inspirational status quotes 2016

  1. Don’t sit back and wait for God to do it all. Ask for His advice, but be prepared to do the hard yards yourself.
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  3. Be as bright as the sun then spread your light all over the world.
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  5. Let’s go with what you have to get what you want.
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  7. Go for the life you dream and desire with boldness but without fear.
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  9. Go for your dreams and get lost to find yourself again and again.
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  11. If you are doing what you love to do and on the way helping the humanity, then you are a success.
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  13. We all have to go. Let us create something which will stay longer or forever.
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  15. The first step toward success is a deep driving desire.
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  17. Try to be the best even if you can’t be the best, you will be among the betters.
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  19. If your vision is great, you become great.
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  21. If you want to be great, see greatness in others and appreciate it with your whole heart.
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  23. We become great, not by changing the world, but by loving the world and changing ourselves.
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  25. Let us fill our mind with kindness, heart with love, and life with joy.
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  27. With great vision, strong determination, and persistent action, everyone is capable of achieving greatness.
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  29. Do it with great love or forget it.
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  31. You are the light in the heart of the universe, to illuminate the world spread the light of your love.
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  33. When your sky is covered with the clouds of sadness, smile like the sun and paint your own rainbow.
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  35. Don’t unzip your chest to show all your scars, hold it tight with love and let them bloom like flowers.
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  37. The universe falls in love with you; that’s why you got invitation to come here to make the universe joyful and beautiful with your intention and love.
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  39. Be so bright that no one can hide the greatness of your light.
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  41. Live and dwell in endless possibilities to find out what is possible.
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  43. In life, if your song is wrong, find another song.
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  45. Be a poet and write your own unique poetry of life.
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  47. You have a light in your heart and that is your love, it can shine like a sun to enlighten the whole world.
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  49. Always follow your dreams with confidence and conviction, don’t fall for the trap of dream killers.
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  51. Be like the moon, give everyone your love and smiles.
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  53. Be a star in someones sky.
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  55. Be the star in someone’s sky. Love with light from the high.
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  57. Do your best but do what is heartfelt and right.
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  59. If you like to be immortal, live for others and die for others.
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  61. Keep going; your destination is getting closer.
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  63. Be a person who sees endless beauty in nature and in humanity.
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  65. Your aspirations are deeply influenced by your inspirations. Don’t produce bad situations due to a lack of creative ambitions.
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  67. Have and show motivation to do and learn. That’s the key for a good career. Everything else is an extrapolation of that.
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  69. Scars prove that you’re still here. That you can move on. Maybe missing a chunk of yourself, but here, goddamn it, surviving.
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  71. Every sunrise gives you reason to hope. Every darkness of night teaches you patience.
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  73. Define yourself before someone does it for you.
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  75. You never know who you’re inspiring or uninspiring. People notice more than you think.
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  77. An inspirational writer’s life is an open book that never shuts. Choose your words carefully.
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  79. Inspiration comes and goes, creativity is the result of practice.

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  81. Rejection isn’t a sign of failure. Rejection is a reminder that there’s always room for improvement.
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  83. Follow the path of your aroused thought, and you will soon meet this infernal inscription: There is nothing so beautiful as that which does not exist.
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  85. Inspiration comes of working every day.
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  87. Don’t waste time waiting for inspiration. Begin, and inspiration will find you.
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  89. Books are for nothing but to inspire.
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  91. If you really want to be a writer, nobody can stop you and if you don’t, nobody can help you.
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  93. When the darkness arrives at the doorstep of the light, it should be a moment of celebration and acceptance, not an excuse for more separation.
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  95. Carry out your literary dream, no matter how unlikely it may seem.
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  97. The faster you go, the idler you get.
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  99. Dare to seek answers to your questions.
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  101. Reach out and fulfill your divine passion.
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  103. Every act intends some good.
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  105. The only journey worth taking is the spiritual journey within.
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  107. To avoid the pain of loss, give up attachment.
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  109. In the darkness, don’t doubt, blame or cry. Be the light to enlighten the whole sky.
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  111. The artist speaks with inspiring tools of creativity. Thinkers challenge with the weapons of choice. These two forces are necessary to move souls beyond limitation.
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  113. Let us work towards not only bringing civility back in style, but ultimately making it a lifestyle.
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  115. Create your own style… let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.
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  117. It was never about the world being too big, it was more like she was too much for the world to handle.
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  119. The same word we love and hate, leaves in different directions, taking different paths.
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  121. Making a dream into reality begins with what you have, not with what you are waiting on.
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  123. If you want something done, you’ll have to dream it yourself.
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  125. It is common to represent a title, but inspiring to represent a purpose.
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  127. It is more substantial to represent a purpose, rather than just a title.
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  129. Don’t regret that it just got over, but instead Move on for More!
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  131. You will not do incredible things without an incredible dream.
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  133. Inspirational quotes are dances of light that shine in dark places during your life.
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  135. If you can’t make ends meet, meet them in the middle instead
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  137. Be creative enough to dream, brave enough to try, persistent enough to succeed, and humble enough to thank those who helped you along the way.
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  139. If life throws you a few bad notes or vibrations, don’t let them interrupt or alter your song.
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  141. If you have not failed yet in your life then you haven’t tried anything meaningful.
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  143. Not the formal schooling but the journey through the life is the best teacher.
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  145. It is our responsibility to be kind to everyone because everyone, everyday is struggling with life for the life.
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  147. Love yourself and take the responsibility of life.
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  149. Everyday we play and enjoy the life’s game. The world changes but essence remains the same.
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  151. Live beyond your capability, be an eccentric with focused sincerity.
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  153. We shall not cease to live even when we are dying every moment.
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  155. Live up to your expectation and grow up to your determination.
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  157. Live as if you are in a land of wonder and joy.
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  159. Be awake in every moment but be calm and live in serenity in the midst of chaos.

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  161. Forget the mediocrity, live an extraordinary life.
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  163. Live as if you are the Jesus and learn as if you are the Aristotle.
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  165. Immerse in serenity, live in tranquility.
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  167. Among many events in life, failure is a small event, so ignore it and prepare for another one.
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  169. Let your imagination fly.
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  171. Live with guts feeling but not with reasoning.
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  173. Let stars brighten your eye.
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  175. Just be happy, not because of name and fame, but because you are alive.
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  177. Let your spirit shine in the sky.
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  179. Laugh without reason, live for the moment, live with passion.
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  181. Live as if you are the creator of your universe. Because you are.
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  183. Living is not existing but to live with joy.
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  185. Let’s be drunk with love and fly.
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  187. Laugh and love; live life to the fullest. Care and share; extend your hand to the most needy.
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  189. Light a candle; share the beauty; share the light. Share the blessings and share the delight.
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  191. Extend your hand; open your heart; share your grace; share your love.
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  193. Live for others and love unconditionally to prove it. People will never forget how you touch their heart with your love.
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  195. If we teach our children how to love, they will fill the world with love.
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  197. To purify your heart use the soap of your love, forgiveness, and kindness. Every sadness, resentment, hatred will melt away.
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  199. Destroy all the barrier inside you and accept everyone with love. We are in each other all along. Be nonjudgmental but be loving.
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  201. Let us be like the moon with love and beauty.
  202. Let us follow the night to love the tranquility and serenity.
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  204. Open all windows and let love come in.
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  206. Fill your heart with love and brighten your days with color and joy.
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  208. If you’re loving and kind then you have no need to seek love because love will seek you.
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  210. Live every day, not by spending time, but by investing all the way.
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  212. Value a day only by the love that you gave away.
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  214. Nothing impossible if you do it with love.
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  216. Love everyone like a flower loves the world.
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  218. When nobody loves you, love yourself.
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  220. Give away all your love and become the love, and love never dies.
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  222. Look for the love, you will find the beauty.
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  224. Always wear a jacket of love and a smile of gratitude.
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  226. Emerge yourself with love and live in the open. To not feel shy, forget about hell or heaven.
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  228. You can win this world when you empower yourself with the power of love.
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  230. Wherever you go, warm that place and people with love and kindness.
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  232. Nothing is impossible, nothing is risky, when you take the action with love, something better will happen.
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  234. On the way, see the beauty, find the love, and express the kindness.
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  236. Do one thing every day to show that you love the universe.
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  238. Always keep hope alive Always dream with trust.
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  240. Celebrate every moment, every day. Celebrate every beauty, all the way.

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  242. Let’s forget the past and keep in mind the future, but enjoy the present moment.
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  244. There are only possibilities; there are no problems.
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  246. Enjoy every moment. Today will never come back.
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  248. Make every day a positive day. Make it joyful and beautiful in every way.
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  250. Extend your hand to help others and be an example.
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  252. Let us not talk about problems. Let us think and talk about solutions.
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  254. Accept losing but never give up the hope of winning.
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  256. Defeat is a transient perception but giving up is permanent. So never give up.
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  258. Nothing is there when you’re not here. So love yourself and take great care.
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  260. Make peace your purpose of life.
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  262. The first step to going somewhere is to begin.
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  264. Be the light to show the way to others.
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  266. Don’t be permissible. Be unstoppable.
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  268. Dream big; try hard; fail big; keep hope alive.
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  270. An inspired life is spontaneous. There is no fear; it is courageous.
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  272. Your thoughts, beliefs, and imagination create you.
  273. =======================
  274. Give yourself to a great cause, not only your possessions.
  275. =======================
  276. As is our enthusiasm, so is our ability.
  277. =======================
  278. Never give up; never fail to try.
  279. =======================
  280. Take action today and at this moment.
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  282. Give yourself wherever you can, whenever you can. You will have more to give and share again and again.
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  284. Follow your passion; follow your bliss. No matter what, you will be a success.
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  286. It’s not a matter of how small you are. Still you are important; you matter.
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  288. Whatever you expect, you will get. So expect success, not regret.
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  290. It is not the fame, not the flesh, not the money. We want something else, something pretty.
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  292. To gain something, be ready to give up something.
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  294. Small dreams will not take you to the moon. So think big and start dreaming big soon.
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  296. Be an example; don’t be a critic with sample.
  297. =======================

  298. Develop your character; there is no need to be concerned about reputation.
  299. =======================

  300. Wherever your thoughts and beliefs can take you, you can go there.
  301. =======================
  302. It is never too late to begin again. It is never too late to change and live again.
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  304. Win over the fear and adversity and prove yourself wrong.
  305. =======================

  306. Be bold, be a success, and change the world.
  307. =======================

  308. Today is the best day to change the rest of your life.
  309. =======================

  310. You have to let go to better embrace the best.
  311. =======================

  312. Are deepest desires are: someone to understand us, someone to appreciate us, someone to inspire us, and someone to enjoy what we are.
  313. =======================

  314. The best way for me to protect you is to encourage you to be able to protect yourself.
  315. =======================

  316. My life had been like a painter who climbs up a road overhanging a lake that is hidden from view by a screen of rocks and trees. Through a gap he glimpses it, he has it all there in front of him, he takes up his brushes.
  317. =======================

  318. It would begin to seem unintelligible, as the thoughts of a former existence must be to a reincarnate spirit.
  319. =======================

  320. Anything we have not had to decipher, to bring to light by our own effort, anything which was already clearly visible, is not our own.

  321. =======================

  322. Difficulties mastered are opportunities won.
  323. =======================

  324. We must never be afraid to go too far, for truth lies beyond.
  325. =======================
  326. Trouble is the common denominator of living. It is the great equalizer.
  327. =======================
  328. Without change, something sleeps inside us, and seldom awakens. The sleeper must awaken.
  329. =======================
  330. Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit.
  331. =======================

  332. Let him who would enjoy a good future waste none of his present.
  333. =======================

  334. Great grief does not of itself put an end to itself.
  335. =======================
  336. Know that the pain will pass, and, when it passes, you will be stronger, happier, more sensitive and aware.
  337. =======================

  338. What we become depends on what we read after all of the professors have finished with us. The greatest university of all is a collection of books.
  339. =======================

  340. What we call results are beginnings.
  341. =======================

  342. Beginnings are apt to be shadowy and so it is the beginnings of the great mother life, the sea.
  343. =======================

  344. Solitude is fine, but you need someone to tell you that solitude is fine.
  345. =======================

  346. Nothing happens to anybody which he is not fitted by nature to bear.
  347. =======================

  348. Those who stand strong will stand forever.
  349. =======================

  350. When you appeal to force, there’s one thing you must never do – lose.
  351. =======================
  352. You can curse the darkness, or you can dispel it.
  353. =======================
  354. Let go of all that has been to welcome all that will be.
  355. =======================

  356. Don’t let the evil in the world hold you back.
  357. =======================
  358. Every day is a great day; it’s just how great you make it out to be!
  359. =======================

  360. There is always a way.
  361. =======================
  362. In the midst of the tides, be strong.
  363. =======================

  364. Stop making excuses, and start making history.
  365. =======================
  366. It’s a new world. Stand up.
  367. =======================
  368. Never assume. Just learn.
  369. =======================
  370. Take life one chapter at a time.
  371. =======================

  372. Just let yourself go, and live.
  373. =======================

  374. The world needs more people whom are wonderfully different.
  375. =======================
  376. The stars are there to guide us to our dreams, but we must make an effort to follow.
  377. =======================
  378. Turn negative energy into positive energy.
  379. =======================
  380. Inspired intellect must endure all kinds of ghastly education.
  381. =======================
  382. Give light, and the darkness will disappear of itself.
  383. =======================

  384. Never was anything great achieved without danger.
  385. =======================
  386. No enterprise is more likely to succeed than one concealed from the enemy until it is ripe for execution.
  387. =======================
  388. Benefits should be granted little by little, so that they may be better enjoyed.
  389. =======================

  390. We are not yet what we shall be, but we are growing toward it, the process is not yet finished …
  391. =======================

  392. To progress is always to begin always to begin again.
  393. =======================

  394. Let us develop a kind of dangerous unselfishness.
  395. =======================
  396. If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.
  397. =======================

  398. A riot is the language of the unheard.
  399. =======================

  400. A right delayed is a right denied.

  401. =======================

  402. Never succumb to the temptation of bitterness.
  403. =======================
  404. A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus.
  405. =======================
  406. Free at last, Free at last, Thank God almighty we are free at last.
  407. =======================

  408. Let no man pull you so low as to hate him.
  409. =======================

  410. True compassion is more than flinging a coin to a beggar; it comes to see that an edifice which produces beggars needs restructuring.
  411. =======================

  412. We have flown the air like birds and swum the sea like fishes, but have yet to learn the simple act of walking the earth like brothers.
  413. =======================

  414. The greatest purveyor of violence in the world : My own Government, I can not be Silent.
  415. =======================

  416. Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred.
  417. =======================
  418. It does not matter how long you live, but how well you do it.
  419. =======================
  420. The means by which we live have outdistanced the ends for which we live.
  421. =======================
  422. Whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward!
  423. =======================

  424. No one really knows why they are alive until they know what they’d die for.
  425. =======================

  426. Be The Peace You Wish To See In The World!
  427. =======================
  428. There comes a time when silence is betrayal.
  429. =======================
  430. Never, never be afraid to do what’s right.
  431. =======================

  432. You’re as good as anybody.
  433. =======================

  434. Life isn’t worth living until you have found something worth dying for.
  435. =======================
  436. Slaves do not always welcome their deliverers. They become accustomed to being slaves. They would rather gear those ills they have
  437. =======================

  438. The movement for equalit!!y and justice can only be a success if it has both a mass and militant character; the barriers to be overcome require both.
  439. =======================
  440. The oppressed must nev!!er allow the conscience of the oppressor to slumber. Religion reminds every man that he is his brother’s keeper.
  441. =======================
  442. To accept injustice or se!!gregation passively is to say to the oppressor that his actions are morally right.
  443. =======================
  444. Be the best of whatever you are.
  445. =======================
  446. Darkness is only driv!!en out with light, not more darkness.
  447. =======================

  448. If you don’t stand for !!something you will fall for anything.
  449. =======================
  450. You have to keep moving forward.
  451. =======================
  452. Our objective is !!complete freedom, justice and equality by any means necessary.
  453. =======================

  454. You’re not supposed to be so !!blind with patriotism that you can’t face reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who says it.
  455. =======================

  456. Nobody can give you freedom. !!Nobody can give you equality or justice or anything. If you’re a man, you take it.
  457. =======================
  458. For tomorrow belongs to !!those that prepare for it today
  459. =======================

  460. Stumbling is not falling.
  461. =======================
  462. We can’t teach what !!we don’t know, and we can’t lead where we can’t go.
  463. =======================

  464. A wise man can play!! the part of a clown, but a clown can’t play the part of a wise man.
  465. =======================
  466. The ability to read awoke inside of me some long dormant craving to be mentally alive.
  467. =======================
  468. Getting old is like cli@@mbing a mountain; you get a little out of breath, but the view is much better!
  469. =======================

  470. Everybody has something to conceal.
  471. =======================

  472. Things are never so@@ bad they can’t be made worse.
  473. =======================

  474. If you always do @@what interests you, at least one person is pleased.
  475. =======================

  476. To keep your cha!@racter intact you cannot stoop to filthy acts. It makes it easier to stoop the next time.
  477. =======================

  478. It’s not what you start in life, it’s what you finish.
  479. =======================

  480. You never fe!!el that you have fame. It’s always in back of you.
  481. =======================

  482. Great things are !!done by a series of small things brought together.
  483. =======================

  484. Do not quench !!your inspiration and your imagination; do not become the slave of your model.
  485. =======================

  486. So let us go !!forward quietly, each on his own path, forever making for the light.
  487. =======================

  488. The beginning!! is perhaps more difficult than anything else, but keep heart, it will turn out all right.
  489. =======================

  490. The heart of !!man is very much like the sea, it has its storms, it has its tides and in its depths it has its pearls too
  491. =======================

  492. Surely the !true path is to dive deep into nature.
  493. =======================

  494. Don’t lose heart if it’s very difficult at times, everything will come out all right and nobody can in the beginning do !as he wishes.
  495. =======================

  496. The only thin!g to do is to go one’s own way, to try one’s best, to make the thing live.
  497. =======================

  498. Doing little t!hings well is a step toward doing big things better.
  499. =======================

  500. The sunfl!!ower is mine, in a way.
  501. =======================

  502. Seek only l!!ight and freedom and do not immerse yourself too deeply in the worldly mire.
  503. =======================

  504. Obstacles !!cannot crush me. Every obstacle yields to stern resolve. He who is fixed to a star does not change his mind.
  505. =======================

  506. Every obstacle !!yields to stern resolve.
  507. =======================

  508. It is useful to !!constantly observe, note, and consider.
  509. =======================

  510. Obstacles !!cannot bend me. Every obstacle yields to effort.
  511. =======================

  512. The supr!!eme misfortune is when theory outstrips performance
  513. =======================

  514. Everyt!!hing proceeds from everything else and everything becomes everything, and everything can be turned into everything else.
  515. =======================

  516. To !!handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart.
  517. =======================
  518. M!!otivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.
  519. =======================

  520. T!!he only truly happy people are children and the creative minority.
  521. =======================
  522. !!In the middle of a difficulty lies opportunity.

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