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Insult Quotes New Best 2016

  1. If your gonna be two faced at least make one of em pretty!
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  3. I love it when someone insults me. That means I don’t have to be nice anymore.
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  5. Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go.
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  7. Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes clean to the bone.
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  9. Lucky for you, mirrors can’t laugh out loud.
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  11. I won’t insult your intelligence by suggesting that you really believe what you just said.
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  13. INSULTS are the arguments employed by those who are in the wrong.
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  15. If your life@guard duties were as good as your singing, a lot of people would be drowning.
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  17. I was asked to @memorize what I did not understand; and, my memory being so good, it refused to be insulted in that manner.
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  19. His mother should have thrown him away and kept the stork.
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  21. I’ve seen better looki@ng hair in a shower drain
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  23. You will find th@at silence or very gentle words are the most exquisite revenge for insult.
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  25. Even rabbits insult a dead lion.
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  27. I have met a lot of hardboiled eggs in my time, but you’re twenty minutes.
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  29. Never insult an alligator until you’ve crossed the river.
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  31. She has the @answer to everything and the solution to nothing.
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  33. But one s@hould never an insult for so long, “Insults should be written in sand, compliments should be carved in stone.”
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  35. He was distinguish@ed for ignorance; for he had only one idea, and that was wrong.
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  37. Are you always this stupid or are you making a special effort today?
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  39. They never open t@heir mouths without subtracting from the sum of human knowledge.
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  41. Deceive the rich and po@werful if you will, but don’t insult them.
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  43. Don’t let you mind @wander – it’s far too small to be let out on its own.
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  45. Well, they do say @opposites attract…so I sincerely hope you meet somebody who is attractive, honest, intelligent, and cultured.
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  47. I’d agree @with you, but then we’d both be wrong.
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  49. A graceful t@aunt is worth a thousand INSULTS.
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  51. I just don’t be@lieve that you have to come in and insult people when you want to change things.
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  53. An injury is @much sooner forgotten than an insult.
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  55. Is he just @doing a bad Elvis pout, or was he born that way?
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  57. If there is anyone @here whom I have not insulted, I beg his pardon.
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  59. Irony is an i@@nsult conveyed in the form of a compliment.
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  61. Insults should be w!!ell avenged or well endured.
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  63. The best way to procure insults is to submit to them.
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  65. It seldom pays to @be rude. It never pays to be only half-rude.
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  67. Insult is powerful. I@nsult begets both rage and humor and often at the same time.
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  69. If there is a God, atheism must seem to Him as less of an insult than religion.
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  71. He uses statistics as a dr@unken man uses lamp-posts… for support rather than illumination.
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  73. He who puts up with insult invites injury.
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  75. The point of quota!!tions is that one can use another’s words to be insulting.
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  77. I don’t think yQou are a fool, but what’s my opinion compared to that of thousands of others

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  79. There are two i@nsults no human being will endure: that he has no sense of humor, and that he has never known trouble.
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  81. I won’t insult your in@@telligence by suggesting that you really believe what you just said.
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  83. And I thought I had @problems? Look at your face!
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  85. If you aren’t popular @get some friends from YOUR planet
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  87. I don’t know what @makes you so dumb but it really works.
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  89. I may be fat, but i can !!exercise, you can’t fix ugly!
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  91. A husband should not i!!nsult his wife publicly, at parties. He should insult her in the privacy of the home.
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  93. I like Frenchmen very m!!uch, because even when they insult you they do it so nicely.
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  95. The way to procure ins!!ults is to submit to them. A man meets with no more respect than he exacts.
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  97. Thou hast added insult to injury.
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  99. He can’t see a b!!elt without hitting below it.
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  101. Take care how thou offend est men raised from low condition.
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  103. Adding “just !!kidding” doesn’t make it okay to insult the Principal.
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  105. It is often better not to see an insult than to avenge it.
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  107. If brains were taxed, you’d !!get a rebate.
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  109. For the love of God, do yo!!u at least remember what you were doing the day they were passing out common sense?
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  111. It’d be a terrific inno!!vation if`you could get your mind to stretch a little further than the next wisecrack.
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  113. Only one who can s!!wallow an insult is a man.
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  115. To be insulted b!!y you is to be garlanded with lilies
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  117. A gentleman wi!!ll not insult me, and no man not a gentleman can insult me.
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  119. He insulted me, !!he cheated me, he beat me, he robbed me those who are free of resentful thoughts surely find peace.
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  121. Never insult a!!nyone by accident.
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  123. Wrongs unr!!edressed, or insults unavenged.
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  125. Young pe!!ople soon give, and forget INSULTS, but old age is slow in both.

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