Gul ko gulshan mubarak sms message

  1. Gul ko gulshan mubarak,
  2. @Chaand ko chandani mubarak,
  3. Shayar ko shayri mubarak,
  4. Aur hamari taraf se aap ko New Year mubarak.

  5. MS
  6. Old year sabse ho raha hai dur
  7. Old year sabse ho raha hai dur,
  8. @@Kya kare yahe hai kudrat ka dastor,
  9. Purane yaadein sochkar udas na ho tum,
  10. Naye saal aayahe chalo…
  11. Dhoom machale, dhoom machale dhoom!!

  12.  Tere liye New Year ho super-duper hit
  13. Tere liye New Year ho super-duper hit
  14. @Day by day teri khusiya ho jaye double,
  15. Teri zindagi se delete ho jaye sare trouble,
  16. Khuda rakkhe hamesha tujhe smart & fit,
  17. Tere liye New Year ho super-duper hit!!

  18.  Piyari Si naay saa li pehli morning… .*”*.*”*.
  19. Piyari Si naay saa li pehli morning…
  20. .*”*.*”*.
  21. ‘*.Pyari Si ‘*.Naay saal ki

  22. .*”*.*”*.
  23. ‘*.Pyari Si ‘*.Pehli Morning Me

  24. .*”*.*”*.
  25. ‘*.Thandi Thndi ‘*.Hawao Me

  26. .*”*.*”*.
  27. ‘*.Pyari Si ‘*.Roshni Me

  28. .*”*.*”*.
  29. ‘*.Pyar Bhri ‘*.Duaon K Sath

  30. .*”*.*”*.
  31. ‘*.Sabse Pahle ‘*.ApKo Pyara Sa


  33. Happy new year..!.

  34. ”.

  35.  Piyari Si naay saa li pehli morning…
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  41. Last Gift of this year for you…

  43. Nahi Hai Gardish-e-Doraan Pay Ikhtiyar Mager

  44. Khuda Wo Din Na Laye K Pareshan Ho Tum,

  45. Nay saal pe yehi bat tum se kehni hay…
  46. Ay jan-e-jan!
  47. Suno ek bat tumhen kehni hai
  48. Choro ye ukhri ukhri baten
  49. Ban jao nay saal pe apne pane
  50. Wada ek kar lo mujh se
  51. Tankhwa nay saal se mujh ko deni hay
  52. @Nay saal pe yehi bat tum se kehni hay

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  55. Happy new year 2011
  56. Happy new year 2011 to you
  57. ..
  58. ..
  59. ..
  60. ..
  61. ..
  62. Kya hua
  63. ..
  64. ..
  65. ..
  66. ..
  67. ..
  68. Abhi 2010 ka 1 din baki hai
  69. Ek saal mein 365 din hote hai
  70. ..
  71. ..
  72. Again n again to you happy new year 2011

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  75. Bole to happy new year mamu
  76. Good time Bad time
  77. Day time Night time
  78. Off time Work time
  79. Happy time Sad time
  80. Naye saal main kisi bhi time
  81. Apun ka sms aa sakta hai…
  82. Bole to happy new year mamu

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  85. Piyari Si naay saa li pehli morning…
  86. .*”*.*”*.
  87. ‘*.Pyari Si ‘*.Naay saal ki

  88. .*”*.*”*.
  89. ‘*.Pyari Si ‘*.Pehli Morning Me

  90. .*”*.*”*.
  91. ‘*.Thandi Thndi ‘*.Hawao Me

  92. .*”*.*”*.
  93. ‘*.Pyari Si ‘*.Roshni Me

  94. .*”*.*”*.
  95. ‘*.Pyar Bhri ‘*.Duaon K Sath

  96. .*”*.*”*.
  97. ‘*.Sabse Pahle ‘*.ApKo Pyara Sa


  99. Happy new year..!.

  100.  Good time Bad time
  101. Good time Bad time
  102. Day time Night time
  103. Off time Work time
  104. Happy time Sad time
  105. Naye saal main kisi bhi time
  106. Apun ka sms aa sakta hai…
  107. Bole to happy new year mamu

  108.  Happy new year
  109. H@appy new year 2017 to you
  110. ..
  111. ..
  112. ..
  113. ..
  114. ..
  115. Kya hua
  116. ..
  117. ..
  118. ..
  119. ..
  120. ..
  121. Abhi 2010 ka 1 din baki hai
  122. Ek saal mein 365 din hote hai
  123. ..
  124. ..
  125. Again n again to you happy new year 2011

  126.  Nay saal pe yehi bat tum se kehni hay…
  127. Nay saal pe yehi bat tum se kehni hay…
  128. Ay jan-e-jan!
  129. Suno ek bat tumhen kehni hai
  130. @@Choro ye ukhri ukhri baten
  131. Ban jao nay saal pe apne pane
  132. Wada ek kar lo mujh se
  133. Tankhwa nay saal se mujh ko deni hay
  134. Nay saal pe yehi bat tum se kehni hay

  135.  INDIA KI REET…….
  137. LADKI agar apni marzise pt jaye to PYAR
  138. agr dost ptwaye to UPHAR
  139. GHARwale la de to SANSKAR
  140. OR
  141. agr khud pta k
  142. GHAR le ao to
  143. “HAHAKAR”

  144.  Inbox ki gawahi
  145. Inbox ki ga@wahi ko madde nazar rakhte hue… kalam 420 k tahet sms padh rahe mujrim ko balance hote hue bhi sms nahi bhejne k jurm me KANJUS karaar diya jata hai…

  146. Gadha@ jo na pasand kare wo ghas ho tum. Idiot,ullu, bakwas ho tum. Kuchh bhi kaho par banda to bare jhakas ho tum..,,,

  147.  Humne Zindgi Se …..
  148. Hu@mne Zindgi Se Pucha Sabko Itna Dard Q deti ho
  149. Zindgi Ne Hans ke Kaha

  150. ki Hum to Sabko khushi dete he pr Ek ki khushi Dusre ka Dard Ban jati hai

  151.  One day…..
  152. @One day life asked 4 how long do u need this friend along with u? I just cried and dropped a tear into an ocean and told “ UNTIL U FIND THIS DROP”


  155.  friends are made in heaven
  156. People say friends are made in heaven and they come in our life. But I made friends like u in this world and made my life heaven.

  157. usually I send sms to people who are either very Good,very close very special,But in in your case I m making an exception b/C u are all the three!!!!

  158.  Friend is F,R,I,E,N,D
  159. Frie@nd is F,R,I,E,N,D
  160. F–Free from all formalities
  161. R–Right to say anything
  162. I–Inanyway
  163. E-Either good or bad
  164. D–Dantna,Pitna allowed

  165.  Friendship…..
  166. Fr@iendship is like needle of a clock,though we are in same clock but we cant meet even if we meet its only for a sec,but we always stay connected.

  167.  Friendship is like …..
  168. @Friendship is like standing on wet cement. The longer u stand, the harder it is to leave… and even if u leave… u always leave your foot prints behind

  169.  Friends are like….
  170. @Friends are like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. if u lose one it will never be complete again.just want you to know you r one of the pieces i cant afford to lose

  171. Friendship is not an exam to pass or fail .
  172. Friendship is not a competetion to win or lose.
  173. ….. it is feeling in which you care for some one
  174. ….. more than yourself…..
  175. aur
  176. ” ap say hum “…………


  180.  nothing to say…
  181. If 10people care 4 u, one of them is me. If 1 person cares 4 u that would be me again .. If no 1 cares 4 u that means i m not in this world.

  182.  zindgi lehar thi……..
  183. zindgi lehar thi aap sahil hue, na jaane kaise hum aap ke dosti ke kabil hue, na bhulenge hum uss haseen pal ko,jab aap hamari choti si dunia me shamil hue…:)

  184.  love…….
  185. 1day god asked me,4 how long do u need this lovely frnd?
  186. i just dropped a singal drop of water into an ocean n told ”UNTILL U FIND IT”

  187.  caring friend….
  188. A true n caring friend doesn’t have to speak loud, a soft sms is just enough becoz its not d toungue dat really speaks, it’s d heart that feels…thanx 4 being my friend

  189.  Do u know…..
  190. Do u know the relationship between ur 2 eyes? They blink together, move together, cry together, see things together and sleep together … even though they never c each other ….

  191.  I always….
  192. I always thought loving someone is the greatest feeling, but I realized that loving a friend is even better. We loose people we love, but we never loose true friend..

  193.  friendship…..
  194. friendship is a one way road to be travelled by two, with hand in hand to care, to share, to forgive, to love and to say silently i an always with u.

  195.  Dil ki Kisti …
  196. Dil ki Kisti Bikhar gai hoti, Ruh ke jakhm kul gaye hote.
  197. Aapki Jahat main Jinda hai, Varna kabke mar gaye hote

  198. 0ur Friendship is Like Playing on See-Saw
  199. Not only Because Its Always Fun With You
  200. But Also Because I Wouldnt Mind
  201. Going Down 2 See You Rising !!!

  202.  Friendship…..
  203. Friendship is a like a bird, if U catch it tightly it dies,if U catch it loosely flye away, but if catch it affectionately it remains with you forever

  204.  i need you…..
  205. To @live a life i need heartbeat, 2 have heartbeat i need a heart, 2 have heart i need happiness, to have happiness i need a friend, and 4 a friend i need U.ALWAYS

  206.  last night….
  207. l@ast night GOD gave me two choices,Either to have a good friend like you or to have an excellent memory…..”i dont remember what i chose”….

  208.  True Friendship…..
  209. @True Friendship is like standing on wet cement,
  210. Longer you stay harder it’s to leave, & if you try togo,
  211. you can’t go without leaving your footprints

  212.  “YOU” and “ME”…..
  213. Letters start with Abc,
  214. @Numbers start with 123,
  215. Music start with sa re ga
  216. Friendship start with “YOU” and “ME”.

  217.  dost….
  218. Rutha h is kader k manaya na gaya,
  219. @Dur itna o gaya par bhulaya n gaya,
  220. Tanha kar liya humne jindagi ka safar,
  221. Apke siva dost banaya na gaya.

  222.  old friends ….
  223. @old friends are gold new friends are diamond dont mis the gold bcoz only gold holds the diamond

  224.  One day….
  225. One day Friendship & Love met one-another.
  226. Love asked Friendship –
  227. “Why do You exist if I’m there?”
  228. So Friendship said –
  229. “To give a Smile to those eyes in which You leave Tears.”

  230.  dear friend…..
  231. 48+2 Members can sit in a Bus.
  232. 5+1 can sit in a Car.
  233. 3+1 can sit in a auto
  234. 1+1 can sit in a Bike.
  235. Only 1 can sit in my Heart,
  236. That’s ‘U’ My dear friend..

  237. –:–:-<@
  238. –:–:-<@
  239. –:–:-<@
  240. I am sending u three flowers,
  241. for reminding u three things..
  242. U
  243. ME
  244. and

  246.  for…..
  247. A4 all friend
  248. B4-best friend
  249. C4-close friend
  250. D4-dear friend
  251. E4-ever friend
  252. F4-familiar friend
  253. G4-good friend
  254. H4-helping friend
  255. I4-inocent friend
  256. J4-jovial friend
  257. @K4-kind friend
  258. L4-lovely friend
  259. M4-merry friend
  260. N4-naughty friend
  261. O4-only friend
  262. P4-personal friend

  263.  Dosti….
  264. Dosti cheej nahi jatane ki, hamein aadat nahi kisi
  265. ko bhulane ki, Hum Isliye kam boulte hai Aapse
  266. @@kyunki kuch riston ko nazar lag Jati hai zamane ki

  267.  silent gift….
  268. Friendship is a silent gift of nature.
  269. @More old .. more strong.
  270. More deep.. more clear.
  271. More close.. more warm.
  272. Less words.. more understanding.

  273.  Zindgi Gujar Jaye…..
  274. @Zindgi Gujar Jaye Pr Pyar Kam Na Ho,
  275. Yad Hame Rkhna Chahe Pas Hm Na Ho,
  276. Qayamat Tk Chalta Rhe Ye Dosti Ka Safar,
  277. Dua Kro Rab Se Kabhi Ye Rishta Khatm N Ho.

  278.  I’m wanting more…..
  279. We’ve known each other,
  280. For a long long time,
  281. But I never really noticed,
  282. All the @magic in your eyes,
  283. I’ve been around you,
  284. A thousand times before,
  285. And you’ve always been a friend to me,
  286. But now I’m wanting more

  287.  your Friendship…..
  288. Some One Like Goldship
  289. Some One Like Goldship,Some one Like Silvership,I like one Ship That is your Friendship.

  290.  my friend….
  291. Don,t place me in ur eyes
  292. I may@@ fall as tear
  293. Place me in ur Heart
  294. So that every heart beat reminds u that this friend is alwaya there for U

  295.  ……..I am still ALIVE…..”
  296. Never nt say you are happy,when you are sad….,
  297. Never nt say@ you are fine,when you are not ok……,
  298. Never nt say you feel good,when you feel bad…..,
  299. Never nt say you are alone,when……,
  300. ……..I am still ALIVE…..”

  301.  Pure friendship…..
  302. Pure frie@ndship is bright like sun…..,
  303. Deep like ocean……..,
  304. High like sky……..,
  305. Strong like iron……..,
  306. Kind like mother……,
  307. Cute like me……,
  308. AND….,
  309. SWEET like YOU.

  310. every garden must have a red rose,.
  311. every @sweet face must have red cheeks.
  312. every grass must have dew.
  313. every person must have friends like you happy friendship day.

  314.  Friendship
  315. Friendship is a Rainbow between,
  316. Two hearts, sharing seven feelings:
  317. 1….Love
  318. 2….Happiness
  319. 3….Truth
  320. 4….Faith
  321. 5….Secret
  322. 6….Trust &
  323. 7….Sadness
  324. Hope d Rainbow of our friendship 4ever

  325.  True friends
  326. True friends are like mornings,
  327. u cant @have them the whole day,
  328. but u can be sure,
  329. they will be there when u wakeup tomorrow,
  330. next year and forever

  331.  Look Outside its So Pleasant! Sun Smiling 4 U ! Trees Dancing 4 U ! Birds Singing 4 U ! Because, I Asked Them All 2 Wish You A Happy Friendship Day
  332. Look Outside its So Pleasant!
  333. Sun Smiling 4 U !
  334. Trees @Dancing 4 U !
  335. Birds Singing 4 U !
  336. Because, I Asked Them All 2 Wish You
  337. A Happy Friendship Day

  338.  FRIEND means
  339. FRIEND means

  340. f=free frm all formalities
  341. r=right to say any thing
  342. i=in anyway
  343. e@=either good or bad
  344. n=no sorry no thnx
  345. d=daantna peetna allowed 24 hours

  346.  Good relationships
  347. Good relationships are like trees
  348. They demand attention & care in the beginning
  349. but once they blossoms
  350. they provide U shade in all situations of life

  351.  Friendship is a promise
  352. Friendship is a promise made in the heart.
  353. Silent.
  354. Unwritten.
  355. Unbreakable by distance.
  356. Unchangeable by time.
  357. Its lovely to have u as one !

  358.  Hum woh phool hain
  359. Hum @woh phool hain jo roz roz nahi khiltay,
  360. Yeh wo hont hain jo kabhi nahin siltay,
  361. Hum se bichro ge to ehsas hoga tumhain,
  362. Hum wo dost hain jo roz roz nahin miltay

  363.  missing friends……
  364. The hardest part of
  365. missing friends
  366. is not their absence,
  367. @it’s when you think
  368. of all those good times
  369. and ask yourself,
  370. ‘will those moments ever
  371. happen again?

  372.  in fact…
  373. When you are up in life,
  374. Your friends get to know who you are.

  375. But

  376. When you are down in life,
  377. You get@ to know who your friends are…

  378. Khuda ki banai qudrat nahi dekhi,
  379. Dilon main chupi dolat nahi dekhi,

  380. Jo kehta hai doori se mit jati hai dosti,
  381. Us ney shayud hamari dosti nahi daikhi

  382.  woh hain AAP
  383. Jo judai mile to woh hai ghum,
  384. Jo d@air se mile to woh hai paisa,
  385. Jo kisi kisi ko mile woh hai pyar,
  386. Jo qismat se mile woh hain AAP

  387.  if FRIENDSHIP is LIFE…
  388. If CARE is a WAVE,
  389. i give u SEA.
  390. If RESPECT is a LEAF,
  391. i give u TREE.
  392. If TRUST is a PLANET,
  393. i give u GALAXY,
  394. if FRIENDSHIP is LIFE,
  395. i give u MINE 4 FREE..
  396. keep smiling.

  397.  Dosti
  398. Dosti sachi ho to waqt ruk jata hai,
  399. Aasman lakh ucha ho magar jhuk jata hai.
  400. Dosti mein duniya lakh baney rukavat,
  401. Agar @dosti sach ho toh khuda bhi jhuk jata hai.

  402.  dost
  403. Dilon ko khareedney wale hazar mil jayege,
  404. A@ap ko dagha dene wale bar-bar mil jayege,
  405. Milega na aapko hum jesa koi,
  406. Milne ko to dost beshumar mil jayege.

  407.  waiting……
  408. Of all the friends I’ve ever met.
  409. Your the one I won’t ever forget.
  410. @And if I die before you do
  411. I’ll go to heaven and wait for you.
  412.  F R I E N D S H I P
  413. F R I E N D S H I P
  414. ,;*”*;, is like
  415. *; ,;* a
  416. __)(____ TRee…..
  417. It is not MEASURED by how TALL it could be,
  418. but how deeply the roots have grown
  419. You are my friend forever

  420. I
  421. CARE
  422. For
  423. U

  424. Bcoz

  425. You
  426. Are

  427. MY $weet

  428. _,_,_,_,_,_,_,
  429. ¡ ,_,_,_,_,_)
  430. ¡ ¡_,_,_,
  431. ¡ _,_,_,)R I E N D
  432. ¡ ¡ O R E V E R
  433. ¡_,_¡

  434.  from your life….
  435. Never ever try to test friendship
  436. because friends are like diamonds
  437. when you hit them they don’t break
  438. but may slip away from your life

  439. Friend,
  440. Save
  441. a space
  442. for me

  443. in ur
  444. heart
  445. & not
  446. in ur mind

  447. the mind
  448. easily
  449. forgets

  450. but the heart
  451. always
  452. remembers

  453. like now
  454. i remembered U.

  455.  Friendship is not about finding
  456. Friendship is not about finding
  457. the right person but,
  458. Creating the right relation.
  459. It’s not how much we care
  460. in the beginning but how much
  461. we care till the end.

  462.  Wat u see…..
  463. Wat u see as truth wat u see as lies
  464. remember that true friendship never dies

  465. although we may change & drift apart,
  466. I will always value u deep within my heart!

  467.  A friend….
  468. A friend is never a coincidence in your life,
  469. they are meant to enter your life
  470. to bring you joy and laughter.
  471. So, i will treasure the friendship between us.
  472.  our friendship,
  473. During our friendship,
  474. there will be times
  475. you @wont see me beside you,
  476. don’t think I left you behind,
  477. I just choose to walk behind you
  478. so I can catch when you Fall.
  479.  I met U…….
  480. I met U as a stranger,
  481. I l@eave U as a friend,
  482. as long as the world stands,
  483. our friendship will never ends.
  484. All friends never split
  485. N
  486. even if they do they will
  487. meet again.

  488.  @friend like you…..
  489. Everyday I see lots of strangers passing by me
  490. This makes me realised that,
  491. Life would be boring, without a friend like you.

  492.  friendship is for forever…..
  493. @Life starts INTENSE,
  494. But Ends with SILENSE.
  495. Love starts with FEAR,
  496. Buts ends with TEARS.
  497. And Friendship starts HOWEVER,
  498. Will always Remain FOREVER.
  499.  VALUE of friendship…..
  500. kept your name in my JOURNAL,
  501. and posted you in the LEDGER of my heart,
  502. you wont be classified as FIXED ASSETS,
  503. because the MARKET VALUE of friendship
  504. will never DEPRECIATE from heart.

  505.  FRIENDSHIP….
  506. FRIENDSHIP is not how u forget
  507. but
  508. How you forgive,
  509. Not
  510. How you listen
  511. But
  512. How you understand,
  513. Not
  514. What you see,
  515. But
  516. How you feel,
  517. But Not
  518. How you let it go
  519. But
  520. How you HOLD ON

  521. If u are a@ chocolate you are the SWEETEST,
  522. If u are a teddy bear you are the most HUGGABLE,
  523. If u are a star you are the BRIGHTEST,
  524. and since you are my friend…U R THE BEST !!!

  525.  A friend……
  526. A friend is sweet when it is new…
  527. it@ is sweeter when it is true….
  528. but you know that…..
  529. it is the sweetest when it is you…”

  530.  friend
  531. A friend is like blood,
  532. @they are not beside us
  533. always.

  534. But they come out when
  535. we are wounded.

  536.  sweet friend
  537. 24 sweet hrs make 1 sweet day,
  538. 7 sweet days make 1 sweet week,
  539. @4 sweet weeks make 1 sweet month,
  540. But 1 sweet friend, Like You , helps to make 1 sweet life..

  541.  Happy Friendship
  542. Have a heart that never hardens
  543. have a smile that never fades
  544. have a touch that never burnt
  545. and have friendship that never breaks.!!
  546. Happy Friendship Day 2 my sweet Friend.
  547.  what is friendship,
  548. If someone asks me what is friendship,
  549. “I would sit next to you,
  550. Pull you all close to me,
  551. Put my arms around you and say proudly,
  552. This is friendship” :)

  553.  Age appears to be best in some things
  554. Age appears to be best in some things
  555. Age appears to be best in some things. Old wood best to burn. Old books best to read. Old rice best to eat and old friends best to keep

  556.  Moon said to me to leave your friend
  557. Moon said to me to leave your friend
  558. Moon said to me, if ur friend is not messaging u why dont you leave ur friend.I looked at moon and said does ur sky ever leave u when u dont shine.

  559.  Friendship
  560. Friendship is not a game to play, It is not a word to say, It doesn’t start on March and ends on May, It is tomorrow, yesterday, today and everyday.

  561.  Good FRIENDS
  562. Good FRIENDS CaRE for each Other..
  563. CLoSE Friends UNDERSTaND each Other…
  564. and TRUE Friends STaY forever
  565. beyond words,
  566. beyond time…**

  567. Thank you for touching my life in ways you may never know. My riches do not lie in material wealth, but in having friend like you – a precious gift from God.

  568.  Friendship
  569. Friendship is not about finding similarities, it is about respecting differences. You are not my friend coz you are like me, but because i accept you and respect you the way you are.

  570.  New Year ho Super-Duper Hit!!
  571. Day by day teri khusiya ho jaye Double,
  572. Teri zindagi se delete ho jaye sare Trouble,
  573. Khuda rakkhe humesha tujhe Smart & Fit,
  574. Tera liye New Year ho Super-Duper Hit!!

  575.  Happy New Year.
  576. Gul ne gulshan se gulfam bheja hai, sitaro ne aasma se salam bheja hai, mubarak ho apko naya saal, hum ne advance me ye piagam bheja hai. Happy New Year.

  577.  this new year
  578. May this new year bring many opportunities your way, to explore every joy of life and may your resolutions for the days ahead stay firm, turning all your dreams into reality and all your efforts into great achievements.

  579.  New Year’s Day.
  580. We will open the book.  Its pages are blank.  We are going to put words on them ourselves.  The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day.

  581.  *HAPPY NEW YEAR*
  582. Nights are Dark but Days are Light,
  583. Nights are Dark but Days are Light,
  584. Wish your Life will always be Bright.
  585. So my Dear don’t get Fear
  586. Coz, God Gift us a “BRAND NEW YEAR”.

  588.  Wish u a Happy New Year.
  589. A Relaxed Mind, A Peaceful Soul,
  590. A Relaxed Mind, A Peaceful Soul,
  591. A Joyful Spirit, A Healthy Body &
  592. Heart full of Love..
  593. All these are my Prayers for You..
  594. Wish u a Happy New Year.

  595.  Happy New Year
  596. n @New Year may God…would be your Best Friend,
  597. He Loves you Deeper, always Bless on You ,
  598. God Always Guide You & Carry you…Happy New Year

  599.  “NEW YEAR”!
  600. @Oh my Dear, Forget ur Fear,
  601. Let all ur Dreams be Clear,
  602. Never put Tear, Please Hear,
  603. I want to tell one thing in ur Ear
  604. Wishing u a very Happy “NEW YEAR”!

  605. Years come n go,but this year I specially wish 4 u a double dose of health n happiness topped with loads of good@ fortune. Have a gr8 year ahead! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

  606.  New Year
  607. New Year is @the time to unfold new horizons & realize new dreams, to rediscover the strength & faith within u, to rejoice in simple pleasures & gear up 4 a new challenges. Wishing u a truly fulfilling new year!

  608.  new year
  609. One @resolution I have made, and try always to keep, is this:  To rise above the little things.

  610.  happy year.
  611. A happy New Year! Grant that I
  612. @May bring no tear to any eye
  613. When this New Year in time shall end
  614. Let it be said I’ve played the friend,
  615. Have lived and loved and labored here,
  616. And made of it a happy year.

  617.  very…very prosperous new year
  618. @When the mid-nite bell rings tonight..
  619. Let it signify new and better things for you,
  620. let it signify a realisation of all things you wish for,
  621. Let it signify a year of courage and believes,
  622. Wishing you a very…very…very prosperous new year.

  623.  New Year,
  624. Memorable moment r celebrated together,
  625. U r my best friend for now & forever,
  626. Make me Miss U even more this New Year,
  627. Hope this year bring Happiness for you Dear.

  628.  this new year
  629. ” I Wish in this new year God gives You..
  630. 12 Month of Happiness,
  631. 52 Weeks of Fun,
  632. 365 Days Success,
  633. 8760 Hours Good Health,
  634. 52600 Minutes Good Luck,
  635. 3153600 Seconds of Joy…and that’s all!

  636.  Happy New Year.
  637. Good resolutions are simply checks that men draw on a bank where they have no account.Happy New Year.

  638.  New Year’s
  639. N@ew Year’s Day: Now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual.

  640.  The merry year
  641. The merry year is born
  642. Like the bright berry from the naked thorn

  643. @New Year begins, let us pray, that it will be a year with new Peace, New Happiness, and abundance of new friends,,God bless you through out the new Year.

  645. @Fill ur life with Happiness & Bright Cheer,
  646. Bring to u Joy and Prosperity for the whole Year,
  647. And it’s my New Year wish 4u Dear…
  648. Wish u a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR.

  649.  Happy & Auspicious New Year.
  650. @Wish you a Very Happy & Auspicious New Year. May God bless you with good health, happiness and peace.
  651. Love and Regards

  652.  *HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011
  653. @With all the Rose’s Perfume and with all the lights in the world and with all the children smiles. I Wish U that your all dreams come true.
  654. *HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011

  655.  New Year.
  656. You have been wonderful than I expected! You are Amazing! Honestly, I can’t find a word to express my gratitude. Just promise to love you the best I can and expect much love on this New Year.
  657. With Love

  658.  New Year
  659. It has been wonderful working hand in hand with all of you! Let’s not only celebrate, but also repent & start afresh. Let us unite the more & let God be with us throughout the New Year.
  660. Love and Regards.
  661. Going to miss you all

  662.  new year
  663. Sabke Dilo mein ho sabke liye Pyar,
  664. Aanewala har din laye Khushiyon ka Tyohar,
  665. Es ummid k sath aao bhulke sare Gum,
  666. New Year 2009 ko Hum Sab kare WELCOME.

  667.  new Year.
  668. New Year begins, let us pray, that it will be a year with new Peace, New Happiness, and abundance of new friends,,God bless you through out the new Year.

  670. Fill ur life with Happiness & Bright Cheer,
  671. Bring to u Joy and Prosperity for the whole Year,
  672. And it’s my New Year wish 4u Dear…
  673. Wish u a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR.

  674.  Happy New Year
  675. Tom Cruise
  676. Angelina Jolie
  677. Aishwarya Rai
  678. Arnold
  679. @Jennifer Lopez
  680. Amitabh Bachhan
  681. & me..
  682. All the Stars wish u a Very Happy New Year

  684. Receive my simple gift of LOVE
  685. @Wrapped with SINCERITY
  686. Tied with CARE &
  687. Sealed with BLESSINGS
  688. 2 Keep u HAPPY & SAFE all the life long.

  690.  happy new year
  691. Beauty..
  692. Freshness..
  693. Dreams..
  694. Truth..
  695. Imagination..
  696. Feeling..
  697. Faith..
  698. Trust..
  699. This @is begining of a new year!

  700.  Happy New Year
  701. Poore ho aapke sare Aim,
  702. Sada badhti rahe aap ki Fame,
  703. Mil@te rahe sabse Pyar aur Dosti,
  704. Aur mila a lot of Fun & Masti.
  705. Wish you a..Happy New Year with a Plenty of Peace & Prosperity.

  706.  happy new year
  707. Is Naye Saal mai..
  708. Jo tu chahe wo tera ho,
  709. Har@ din khubsoorat aur ratain roshan ho,
  710. Kamiyabi chumte rahe tere kadam humesha yaar,
  711. Naya Saal Mubarok ho tuje mere Yaar.

  713. Bith gaya jo saal, Bhul jayye,
  714. Is Naya Saal ko Gale lagaye,
  715. K@arte hai dua hum Rab se sar jhukake…
  716. Is Saal ka Sare Sapne poore ho Aapke.

  718.  New Year SMS in Hindi
  719. New Year SMS in Hindi
  720. Sabke Dilo mai ho sabke liye Pyar,
  721. Aanewala har din laye Khusiyo ka Tyohar,
  722. Is ummid ka sath aao bhulke sare Gum
  723. new year 2008 ko Hum Sab kare WEL-COME!

  724.  Happy New Year!!
  725. @@People are so worried about what they eat between Christmas and the New Year, but they really should be worried about what they eat between the New Year and Christmas. Happy New Year!!

  726.  happy new year
  727. When the mid-nite bell rings tonight…
  728. Let it signify new and better things for you,
  729. !!let it signify a realisation of all things you wish for,
  730. Let it signify a year of courage and believes,
  731. Wishing you a very…very…very prosperious 2016

  733. I wish U to have a …..
  734. Sweetest Sunday,
  735. Marvellous Monday,
  736. Tasty Tuesday,
  737. Wonderful Wednesday,
  738. !!Thankful Thursday,
  739. Friendly Friday,
  740. Successful Saturday.
  741. Have a great Year. HAPPY NEW YEAR

  742.  *HAPPY NEW YEAR*
  743. !!Nights are Dark but Days are Light,
  744. Wish your Life will always be Bright.
  745. So my Dear don’t get Fear
  746. Coz, God Gift us a “BRAND NEW YEAR”.

  748. !!Wish you a very Happy new year 2008. Wish I could fly home and celebrate the New Year with you and Mummy – Papa. I am really missing the fun we had last year.
  749. Love & Good Wishes

  750.  New Year
  751. !!Here is wishing you the best ever New Year. Missing you a lot. Wish I could spend the New Year with you.
  752. Love

  753.  New Year.
  754. !!Wish you a Very Happy & Auspicious New Year. May God bless you with good health, happiness and peace.
  755. Love and Regards

  756.  *HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011*
  757. !!With all the Rose’s Perfume and with all the lights in the world and with all the children smiles. I Wish U that your all dreams come true.
  758. *HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011*

  759.  new year
  760. !!!You have been wonderful than I expected! You are Amazing! Honestly, I can’t find a word to express my gratitude. Just promise to love you the best I can and expect much love on this New Year.
  761. With Love,

  762.  Prem Prem Prem
  763. Prem Prem Prem Ne Bas Prem…
  764. Em Thaya J Kare Chhe…,
  765. Roj Roj Ene Lakhawa Nu Maan Thya Kare Chhe…,
  766. Maan To Bas Atlu Thay K Aksharoo Ma Kotariya Karu…,
  767. Tara Prem Shilp…Em Thaya J Kare Chhe…,
  768. Pan Kalam Uthaw Ke Tu Awi Mara Maan Ma Besi jaay Chhe…,
  769. Parewa Jewo Aa Prem Kon Jane Koik Ne J Thay Chhe…,

  770.  MARA SWAS MA

  778.  Dariyo jem
  779. Dariyo jem suno che moja vagar..
  780. prem ma maja na aave saza vagar..
  781. dawa ni koi kimmat nathi ilaz vagar..
  782. etle j toh aaj sudhi koi jivyu nathi ek-bija vagar.

  783.  Mane Loko Kahe
  784. Mane Loko Kahe Chhe..Ke Maari Shu Dasha Chhe…
  785. Hu Kahau Chhu..Ke Prem Ma Padavaani Aa Saza Chhe…
  786. V!!ikharayela Vaal…Aankho Hase Chhe Ke Rade Che…
  787. Kasoor Be-wafai No Nathi..Mohabbat Ni Aa Mazaa Chhe…

  788.  Baat Rakhi Dil

  789. Baat Rakhi Dil Ma Baat Kahi Na Sakyaa
  790. Yaad Karya Emne Ne Shwash Lai Na Sakyaa
  791. !!Koike Puchyu Aa Dil Ne Kee Te Prit Kari Kone
  792. Janva Chata Pan Naam Emnu Ame Lai Na Sakya


  801.  Sugndh dosti

  802. Sugndh dosti ni prem thi ochi nathi hoti,
  803. Prem thi zindgi khatm nthi thti,
  804. Sath hoy zindgi ma jo tamaro,
  805. To zindgi swrag thi ochi nthi hoti

  806.  Sudhari Leva…

  807. Sudhari Leva Jevi che Potani Bhul,
  808. Bhuli Java Jevi che Bijani Bhul,
  809. Aatlu Maanvi Kare Kabul,
  810. To Har Roj Dil Ma uge SUKH na PHOOL!!!

  811.  Sambndho na hstaxar ……
  812. Sambndho na hstaxar koi ukeli nti sktu,
  813. Ema jodni ni bhul koi sodhi nthi sktu,
  814. Khub sarl hoy che vakya ra4na,
  815. Pan purnviram koi muki nthi sktu

  816.  rem na dard

  817. rem na dard ma utrvani mosam avi che,
  818. Prem ne jaher karvani mosam avi che,
  819. Vaar nhi lagadta prem karvama,
  820. Havea to vhela te pehla ni skim avi che

  821.  Kyak dhodhmar
  822. Kyak dhodhmar varsad varsi jay 6,
  823. To kyak 1 bund ni pyas rahi jay 6,
  824. Koine male 6 hajar bahana prem ma,
  825. To koi 1 chehra mate tarsi jay che

  826.  Prem kare

  827. Prem kare ene jagat maaf nathi kartu,
  828. Koi eni sathe insaf nathi kartu,
  829. Loko prem ne paap kahe to 6e,
  830. Pn kon evu 6e je aa paap nathi kartu

  831.  Kyarek Aansu…..
  832. Kyarek Aansu Pan Khushi Bani Jay6
  833. Kyarek Sapna Pan Yaad Bani Jay6
  834. Matra Vedna Tyare Rahi Jay6,
  835. Jyare Same Hova Chata A Anjan Bani Jaay 6e

  836.  Bahu Dur Pan
  837. Bahu Dur Pan Pase Raho Chho
  838. Ankho Thi Dur Pan Dil Ni Nazdik Raho Chho
  839. Fakt Etlu Kehuu6 Tamne,
  840. Su Tamara Dil Ma Pan Atlo Prem 6 Amara Mate

  841.  Aje to mane
  842. Aje to mane ishq no kain bahar ave 6e
  843. Har taraf thi aej bus khushbu ave 6e
  844. Dil khenchai gyu bus tara ma
  845. Ne jam-e-ishq p have masti vahave 6e

  846. Nathi Nadi K Nathi Dariyo,
  847. 6ta Ahi Vagar Paniye Vamal Rachay 6
  848. Zamana E Didha 6 Zakhm Etla
  849. K Have Koi Marham Lgave To Pan Dard Thay 6.

  850.  Kyak Besine…..
  851. Kyak Besine Mari Rah Joti Hse,
  852. Mara Prem Ne Te Yad Krti Hse,
  853. Aavi Jta Hse Ansu Teni Ankh Ma,
  854. Hve To Faqt Mara Prem Pr Drek Pal Mrti Hse.

  855.  Kyarek To Prem…..
  856. Kyarek To Prem Ma Virah Avi Jay 6
  857. Kyarek Koi Lachari Avi Jay 6
  858. A Virah Nu Avavu Pan Jaruri 6
  859. A Virah J To Apne Vadhare Najik Lave 6.

  860.  Tu Kem Marathi
  861. Tu Kem Marathi Alag 6,
  862. Ek Tu J 6 Maro Bhagvan 6,
  863. Tari Vato Ma Khovai Jau 6u.
  864. Dost Tu J Mane Samjav Ke,
  865. Aa Prem 6 Ke Nasho 6.

  866.  Vasant Ni Jem

  867. Vasant Ni Jem Hansta Raho To Bus 6e,
  868. Pushponi Jem Khilta Raho To Bus 6e,
  869. Bahu Khass Apeksha Nthi Rakhi,
  870. Pan Amne Sms Krta Raho To Bus 6e

  871.  Tara prem
  872. tara prem ma etlo vishwas kem che
  873. Tara vichar etla sundar kem che
  874. Duniya kahe se Pyar nu dukh to mithu hoy che
  875. To aankh na aansu khara kem che.

  876.  Chandni Rat
  877. Chandni Rat Ma Khovayelo Andhkar 6u
  878. Madhdariye Atvayelo Jahaj 6u
  879. Tu Mane Aam Tar6odi Ne N Ja Mari Priye
  880. Huto Tara Pyar no Talapgar 6u.

  881.  Pal pal
  882. Pal pal jud kar bni zindgi jane kyu itrati hai agla pal hi apna na ho jane kya se kya ho jati hai khusiyan aansu dono hai ek pal k mohtaz yahan ek pal ohzal ho jaye to zindgi gum ho jati hai simti chand palo me jane kya kya rup dikhati hai ji sako to ji lo zindgi barna bda rulati hai.denu lagwal

  883.  handni Rat
  884. handni Rat Ma Khovayelo Andhkar 6u
  885. Madhdariye Atvayelo Jahaj 6u
  886. Tu Mane Aam Tar6odi Ne N Ja Mari Priye
  887. Huto Tara Pyar no Talapgar 6u.

  888.  Prem Ma
  889. Prem Ma Ek GoTo Nikadyo,
  890. Dariya Karta Moto Nikadyo,
  891. Aakhi Duniya Sathe Ladi Let,
  892. Pan
  893. Hu su Karu?
  894. Maro Pota No J SiKKO Khoto Nikadayo

  895. Zindgi Ni Darek Pal Sarkhi Nathi Hoti.
  896. Samudra Ma Roz Bhrti Nthi Hoti.
  897. Milan Ane Judai e Prasang 6e Zindgi No,
  898. Jema Aansu Ni Kimat Sarkhi Nathi.

  899.  yugo ni Orkhan
  900. yugo ni Orkhan Pal Ma Dubi Jay6
  901. Jem Akash Mathi Tara Khari Jay6
  902. Apne Game Teva Dav-Pech Karie
  903. Pan Hukam No Akko To Hamesha Kudrat J Feki Jay6

  904.  Koi Malyu Chaand
  905. Koi Malyu Chaand Ni Chaandni Bani.
  906. To Koi Malyu Mahelo Ni Kahani Bani.
  907. Pan Jene Vasavya Hata Aankho Maa,
  908. Tej Vahi Gaya Paani Bani

  909.  Vishwas
  910. Vishwas na bhitar ma prem hoy6
  911. Mano to aa badha Naseeb na khel hoy 6
  912. Baki lakho aankho joya pachi pan,
  913. Koi 1 nazar matej man bechen hoy 6e

  914.  tara prem ma……
  915. tara prem ma etlo vishwas kem che
  916. Tara vichar etla sundar kem che
  917. Duniya kahe se Pyar nu dukh to mithu hoy che
  918. To aankh na aansu khara kem che..

  919.  GOOD evening
  920. A clay @pot having milk will be ranked higher than a golden pot having poison. not our outer glamour but our inner virtues make us valuable…
  921. GOOD evening my clay pot

  922.  Good evening…
  923. S@eparation is a wound that no one can heal..!
  924. But,
  925. remembrance is a gift dat no one can steal..!
  926. Keep your memories intact..!!.
  927. good evening

  928.  GOOD evening
  929. @A clay pot having milk will be ranked higher than a golden pot having poison. not our outer glamour but our inner virtues make us valuable…
  930. GOOD evening my clay pot

  931.  Good evening
  932. @Cute and true lines – Never choose a dearone without understanding and never loose a dearone because of misunderstanding…
  933. Good evening

  934.  Good evening
  935. Its human tendency to run behind people whom we love and neglect the ones who love us bcoz We r sure we’ll never loss them ….strange bt very true…
  936. Good evening

  937. Being happy doesn’t mean everything’s perfect..
  938. It just means
  939. we have decided to see everything beyond the imperfections”.
  940. Good evening…:-)

  941.  Don’t worry be cool…..
  942. Worries are like Moon. one day will increase, one day will decrease, other day may not be seen. So Don’t Worry for Anything. Always Be cool.
  943. Good evening …:-)

  944.  Life can be happier….
  945. Life can be @happier & stressless if we remember one simple thought:
  946. “We can’t have all that we desire, but God will give us all that we deserve”
  947. Have a good evening

  948.  Expensive and free…..
  949. Most of @the things we desire are EXPENSIVE. But the truth is: The things That really satisfy us Are FREE: Love, joy, laughter & Good relations.
  950. good evening!!!!!!

  951.  Gud evening. .
  952. B a po@et whn u r alone, B a king whn u command, B a lover whn some 1 loves u, B a scientist whn u work, B history whn u die, B a friend until i die.. Gud evening. . . Hav a nice time. . .

  953.  Gud evng. . .
  954. A @nice quote n the fact.. “closest relationship in the world have fought more battle than the enemies”
  955. So keep fighting with loved one.. Gud evng. . .

  956.  smile forever…..
  957. i@f u manage to smile at any situation u r d winner of haghest number of hearts in this world. So smile forever …..keep smiling good evening

  958.  Gud eve !
  959. Ky@a socha tha SMS nahi ayega, Socha hoga K ae Dost yunhi Bhul jayega . A to Adat hai hamari Satane ki varna , Aapsa pyara Dost koun bhulana chahega…Gud eve !

  960.  Good evening !
  961. A sentence frm a broken heart.....

  962. ” we enter the world alone,,,we leave the world alone,,,
  963. so its better to live alone”!!Good evening !

  964.  Gud evening !!
  965. Easy to cry in pain,
  966. Easy to laugh in joy
  967. But
  968. @Crying in joy & laughing in pain shows the real deepness of situations & ability of a person :-)
  969. Gud evening !!

  970. Xcellent Saying By a great philosopher-
  971. “Love Is dat Beautiful Forest Where Brave Tigers are Killed by the attractive eyes of Beautiful Deers”:) Good Evening.,

  972.  Gud evng
  973. Dimag aur Dil me, utna hi fark hai, jitna Phonebook aur Inbox me…!

  974. Phonebook me @hajaroo milate hai, Lekin Apne, sirf Inbox me milate hai dost….! Gud evng

  975.  Gud evening
  976. khamosh @chehre pr hazaro pehre hote h,hasti aankho me bhi jakhm ghre hote h,jinse aksar ruth jate h hum,asal me unse hi riste ghre hote hai.Gud evening

  977.  Good evening……
  978. Koi DAULAT Pe Naaz Karta Hai

  979. Koi Shoharat Pe Naaz Karta Hai

  980. Jisko milte hai humare msgs

  981. Woh Apni KISMAT Pe Naaz Karta Hai….gud evenin :-)

  982.  success and failure……
  983. Su@ccess is just like a beautiful lover it will leave us at any time,
  984. But
  985. failure is like a mother it will teach us some important lessons of life….gud evening

  986.  Good Evening……
  987. A sincere devotee asked Buddha.”I want PEACE,” Buddha smiled & said: remove ‘I’that’s EGO Remove ‘want’ that’s desire & than PEACW comes automatically..Good Evening

  988.  Wish you Gud Evening….
  989. Welcome To evening
  990. Happy welcome To Fresh Evening
  991. Great welcome To New evening
  992. Loveloy welcome To Nice evening
  993. Wish you
  994. Gud Evening

  995.  good evening….
  996. Teacher.@Student Se-Baccho santi ke sath baith jao Student teacher se-Mam santi nahi aai hai madhu ke sath baith jau Good evening .

  997.  Gud evening !
  998. Forgiveness :-

  999. “When its not given in a right time,
  1000. Or..
  1001. W@hen its not asked in right time..
  1002. u’ll miss something /someone PRECIOUS in ur Life…”

  1003. Gud evening !

  1004.  Good evening…
  1005. @An Arabian proverb:-
  1006. A true well Friend is “”ONE who talks abt ur weakness in front of U, &&& Talks about ur strength in front of others””…. Gud evening

  1007. A true sentence from a real friend..

  1008. ‘All the persons are not my friends.
  1009. But
  1010. my friend is not just like all other persons…. Gud evening !!

  1011.  Gud evenin… !!
  1012. Fact of life –
  1013. “Poor @man runs 4his daily food, While a Rich man runs 2digest his daily food”..
  1014. What a world…. ! Gud evenin… !!

  1015.  Good evening dil se…
  1016. gud
  1017. evening.
  1018. nnhe@ se dil me arman koi rakhana duniya ki bhin me phchan koi rakhana,achhe nahi lagate jab rhte ho udas apne hotho pe shada muskan bnaye rakhna.

  1019.  Gud evenin !
  1020. “@No one has ever loved anyone the way everyone wants to be loved..”
  1021. Think deeply, you’ll feel it…!! Gud evenin !

  1022.  Dil ki awaaz….
  1023. @Dil ki awaaz ko izhaar kehte hai,
  1024. jhuki nigah ko ikarar kehte hai
  1025. sirf paane ka naam ishq nahi.
  1026. kuch khone ko bhi pyaar kehte hai.

  1027.  Tammana-e-ishq…..
  1028. @Tammana-e-ishq to hum bhi rakte hain,
  1029. Kisi ke dil me hum bhi dhadakte hain,
  1030. Na jane woh kab milenge
  1031. jin ke liye hum roz tadapte hain.

  1032.  Har aahat ehsaas …..
  1033. @Har aahat ehsaas hamara dilaayegi.,
  1034. Har hawa khushbu hamari laayegi.;
  1035. Hum dosti aisi nibhaayengey yaara!
  1036. Ki hum na honge aur humhari yaad tumhe sataayegi..!!!

  1037.  Us ajnabi ka …..
  1038. @Us ajnabi ka youn na intezaar karo
  1039. Is aashiq dil ka na aitbaar karo
  1040. Roz nikla karen kisi ke yaad mein aanso
  1041. Itna kabhi na kisi se pyaar karo

  1042.  Ek ajnabi se……
  1043. Ek ajnabi se mujhe itna pyaar kyon hai,
  1044. Inkar karne par chahat ka ikraar kyon hai…
  1045. Use pana nahi meri taqdeer mein shayad,
  1046. @Phir har mod pe usi ka intezar kyon hai…

  1047.  Khamosh……..
  1048. Khamosh Raat Ki Pehlu Mein Sitare Naa Hote,
  1049. In Rookhi Aankhon mein Rangeen Najare Naa Hote,
  1050. Hum Bhi na Karte Parwah
  1051. Agar aap Itne Pyare na hote…

  1052. Mohabbat ka matlab intzaar nahi hota,
  1053. Har kisi ko dekhna pyar nahi hota,
  1054. Yu to milta hai roz mohabbat-e-paigam,
  1055. Pyar hai zindgi jo har baar nahi hota…….!!!

  1056.  Tere Pyar Ki……
  1057. Tere Pyar Ki @Barish Mein Nahane Ko Ji Chahta Hai,
  1058. Teri Banhon Ki Garmi Mein Phighal Jane Ko Ji Chahta Hai,

  1059. Tere Ishq Ke Gehre Sagar Mein Doob Jane Ko Ji Chahta Hai,
  1060. Teri Jheel Si Kaali Aankhon Mein Sama Jane Ko Ji Chahta Hai,

  1061. Chand Se @Tere Chehre Pe Fida Ho Jane Ko Ji Chahta Hai,
  1062. Mohabbat Mein Teri Hadh Se Guzar Jane Ko Ji Chahta Hai,

  1063. Teri Shehed Baatein Mere Dil Ko Bohat Lubhati Hain,
  1064. Bheegi Si Muskaan Teri Deewana Mujhe Kar Jaati Hain,

  1065. @Ghussa Bhi Tera Hai Pyaar Bhara Saari Duniya Se Judaa,
  1066. Anokhi Teri Adaon Pe Marr Mitne Ko Ji Chahta Hai,

  1067. Maanga Hai Tujhe Khuda Se Bare Sajdon Ke Baad,
  1068. KamZarf Zamane Ki Nazron Se Tujhe Chupa Lene Ko Ji Chahta Hai.

  1069.  Koi samjhaye…..
  1070. Koi samjhaye mujhe yeh ishq kya hai
  1071. @koi dikhlaye mujhe yeh jannat kaha hai
  1072. har koi keheta hai pyar ek khoobsurat duniya hai
  1073. koi milwa de mujhe…woh pyar karne waale kaha hai….

  1074.  Apne aankhon……
  1075. Apne aankhon ki bekarari ko ab chipaon kaise
  1076. Tumhe dhoonde meri nazar inhe rokon kaise
  1077. Tera aashiq hun tujhe bataon kaise
  1078. Inkaar se tere darta hoon
  1079. Bepanaah pyar hai tujse kehdoon kaise…

  1080.  Jab mene dekha……
  1081. Jab mene dekha tumko pahli baar
  1082. Tumse karne lagi hu me pyar
  1083. Tum raja ho, mera dil hai ek darbaar
  1084. Par tum kyu rooth te ho baar baar
  1085. Ma@naanaa padta hai sou sou baar
  1086. Phir bhi aataa hai tumpe aur pyaar
  1087. Pyaar vishwas pe hota hai nirbhar
  1088. Jab tum rooth ke jaate ho mere dilbar
  1089. Me toot ti nahi hu par sochti hu mere yaar
  1090. Kabhi jiyegaa dil dadhkan se hoke door..

  1091.  Hum Aap Ko…..
  1092. Hum Aap Ko Kabhi Khoney Nahin Denge .
  1093. @Juda Hona Chaha To Bhi Hone Nahin Denge .
  1094. Chandni Raton Mein Aye Gi Meri Yaad .
  1095. To Meri Yaad Ke Woh Pal Aap Ko Sone Nahin Denge .

  1096.  bhulana….
  1097. bhulana aapko na asaan hoga.
  1098. bhule jo aapko wo naadaan hoga,
  1099. a@ap baste ho dil me hamare,
  1100. aap hame na bhule ye aapka ehsaan hoga..

  1101.  Tere intezar
  1102. Tere intezar me palke bichhaye baithe hai.
  1103. wo ayege isiliye ummid jagaye baithe hai.
  1104. na todna kabhi milne ka wada
  1105. ki hum ab to apni jaan ki bazi lagaye baithe hai…

  1106.  Aankho me…..
  1107. Aankho me armaan diya karte hai,
  1108. hum sabki neend churaliya karte hai,
  1109. jab jab aap ki palke jhapkegi to samajh lena hum aapko yaad kiya karte hai..
  1110. `

  1111.  Sapno se……
  1112. Sapno se dil lagane ki aadat nahi rahi,
  1113. har waqt muskurane ki aadat nahi rahi,
  1114. ye soch ke ki koi manaane nahi aayega,
  1115. @ab hume rooth jaane ki aadat nahi rahi..

  1116. Duriyon ki na parwa kijiye
  1117. Dil jabhi pukare bula lijiye
  1118. @Hum zyada dur nahi aapse
  1119. Bus apni aankho ko palko se mila lijiye!!

  1120.  Mulakat….
  1121. Mulakat maut ki mehman ban gayi hai
  1122. Nazar ki duniya veeran ban gayi hai
  1123. @Meri sans bhi ab meri nahi rahi
  1124. Ye zindagi aapki mohabbat par kurban ho gayi hai

  1125.  Kitne pyar…..
  1126. Kitne pyar unhe karte hai..aaj hamein maloom hua
  1127. @Roz intezaar kyun karte hai..aaj hamein maloom hua
  1128. Na chaah kar bhi dil kyun dukhaay unka
  1129. Itna kyun aazmaate hai unko..aaj hamein maloom hua..

  1130.  Kuch nasha…..
  1131. Kuch nasha teri baat ka hai
  1132. @Kuch nasha dhimi barsaat ka hai
  1133. Hum to kabse nashe me dub jaane ko tayyar hai
  1134. Intezar to sirf aapki mulakat ka hai..

  1135.  Mohabato mein….
  1136. Mohabato mein jeene wale kush nasib hai.
  1137. Mohabato mein marne wale bhi ajeeb hai.
  1138. Azeem hai hamari dastan JAANEMAN,
  1139. Faaslo par rehte hai phir hi Dil ke qareeb hai.

  1140.  Apni nazar me meri….
  1141. Apni nazar me meri nigaah phir kyon dhoondhte ho..
  1142. Apni tanhai me meri kami kyon mehsoos karte ho..
  1143. Apne ahsaason me meri chhuuan kyon talashtey ho..
  1144. Apne lafzon se aksar yeh faasley kyon taye karte ho..

  1145.  Masti ko muhabbat…..
  1146. Masti ko muhabbat me fanaaa koun karega!!
  1147. yeh farz mere sewa adaa koun karee ga@@
  1148. @Haathoo ki lakiroun ko zaraa dekh najomi……
  1149. yeh dekh mere saath wafa koun karee ga.......

  1150.  Aye khat …..
  1151. Aye khat ja unke haathon ko chum le
  1152. Jab voh padhe to unke hothon ko chum le
  1153. @Khuda na kare voh phade bhi dale
  1154. To girte girte unke kadmo ko chumle…

  1155.  Meri deewangi….
  1156. Meri deewangi ki koi hadd nahin
  1157. teri soorat ke siva kuch yaad nahin
  1158. @mein hu phool tere gulshan ka
  1159. tere siva mujh pe kisi ka haq nahin..

  1160.  Aashiq hai tere ……
  1161. Aashiq hai tere sadiyo se hum….
  1162. itni mohabbat kisne ki hai sanam….
  1163. hadd se ziyada chaaha hai tumko humne….
  1164. @maange tu jaan vi toh piche hatege na kabhi mere kadam…

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