates
  169. more miracles than any other thing
  170. because Life i@s 10% how u make it
  171. and 90% how u take it.
  172. Good Morning
  173.  Ummidon ki kashti duboya nhi karte
  174. Ummidon ki kashti duboya nhi karte,
  175. Sahil agar door ho to roya nhi karte.
  176. Rakhte hai jo dil me ummid kuch pane ki,
  177. Wo Log zindgi me kabi kuch khoya nhi karte.Gm
  178.  Success of @our life depends..
  179. Success of our life depends
  180. on the quality of our thoughts.
  181. But the quality of our thoughts
  182. depends on the people v meet in our life…:)
  183. Good Morning.
  184.  If U dnt act FOOLISH while ur young..
  185. If U dnt act FOOLISH while ur young
  186. U wont be anything 2smile about when ur OLD…
  187. Respect this age by doin MISTAKES….
  188. Good Morning..
  189.  I have no yesterdays
  190. I have no yesterdays,
  191. Time took them away,
  192. Tomorrow @may not be mine,
  193. But I have Today
  194. So wish you my friend a very good day…
  195.  90% problem of life are due to tone of voice..
  196. 90% problem of life are due to tone of voice.
  197. It is not so @important what we say,
  198. But it matters a lot how we say it.
  199. Good Morning
  200.  Always be Happy……
  201. Always be Happy, always wear a smile;
  202. Not because life is full of reasons to smile but because ur smile itself is a reason for many others to smile…
  203. Good Morning

  204.  Every morning
  205. Every morning u have two choices:

  206. Continueur sleep with dreaming,

  207. or

  208. wake up and chase ur Dreams

  209. Choise is urs!

  210. GOOD MORING….

  211.  G00D MORNING*
  212. *G00D MORNING*
  213. Manzil ko @pane ki tarap ho jin ko FARAZ

  214. Woh log yun dair tak soya nae krtey.

  215. I saw u on the roof one day ,
  216. U were @looking so pretty, cute, & sweet,
  217. Ur face diving, ur walk so perfect,
  218. I started 2 sing a song ,

  220.  wake up,
  221. Hello,

  222. wake up,

  223. Receive my simple gift of GOOD MORNING

  224. wrapped with sincerity,

  225. tied with care

  226. and

  227. sealed @with a prayer

  228. to keep u safe

  229. and

  230. happy all day long!

  231. Take Care!

  232.  Birds are chillaying,
  233. Birds are chillaying, murgha is kukrukuing
  234. Chaand is @doobing, sun is nikling
  235. Flowers are khushboo maring, peacock is naching
  236. all are kahing to u Good Morning & u r still soying???

  237.  !GOOD MORNING!
  238. MORNING

  239. is a good time to REMEMBER

  240. all the sweet things &

  241. all @sweet persons in your LIFE

  242. so wake up with your



  245.  Good Morning!
  246. I love you – good morning message
  247. I LUV you EVRYDAY
  248. I@ Like you EVERYDAY
  249. I miss you EVERYDAY
  250. I need you EVERYDAY
  251. Bcoz
  252. EVERYDAY I really love you

  253. Good Morning!

  254.  A Good Morning Prayer
  255. A Good Morning Prayer
  256. A prayer can go where I cannot go.
  257. Thr@ough Prayers i can be with you
  258. without being There.
  259. I may be miles away
  260. but my prayers
  261. Will always be with You…

  262.  Bengali Good Morning Sms
  263. Vorer aalo futbe jakhon rater abosane tomay aabar jagte hobe misti diner taane, 2to ankhi khule dekho kete gache raat misti hese surya tomai janai Suprovat

  264.  Good Morning Wish
  265. Good Morning Wish
  266. Always ask GOD to give you wat you deserve, not what you desire.
  267. @Your desirez may be few bt you deserve alot
  268. Good Morning…

  269.  A cute good morning sms
  270. A cute good morning sms
  271. It makes me so happy, this is what i am gonna do,
  272. Send a good morning sms right back to you,
  273. Good @Morning my Friend, HAVE A BEARY GOOD MORNING

  274.  Good Morning Message
  275. Good Morning Message
  276. Night has ended for another day,
  277. mornin@g has come in a special way.
  278. May you smile like the sunny rays and
  279. leaves your worries at the blue blue bay.
  280. Have a Great Morning

  281. Good Morning Wish
  282. @A prayer can go where I can’t go.
  283. Through Prayers i can be with you
  284. without being there.
  285. I may be miles away
  286. but my prayers
  287. @Will alwayz be with You
  288. Good morning

  289.  Morning Sms Greetings
  290. Morning Sms Greetings
  291. Every @bad situation will have sum thing +ve
  292. Even a stopped Clock is correct to times a day…
  293. Think of this and lead your life and be happy Good Morning

  294.  Good Morning and Good Day Sms
  295. Goo@d Morning and Good Day Sms
  296. Shadow of yesterday have faded away
  297. Sun has reappeared its a brand new day

  298. Birds singing their song loud & clear
  299. @Announcing to the world a new day is here

  300. Wishing you contentment and peace along the way
  301. Good morning and have a good day

  302.  A cute good morning wish
  303. @A cute good morning wish
  304. Open your eyes! So the SUN can rise,Flowers can blossom….
  305. Birds can sing, Becoz all are waiting to see your
  306. Beautiful Smile
  307. Good Morning…..

  308.  Wish you a Good Morning
  309. Wish you a Good Morning
  310. @WAVES are INSIPIRING, not bcoz day RISE-N-FALL;
  311. but bcoz each time day FALL,
  312. day never fail to RISE AGAIN!
  313. Wish you the same!Good Morning

  314.  Have a colorful morning
  315. @Have a colorful morning
  316. Life is like a Book:
  317. Each day a new page wd adventures to experience,
  318. lessons 2 learn and good deeds to replicate.
  319. Have a COLORFUL PAGE today
  320. Good Morning

  321.  A Fresh New Day for you – a Morning Sms
  322. A Fresh New Day for you – a Morning Sms
  323. @Above the dark horizon soon
  324. new light rays will appear.
  325. They signify to all the world
  326. a fresh new day is here
  327. Good Morning!

  328.  A Good Morning Message
  329. A Good Morning Message
  330. @@Each morning we will
  331. watch the sunrise,
  332. While we are wrapped
  333. in each other’s arms,
  334. Good Morning

  335.  Good Morning Greetings
  336. Good Morning Greetings
  337. @You have to have a dream so u can get up in the morning.
  338. Get up now and turn ur dream into reality.
  339. Good Morning!!

  340.  Morning Wish with LOVE + HAPPINESS + PEACE
  341. @Morning Wish with LOVE + HAPPINESS + PEACE
  342. Early this morning God gave me three baskets of
  343. @fruits – LOVE + HAPPINESS + PEACE OF MIND and
  344. told me to share them with PPL Dear 2 me.
  345. I’m sharing all with yoU,
  346. Good Morning!

  347. Fresh Morning and Successful Day Wish
  348. fresh ” morning.”fresh ” hopes
  349. fresh” plans.”fresh” efforts
  350. @fresh” success.”fresh” felings
  351. and also “FRESH” years to go I wish
  352. u a Fresh & Succesful day and Good Morning

  353.  A good morning wish
  354. @A good morning wish
  355. A smile can open a heart faster than
  356. a key can open a door..
  357. Smiles r free so don’t save them..
  358. @Brighten d world with ur smile..

  360.  good morning greetings
  361. @A good morning greetings
  362. Get up from ur soft soft be
  363. Open ur teeny weeny eyes.
  364. Wear that jolly wolly smile
  365. & say to urself
  366. a Gud morning from my side.
  367. @Hav a wonderful day!

  368.  A good morning sms
  369. A good morning sms
  370. Morning Greetings does not only
  371. mean saying good morning.
  372. It has a silent message saying.
  373. I remember you, when I wake up.
  374. @Have a nice day.

  375.  Har aahat ehsaas …..
  376. Har aahat ehsaas hamara dilaayegi.,
  377. Har hawa khushbu hamari laayegi.;
  378. @Hum dosti aisi nibhaayengey yaara!
  379. Ki hum na honge aur humhari yaad tumhe sataayegi..!!!

  380.  Khiayalo ko
  381. Khiayalo ko kisi aahat ki aas rehti hai

  382. Nigaahon ko teri talaash rehti hai

  383. Tere bina koi kami nahi lekin

  384. Tere baghair tabiyat udaas rehti hai

  385.  Good morning.
  386. @A short n True Message for £ife:

  387. “Care should b in Heart and not in Words”.

  388. “@Anger should b in Words and not in Heart”…!

  389. Good morning.

  390.  *GOOD MORNING*
  391. “New” day
  392. “New” morning
  393. @@“New” hopes
  394. “New” plans
  395. “New” efforts
  396. “New” feelings
  397. I pray 2 GOD 2 bless u “Happiness & Success”

  399.  Morning..
  400. Welcome to the new morning with
  401. smile on ur face
  402. @LOVE in ur “heart”
  403. Good Thoughts in ur “mind”
  404. Wish u A Brightest Morning..

  405.  GOOD MORNING……
  406. Receive my simple gift of good morning
  407. @wrapped with sincerity,
  408. tied with care
  409. & sealed with a prayer
  410. to keep u safe and happy all day long!

  412. If U cannot get someone off ur mind,
  413. It is maybe because he/she is supposed to be there.
  414. @Remember, the mind can recognize what the heart is trying to deny.
  415. Good Morning!

  416.  morning till evening.
  417. Thinking of U this lovely morning
  418. @As the sun starts shining is the perfect beginning.
  419. So my dear charming, here’s my good morning.
  420. Keep smiling morning till evening.

  421.  have a wonderful day.
  422. @Did I miss something out?
  423. No because I put ( U ) in my heart.
  424. Good morning dear.I hope u have a wonderful day.

  425.  morning…
  426. With petals of Roses,Palm full of Holly water,Light of Full Sun,Fragrance of Flower and Grass with dew.I wish u a very special Good Morning…

  427.  Good Morning.
  428. Five steps to a LOVELY MORNING
  429. Close your eyes,
  430. @Take a deep breath,
  431. open your arms wide,
  432. feel your heart beat and say its too early.
  433. Let me sleep again. Good Morning.

  434.  GOOD MORNING!!!
  435. @It is the Purity of HEART that matters,
  436. Not the External Appearance.
  437. Bcoz Helping HANDS are always Better than Praying Lips…!
  438. GOOD MORNING!!!

  439.  good morning….
  440. “Thought 4 the day”
  441. I cried when I had no shoes. Suddenly I stopped crying when i saw a man without leg.
  442. Life is full of Blessings sometime we don’t understand it.Good Morning.

  443.  good morning…
  444. Laugh at ur mistakes, but learn from them.
  445. @Joke over ur troubles, but gather strength from them.
  446. Have fun with ur difficulties, but overcome them. Good Morning!

  447.  Good Morning!
  448. @What will this day hold
  449. As i blindly venture in
  450. It’ll only hold what i allow
  451. So with positive thoughts let’s begin
  452. Good Morning!

  453.  Good morning
  454. @Eyes are not meant for tears and heart is not meant for fear,
  455. Never get upset but always cheer
  456. Bcoz you are the one who can make people smile for years.
  457. Good morning

  458. A warm hello doesn’t come from the lips,
  459. It comes from the heart,
  460. @Doesn’t have to be told,
  461. It has to be shown,
  462. Doesn’t have to be given,
  463. It has to be sent.
  464. “Good Morning’

  465.  “Good Morning”
  466. @A good message for a good person,
  467. From a good friend for a good reason,
  468. At a good time on a good day in a good mood to say
  469. “Good Morning”

  470.  Happy New Day…..
  471. Cool Morning Breeze
  472. And
  473. Pearly Dew Drops,
  474. Waving Green Leaves
  475. And
  476. Flowers Blossom,
  477. All Bring Joy and Say,
  478. To Start a
  479. @Happy New Day
  480. Good Morning

  481.  Gud mrng…
  482. B-egin ur day with
  483. L-ove in ur heart…
  484. @E-ver Smiling…
  485. S-hare goodness
  486. S-hine like d sun
  487. I-nspire some1…
  488. N-ever 4get that
  489. G-OD is with U. Gud mrng…

  490.  Have a nice day !!
  491. @For every Success of a person there will b a Countless Pain in his Heart
  492. And that Pain makes him a Successful Person in Life”
  493. good morning… Have a nice day !!

  494.  Good Morning
  495. Say
  496. “e”
  497. “ee”
  498. “eee”
  499. “eeee”
  500. “eeeee”
  501. @“eeeeeee”
  502. “eeeeeeeee”
  503. “eeeeeeeeeee”
  504. Very Good,
  505. @Just Taught U How To Smile Wide
  506. Now Go & Brush Your Teeth.. ;)
  507. Good Morning

  508.  GoOd MoRnInG .
  509. I Went To Sleep Last Night With A Smile
  510. @B’Coz I Knew I’d B Dreaming Of U
  511. But I Woke Up This Morning With A Smile
  512. B’Coz U Weren’t A Dream
  513. GoOd MoRnInG .

  514.  Good morning…
  515. I know still ur lazy hands r trying 2 pick the cell and ur cute half opened eyes r trying to read d msg my sweet
  516. @friend it’s time 2 wake up.. Good morning…

  517.  G00D M0RNING
  518. @Dear Friend’s!
  519. Your Remaining
  520. Sleeping Time
  521. Has been Expired
  522. SO
  523. Plz
  524. Leave Ur Bed
  525. Open Ur Eyes
  526. And c Ur Mobile
  527. @I wish U
  528. G00D M0RNING

  529.  good morning…..
  530. Its True-
  531. All d water in d ocean could never sink a ship unless it gets inside.
  532. @All d pressures of life can never hurt u unless u let them in! Good mrng. .

  533. Feel the pleasure of life
  534. in every second.
  535. Never be angry or sad,
  536. B’coz every 1 min of ur sadness
  537. u loss 60 seconds of happiness…
  538. @keep smiling ..
  539. Good mrng…

  540.  good evening….
  541. Cute Lines :-
  542. @Tears can b Trusted more than Smile because you can easily Smile at anybody but cant Cry without True Feelings….. :-) Gööd evenin !!

  543. gud
  544. evening.
  545. @nnhe se dil me arman koi rakhana duniya ki bhin me phchan koi rakhana,achhe nahi lagate jab rhte ho udas apne hotho pe shada muskan bnaye rakhna.

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