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Life Quotes Status For Whatsapp

  1. Life is obstinate and clings closest where it is most hated.
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  3. There is no such thing in anyone’s life as an unimportant day.

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  5. Only actions give life strength; only moderation gives it charm.

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  7. There is nothing certain in a man’s life but that he must lose it.

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  9. Marriage is like life it is a field of battle, not a bed of roses.

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  11. Life is a paradox, you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

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  13. Life is not having been told that the man has just waxed the floor.

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  15. Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot.

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  17. Life is a warfare and a stranger’s sojourn, and after fame is oblivion.

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  19. Life is a gamble at terrible odds, if it were a bet, you would not take it.

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  21. You don’t have to be the Dalai Lama to tell people that life’s about change.

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  23. Life is like a sewer. What you get out of it depends on what you put into it.

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  25. Life is like a rose garden Watch for the thorns and keep the pest dust handy.

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  27. As I grow to understand life less and less, I learn to live it more and more.

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  29. Life is a great surprise. I don’t see why death should not be an even greater one.

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  31. Life is like a dogsled team. If you ain’t the lead dog, the scenery never changes.

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  33. Life is a video game. No matter how good you get, you are always zapped in the end.

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  35. Life the way it really is a battle not between Bad and Good but between Bad and Worse.

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  37. Every man is a borrower and a mimic, life is theatrical and literature a quotation.

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  39. Life is the continuous adjustment of internal relations to external relations.

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  41. Life is a gift of the immortal Gods, but living well is the gift of philosophy.

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  43. Life is so constructed, that the event does not, cannot, will not, match the expectation.

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  45. Life is a difficult game. You can win it only by retaining your birthright to be a person.

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  47. On the highway of life, we most often recognize happiness out of the rear view mirror.

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  49. This life is a hospital in which every patient is possessed with a desire to change his bed.

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  51. Flops are a part of life’s menu and I’ve never been a girl to miss out on any of the courses.

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  53. rs of life give us the text; the next thirty supply the commentary on it.

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  55. If a man earnestly seeks a righteous life, his first act of abstinence is from animal food.

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  57. Life is short, art long, opportunity fleeting, experience treacherous, judgment difficult.

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  59. Life ought to be a struggle of desire toward adventures whose nobility will fertilize the soul.

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  61. Life is islands of ecstasy in an ocean of ennui, and after the age of thirty land is seldom seen.

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  63. Life offstage has sometimes been a wilderness of unpredictables in an unchoreographed world.

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  65. The secret of a good life is to have the right loyalties and hold them in the right scale of values.

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  67. Life is full of chances and changes, and the most prosperous of men may meet with great misfortunes.

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  69. Life does not proceed by the association and addition of elements, but by dissociation and division.

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  71. Our intonations contain our philosophy of life, what each of us is constantly telling himself about things.

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  73. Life is a journey that doesn’t end in death, it ends in heartache, not for the dead, but for the living.

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  75. It is humankind’s duty to respect all life, not only animals have feelings but even also trees and plants.

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  77. If I studied all my life, I couldn’t think up half the number of funny things passed in one session of congress.

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  79. Life is a series of collisions with the future; it is not the sum of what we have been, but what we yearn to be.

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  81. If you think back and replay your year, if it doesn’t bring you tears either of joy or sadness, consider it wasted.

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  83. Live life to the fullest.

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  85. Life is too short to be small.

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  87. Life is a tragedy full of joy.

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  89. Life isn’t all beer and skittles.

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  91. Life is short and full of blisters.

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  93. Life didn’t promise to be wonderful.

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  95. Wherever art appears, life disappears.

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  97. Life is too short to stuff a mushroom.

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  99. College is the best time of your life.

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  101. Life goes on within you and without you.

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  103. We learn the rope of life by untying its knots.

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  105. I had an essence in my life that I was nothing.

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  107. Life is accepting what is and working from that.

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  109. Between the wish and the thing life lies waiting.

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  111. We do not own this place, we are just passengers.

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  113. Life is generally something that happens elsewhere.

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  115. Life is too large to hang out a sign: “For men Only”.

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  117. Life in a box is better than no life at all I expect.

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  119. To save a Life in defeat, is to receive Victory and Honor.

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  121. Life is a handful of short stories, pretending to be a novel.

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  123. Life is like a beautiful melody, only the lyrics are messed up.

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  125. Nothing is more highly to be prized than the value of each day.

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  127. Life is like a box of sardines and we are all looking for the key.

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  129. Life should be like the precious metals, weigh much in little bulk.

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  131. She’s afraid that if she leaves, she’ll become the life of the party.

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  133. Life is like a sandwich the more you add to it, the better it becomes.

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  135. Life leaps like a geyser for those who drill through the rock of inertia.

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  137. I may be revered or defamed and decried; But I tried to live my life right.

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  139. There are three periods in life: youth, middle age and “how well you look”.

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  141. Many Continentals think life is a game; the English think cricket is a game.

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  143. It is now life and not art that requires the willing suspension of disbelief.

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  145. A great secret of success is to go through life as a man who never gets used up.

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  147. Life in part is what you make of it. In parting it is what it makes out of you.

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  149. We are all in a race for dear life: that is to say, we are fugitives from death.

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  151. Life appears to me too short to be spent in nursing animosity, or registering wrongs.

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  153. The secret of having a personal life is not answering too many questions about it.

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  155. My audience was my life. What I did and how I did it, was all for my audience.

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  157. Anything for a quiet life, as the man said when he took the situation at the lighthouse.

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  159. Life is not over because you have diabetes. Make the most of what you have, be grateful.

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  161. Everything that possesses life dies if it has to live in uncongenial surroundings.

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  163. The only rule is don’t be boring and dress cute wherever you go. Life is too short to blend in.

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  165. I am a friend of life, at 80 life tells me to behave like a woman and not like an old woman.

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  167. I want peace. I want to see if somewhere there isn’t something left in life of charm and grace.

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  169. Life is filigree work. What is written clearly is not worth much, it’s the transparency that counts.

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  171. I don’t think I realized that the cost of fame is that it’s open season on every moment of your life.

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  173. The game is my wife. It demands loyalty and responsibility, and it gives me back fulfillment and peace.

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  175. The courage to imagine the otherwise is our greatest resource, adding color and suspense to all our life.

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  177. Life is hardly more than a fraction of a second. Such a little time to prepare oneself for eternity!

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  179. Life is made up of constant calls to action, and we seldom have time for more than hastily contrived answers.

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  181. Life is a dimension of tree in the eyes of an insect. Life is strange sence experienced by a migrating bird.

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  183. I don’t know what better teenage life you could get than going around the world doing what you love to do.

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  185. Hurried and worried until we’re buried, and there’s no curtain call, life’s a very funny proposition after all.

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  187. The important thing in life is not victory but combat; it is not to have vanquished but to have fought well.

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  189. Life is a verb.

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  191. Life’s a ball, go fetch!

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  193. Life isn’t all haha hehe.

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  195. Life still owes me so much.

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  197. Thank God life outlives death.

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  199. Life is just a bowl of cherries.

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  201. Life is a school of probability.

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  203. Adventure is the essence of life.

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  205. Life is a joke that’s just begun.

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  207. Life is made up of marble and mud.

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  209. Life is act, and not to do is death.

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  211. One loves the sunset when one is sad.

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  213. Life is always at some turning point.

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  215. Finding oneself is the quest of life.

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  217. In the midst of life we are in death.

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  219. Life is God’s novel. Let him write it.

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  221. Life is not a struggle. It’s a wiggle.

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  223. If life deals you lemons made lemonade.

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  225. Life is a great bundle of little things.

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  227. Life is a series of commas, not periods.

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  229. Life is meant to be enjoyed, not endured.

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  231. All would live long; but none would be old.

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  233. Life isn’t all fricassied frog and eel pie.

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  235. Life is 440 horsepower in a 2-cylinder engine.

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  237. Life is about balance too much excess is chaos.

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  239. There is no certainty; there is only adventure.

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  241. Life would be tolerable but for its amusements.

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  243. Life is too unpredictable to live by a schedule.

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  245. Life is but a moment, death also is but another.

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  247. Not life, but good life, is to be chiefly valued.

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  249. Life gets better when you embrace your geekiness.

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  251. Every day of your life is a page of your history.

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  253. In life, as in art, the beautiful moves in curves.

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  255. Life grants nothing to us mortals without hard work.

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  257. Life is short, and it is up to you to make it sweet.

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  259. Life is a one way street, and we are not coming back.

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  261. The fundamental desire of life is the desire to exist.

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  263. Life is easy to chronicle, but bewildering to practice.

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  265. Life never becomes a habit to me. It’s always a marvel.

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  267. Your life is yours and yours alone. Rise up and live it.

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  269. Life’s a wheel of fortune and it’s my chance to spin it.

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  271. You spend your entire life becoming God and then you die.

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  273. The happiness of men consists in life. And life is in labor.

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  275. Two roads diverged in a funny feeling I took the wrong road.

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  277. Life is a whim of several billion cells to be you for a while.

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  279. If creating life is art, then living and dying must be poetry.

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  281. Without knowing why I am and why I am here, life is impossible.

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  283. If everything is going well, What’s the need to stop and dwell.

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  285. Each moment in time we have it all, even when we think we don’t.

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  287. Life is always a tightrope or a feather bed. Give me the tightrope.

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  289. I take a simple view of life: keep your eyes open and get on with it.

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  291. Life is a dream; when we sleep we are awake, and when awake we sleep.

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  293. In life there can be no victor, for death comes to all and smites them.

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  295. This is life we’ve been given, made to be lived out, so live out loud.

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  297. The time of life is short; to spend that shortness basely were too long.

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  299. Your biggest fantasy is walking away from the life (they think) you lead.

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  301. Life isn’t about living without problems. Life is about solving problems.

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  303. The ransom of a man’s life are his riches: but the poor heareth not rebuke.

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  305. Everyone is naked. Everyone wants to hide. But life is sweet. Let it go on.

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  307. Living your life is a task so difficult, it has never been attempted before.

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  309. Life, we learn too late, is in the living, the tissue of every day and hour.

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  311. Life is a maze in which we take the wrong turn before we have learnt to walk.

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  313. Everywhere in life the true question is, not what we have gained, but what we do.

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  315. I slept, and dreamed that life was Beauty; I woke, and found that life was Duty.

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  317. What one truly needs in life has a value; what one doesn’t need in life has a price.

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  319. Life is the enjoyment of emotion, derived from the past and aimed at the future.

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  321. She has something to say about what life is like which is all we ask of poetry.

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  323. Ideally, couples need three lives; one for him, one for her and one for them together.

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  325. Life is much like Christmas you are more apt to get what you expect than what you want.

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  327. Life is a luminous halo, a semi-transparent envelope surrounding us from the beginning.

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  329. Life is one of those precious fleeting gifts, and everything can change in a heartbeat.

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  331. No life is a waste. The only time we waste is the time we spend thinking we are alone.

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  333. Every life is a profession of faith and exercises an inevitable and silent influence.

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  335. My function in life was to render clear what was already blindingly conspicuous.

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  337. If a man loses his reverence for any part of life, he will lose his reverence for all of life.

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  339. Life is for most of us a continuous process of getting used to things we hadn’t expected.

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  341. Life is full of ups and downs. The trick is to enjoy the ups and have courage during the downs.

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  343. For most men, life is a search for the proper manila envelope in which to get themselves filed.

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  345. I would be more interested in the lives of others if only they had more interesting lives.

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  347. Life in the twentieth century is like a parachute jump: you have to get it right the first time.

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  349. You have to take life as it happens, but you should try to make it happen the way you want to take it.

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  351. Life does not require us to make good; it asks only that we give our best at each level of experience.

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  353. Like a hunter standing over his kill, men who adore violence seem to find life more beautiful dead.

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  355. Life always gets harder toward the summit the cold increases, the responsibility increases.

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  357. Tea with us became more than an idealization of the form of drinking; it is a religion of the art of life.

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  359. A Perilous voyage is Life; And often storm-tost, we worse than shipwreck make on the rocky shore of the sea.

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  361. When a noble life has prepared old age, it is not decline that it reveals, but the first days of immortality.

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  363. To decide to be at the level of choice, is to take responsibility for your life and to be in control of your life.

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  365. Life’s only limitations are those you set upon yourself, for as long as you strive hard enough anything is achievable.

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  367. Life is Now.

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  369. Life is warfare.

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  371. Life is a mystery.

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  373. Life is so unlike theory.

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  375. Life is a crisis so what!

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  377. Is there life before death.

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  379. Life is a cement trampoline.

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  381. Business is the salt of life.

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  383. Life a front door to eternity.

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  385. Life forms illogical patterns.

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  387. Me thinks he doth protest too much.

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  389. Any day above ground is a good one.

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  391. Life’s more amusing than we thought.

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  393. I was born to live life, not fear it.

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  395. No one’s a virgin, life screws us all!

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  397. Life is a temperamental state of mind.

  398. =======================

  399. Bankrupt of life, yet prodigal of ease.

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  401. Life is ours to be spent, not to be saved.

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  403. Life cannot go on without much forgetting.

  404. =======================
  405. Life without absorbing occupation is hell.

  406. =======================

  407. Life is a dream walking death is a going home.

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  409. Life is short, but its ills make it seem long.

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  411. Life is strange. Every so often a good man wins.

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  413. The life of a pious minister is visible rhetoric.

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  415. I’m tired, it’s raining, and I am not a waterlily.

  416. =======================

  417. Life is a continual process of remaking ourselves.

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  419. Days go by like a hand out the window in the wind!

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  421. I am not going to fight against death but for life.

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  423. Life is a yo-yo, and mankind ties knots in the string.

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  425. Life is a little gleam of time between two eternities.

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  427. We spend our lives talking about this mystery our life.

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  429. What is life? We are born, we live a little and we die.

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  431. Life is simply the reification of the process of living.

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  433. Life is not a spectacle or a feast; it is a predicament.

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  435. Life is a razor, you are always in hot water or a scrape.

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  437. To see, and to show, is the mission now undertaken by Life.

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  439. True blessedness consists in a good life and a happy death.

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  441. Life is good life is fine; life is tremendous all the time.

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  443. Xerox your life. It’s nice to have a copy when you screw up.

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  445. All men have one entrance into life, and the like going out.

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  447. As we advance in life, we learn the limits of our abilities.

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  449. The truest end of life, is to find the life that doesn’t end.

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  451. Life is like a buffet; it’s not good but there’s plenty of it.

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  453. Life begins when a person first realizes how soon it will end.

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  455. A life lived to the fullest, is a death mourned to the fullest.

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  457. If life doesn’t offer a game worth playing, then invent a new one.

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  459. A long life may not be good enough, but a good life is long enough.

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  461. Life is a pill which none of us can bear to swallow without gilding.

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  463. Life is a frail moth flying Caught in the web of the years that pass.

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  465. Is life worth living? This is a question for an embryo not for a man.

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  467. Life is just a blank slate, what matters most is what you write on it.

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  469. The reinvention of daily life means marching off the edge of our maps.

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  471. Life is good when we think it’s good. Life is bad when we don’t think.

  472. =======================
  473. Sometimes it takes years to really grasp what has happened to your life.

  474. =======================
  475. Every man’s road in life is marked by the graves of his personal liking.

  476. =======================

  477. By protracting life, we do not deduct one jot from the duration of death.

  478. =======================

  479. He, in his developed manhood, stood, a little sunburn by the glare of life.

  480. =======================

  481. Life is tragic for those who have plenty to live on and nothing to live for.

  482. =======================
  483. Life is a continued struggle to be what we are not, and to do what we cannot.

  484. =======================

  485. Life is but thought; so think I will, That youth and I are house mates still.

  486. =======================

  487. Life is a ticklish business; I have resolved to spend it in reflecting upon it.

  488. =======================

  489. You spend all your life trying to do something they put people in asylums for.

  490. =======================
  491. Life has a way of setting things in order and leaving them be. Very tidy, is life.

  492. =======================

  493. Life has its music; let us seek a way not to jangle the chords where on we play.

  494. =======================

  495. Life is an escalator: You can move forward or backward; you can not remain still.

  496. =======================
  497. Life is a short affair; we should try to make it smooth, and free from strife.

  498. =======================

  499. Life is like eating artichokes, you have got to go through so much to get so little.

  500. =======================

  501. Life improves slowly and goes wrong fast, and only catastrophe is clearly visible.

  502. =======================

  503. Life is the jailer, death the angel sent to draw the unwilling bolts and set us free.

  504. =======================

  505. Life is an offensive, directed against the repetitious mechanism of the Universe.

  506. =======================
  507. Life is a quarry, out of which we are to mold and chisel and complete a character.

  508. =======================

  509. Through life’s dark road his sordid way he wends; an incarnation of fat dividends.

  510. =======================

  511. A chief event in life is the day in which we have encountered a mind that startled us.

  512. =======================

  513. One of the worst things that can happen in life is to win a bet on a horse at an early age.

  514. =======================
  515. Life is measured by the rapidity of change, the succession of influences that modify the being.

  516. =======================

  517. While there is life, there’s hope,’ he cried; ‘Then why such haste?’ so groaned and died.

  518. =======================
  519. Life is not a flicker of a candle, but a splendid torch that I have taken hold of for the moment.

  520. =======================
  521. Death then, being the way and condition of life, we cannot love to live if we cannot bear to die.

  522. =======================

  523. Glorious is the tumult of the waves that crash against a vessel, preparing it for the seas of life.

  524. =======================

  525. There is no meaning to life except the meaning man gives to his life by the unfolding of his powers.

  526. =======================

  527. It is long and hard and painful to create life: it is short and easy to steal the life others have made.

  528. =======================
  529. For life in general, there is but one decree; youth is a blunder, manhood a struggle, old age a regret.

  530. =======================
  531. Who cares about great marks left behind? We have one life. Just one.Our life. We have nothing else.

  532. =======================

  533. Life is a wave, which in no two consecutive moments of its existence is composed of the same particles.

  534. =======================
  535. Life is a fatal adventure. It can only have one end. So why not make it as far ranging and free as possible?

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  537. The only way to win audiences is to tell people about the life and death of Christ. Every other approach is a waste.

  538. =======================

  539. Life is a ribbon.

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  541. Life is a zero sum game.

  542. =======================

  543. Death is life in reverse.

  544. =======================

  545. Life, alas, Is very drear.

  546. =======================

  547. Life is too short for long pants.

  548. =======================

  549. Life is short, wear tropical shirts.

  550. =======================

  551. Life is nothing but Simple complexity.

  552. =======================

  553. There’s no time in life to be in neutral.

  554. =======================

  555. Life is too short for reading inferior books.

  556. =======================
  557. Without fear of death, there is no joy in life.

  558. =======================

  559. Life is not so important as the duties of life.

  560. =======================
  561. Custom is the principle magistrate of man’s life.

  562. =======================
  563. Life is not as sweet as sugar but sometime bitter.

  564. =======================

  565. Life Love, Intelligence, Fun, Evolution in that order.

  566. =======================

  567. You can’t live life without error, because life is error.

  568. =======================

  569. Life is unbearable, but death is not so pleasant, either.

  570. =======================

  571. Live thy life as it were spoil and pluck the joys that fly.

  572. =======================

  573. That´s the trouble with the world. We all despise ourselves.

  574. =======================

  575. Life cannot subsist in society but by reciprocal concessions.

  576. =======================

  577. The game of life has two participants, spectators and players. Pick one.

  578. =======================

  579. In life, it is not what you know or who you know that counts it is both!

  580. =======================

  581. You have to struggle no matter where you are to get to where you’re going.

  582. =======================

  583. Life has a way of kicking you in the ass or smearing chocolate on your bum.

  584. =======================

  585. Life is worth living, but only if we avoid the amusements of grown-up people.

  586. =======================

  587. It’s what I’ve dedicated my life to prevent the non writing of the great poem.

  588. =======================

  589. Life is the art of drawing sufficient conclusions from insufficient premises.

  590. =======================
  591. Life is about climbing the steps with no foundation; we need to lay it as we go!

  592. =======================

  593. A life without fame can be a good life, but fame without a life is no life at all.

  594. =======================

  595. Upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life.

  596. =======================

  597. Crude classifications and false generalizations are the curse of organized life.

  598. =======================

  599. It may be that the ignorant man, alone, has any chance to mate his life with life.

  600. =======================

  601. As far as living a solitary lifestyle, it takes just one person to dance alone.

  602. =======================

  603. I’m still running against the wind Well I’m older now and still Against the wind.

  604. =======================

  605. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely.

  606. =======================

  607. Looking back, my life seems like one long obstacle race, with me as the chief obstacle.

  608. =======================

  609. Life is like a dance one must know when to move and when not to, and never to hesitate.

  610. =======================

  611. Some think they have made a success of life, when all they’ve made is just a lot of money.

  612. =======================

  613. From the middle of life onward, only he remains vitally alive who is ready to die with life.

  614. =======================
  615. Oh that those lips had language! Life has passed With me but roughly since I heard thee last.

  616. =======================
  617. Having good strategies in playing chess is often a good indication of being focused in life.

  618. =======================
  619. We might have been, these are but common words, and yet they make the sum of life’s bewailing.

  620. =======================
  621. Life in the now, is gone tomorrow The only way to know is die Then to reveal its convenient lie.

  622. =======================

  623. Choosing to live an extraordinary life is simple. This does not, however, mean that it is easy.

  624. =======================

  625. Life is thorny; and youth is vain; And to be wroth with one we love Doth work like madness in the brain.

  626. =======================

  627. There will always be cougars outside. It’s such a chick thing to think that life should just go on forever.

  628. =======================

  629. The brute necessity of believing something so long as life lasts does not justify any belief in particular.

  630. =======================

  631. Life is too short for an experiment.

  632. =======================
  633. Life is like a train ..we catch..we decide when to get off, people we meet are like stations you the only person decide to get off to reach them,,so take care of your next stop.

  634. =======================

  635. Living well is about having a balance life.
  636. Neither money nor love can get out of hand because when it does, you no longer have control of your life.

  637. =======================

  638. Life is not so easy, some things are difficult to attain but if you take the first step of faith you’ll always succeed

  639. =======================

  640. Present creates past which affects future

  641. =======================

  642. If your problem is being different it’s not a problem at all

  643. =======================

  644. If sadness is your goal, you are scoring against yourself

  645. =======================

  646. Life is like the leaves on a tree, It can be bright, green and happy,
  647. or it can turn dull and grey when your life begins to fall

  648. =======================

  649. Life is like a roller coaster. It has it’s ups, downs, and roundabout circles, but it always ends up just fine.

  650. =======================

  651. We have no life. Only through our finest moment can we allow ourselves to call it life.

  652. =======================

  653. Life is what we do between the 1st breathe we take when we born and the last breathe we take before Death.

  654. =======================

  655. You know, life is like a yo-yo its one big trick.

  656. =======================
  657. Life is a circle, Happiness or sorrow nothing will stay for ever it will go on changing like a circle. Even relations, no one is ever ours.

  658. =======================

  659. If you want peace, prepare for war.

  660. =======================

  661. Life’s inherent risk is simply the Reason Individuals Seek Knowledge

  662. =======================

  663. The grace of God means something like: Here is your life. You might never have been, but you are because the party wouldn’t have been complete without you.

  664. =======================

  665. No period of my life has been one of such unmixed happiness as the four years which have been spent within college walls.

  666. =======================

  667. The main thing is to get what little happiness there is out of life in this wartorn world because ‘these are the good old days’ now.

  668. =======================

  669. The only thing man has never done is what he hasn’t thought about.

  670. =======================
  671. Failures do what is tension relieving while winners do what is goal achieving.

  672. =======================

  673. Life must be lived at the right time. Death is not scary when one dies after having lived fully. One must choose to live though and face all adversities.

  674. =======================

  675. Destiny and fate are of one’s own making, and riches and happiness are rarely found at the end of an easily-traversed path.

  676. =======================

  677. When life brings you mountains, you don’t waste your time asking why; you spend your time climbing over them.

  678. =======================

  679. Things happen, and nothing is for sure, but you just have to keep going, believing that one day, you’ll find something that is.

  680. =======================

  681. Time spent worrying – about anything – provides no emotional or physical benefit to us; such things only weaken us for the fights we must endure in our lives.

  682. =======================

  683. If you think you know what your purpose is, but can never seem to gain satisfaction from it, then it’s probably not the purpose you’re destined for.

  684. =======================
  685. Once you start settling, and letting others control your life, it can quickly become a habit, so it’s best to avoid such things altogether.

  686. =======================

  687. The older you get, the faster time passes in your mind, so use your time according to what is most important.

  688. =======================

  689. Your life is not a countdown to your death, but a stepping stone for the lives that will live after you. Squander today, and you will find yourself useless tomorrow.

  690. =======================
  691. When all is said and done, everyone should be able to look back on their life and know that they made it exactly as they wanted it to be.

  692. =======================

  693. Seek counsel; though we are all skilled and experienced in many ways, no one can experience all that life has to offer in the limited time we are given in this world.

  694. =======================

  695. To maintain a lifestyle of worship, we must attend to it on a daily basis. If you regulate worship to a once-a-week event, you really do no understand it, and it will take a low priority in your life.

  696. =======================
  697. David’s life was a torrent of spiritual desire, and his psalms ring with the cry of the seeker and the glad shout of the finder.

  698. =======================
  699. As a man’s soul may be said to be the life of his body, so the indwelling Spirit is the life of the Church.

  700. =======================

  701. The “deeper life” is deeper only because the average Christian life is tragically shallow.

  702. =======================

  703. The whole course of the life is upset by failure to put God where He belongs. We exalt ourselves instead of God and the curse follows.

  704. =======================
  705. This is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.

  706. =======================

  707. Life is more important than ‘what film I do next.

  708. =======================

  709. Never make a decision while in the state of anger.

  710. =======================

  711. When young, the words are scattered all around us. As they are assembled by experience, sentence by sentence, until the story takes shape.

  712. =======================

  713. Find someone who will change your life, not just your relationship status.

  714. =======================

  715. If there is one constant to my life, it is that you cannot tell me ‘no.’

  716. =======================

  717. Sometimes, you gotta do things that aren’t easy for the sake of everyone. You’ve been sheltered like a little kid, but now you know things are going on, and you don’t have a choice. You’re involved.

  718. =======================

  719. The known was so depressing, it was hard to feel anxious about the unknown, and so searching for something else seemed natural.

  720. =======================

  721. Life is made up of sobs, sniffles, and smiles, with sniffles predominating.

  722. =======================

  723. Don’t expect too much from others because people behave according to their perspective, not yours. Accept people as they are and avoid controlling them, only then they will give you their best.

  724. =======================

  725. The most important thing in life is to dare. The most complicated thing in life is to be afraid. The smartest thing in the world is to try to be a moral person.

  726. =======================

  727. Life is like a wheel. Sooner or later, it always come around to where you started again.

  728. =======================

  729. In real life endings aren’t always neat, whether they’re happy endings, or whether they’re sad endings.

  730. =======================

  731. Each life makes its own immitation of immortality.

  732. =======================

  733. Life isn’t a support system for art. It’s the other way around.

  734. =======================
  735. Writing is not life, but I think that sometimes it can be a way back to life.

  736. =======================

  737. Swear to me swear to me that if it isn’t dead you’ll all come back.

  738. =======================
  739. Sometimes there is absolutely no difference at all between salvation and damnation.

  740. =======================
  741. No one ever does live happily ever after, but we leave the children to find that out for themselves.

  742. =======================

  743. Words create sentences; sentences create paragraphs; sometimes paragraphs quicken and begin to breathe.

  744. =======================

  745. First comes smiles, then lies. Last is gunfire.

  746. =======================

  747. There came a time when you realized that moving on was pointless. That you took yourself with you wherever you went.

  748. =======================

  749. If you intend to write as truthfully as you can, your days as a member of polite society are numbered.

  750. =======================

  751. We fool ourselves so much we could do it for a living.

  752. =======================

  753. Life is fair. We all get the same nine-month shake in the box, and then the dice roll. Some people get a run of sevens. Some people, unfortunately, get snake-eyes. Its just how the world is.

  754. =======================

  755. The mystery of the universe is not time but size.

  756. =======================

  757. In spite of the problems he was having he was going on with his life. There are thousands who don’t or won’t or can’t and plenty of them aren’t in prison either.

  758. =======================
  759. where the world ends is where you must begin.

  760. =======================
  761. You needn’t die happy when your time comes, but you must die satisfied, for you have lived your life from the beginning to the end and is always served.

  762. =======================

  763. It was life, often unsatisfying, frequently cruel, usually boring, sometimes beautiful, once in a while exhilarating.

  764. =======================
  765. Sometimes the things presented to us as choices aren’t choices at all.

  766. =======================

  767. Life was a wheel, its only job was to turn, and it always came back to where it started.

  768. =======================
  769. Above, the stars shone hard and bright, sparks struck off the dark skin of the universe.

  770. =======================
  771. We have once again succeeded in destroying what we could not create.

  772. =======================

  773. Life was such a wheel that no man could stand upon it for long. And it always, at the end, came round to the same place again.

  774. =======================

  775. You discarded most of the lies along the way but held on to the one that said life mattered.

  776. =======================

  777. Any game looks straight if everyone is being cheated at once.

  778. =======================

  779. Life turns on a dime.

  780. =======================
  781. Life is like Friday on a soap opera. It gives you the illusion that everything is going to wrap up, and then the same old shit starts up on Monday.

  782. =======================
  783. The last good time always comes, and when you see the darkness creeping toward you, you hold on to what was bright and good. You hold on for dear life.

  784. =======================
  785. It’s a cash and carry world. Sometimes you pay a little. Mostly it’s a lot. Sometimes, it’s everything you have.

  786. =======================

  787. It was the kiss by which all the others of his life would be judged and found wanting.

  788. =======================
  789. Everyone needs a hobby,” he said. “And everyone needs a miracle or two, just to prove life is more than just one long trudge from the cradle to the grave.

  790. =======================
  791. Sometimes life coughs up coincidences no writer of fiction would dare copy.

  792. =======================

  793. Sometimes, the embers are better then the campfire. It’s strange, but it’s true.

  794. =======================

  795. Life’s simplest answers are often the easiest to overlook.

  796. =======================
  797. We don’t know the days that will change our lives. Probably just as well.

  798. =======================
  799. The multiple choices of possibilities of daily life are the music we dance to.

  800. =======================

  801. Life is a wheel, and it always comes back around to where it started.

  802. =======================

  803. You always know the truth, because when you cut yourself or someone else with it, there’s always a bloody show.

  804. =======================

  805. That life was richer,’ a voice deep in his mind whispered. ‘This one is truer,’ whispered another, even deeper.

  806. =======================
  807. Being good is commendable, but only when it is combined with doing good is it useful.

  808. =======================

  809. Life is short and pain is long and we were all put on this earth to help each other.

  810. =======================

  811. The world turns, that’s all. You can hold on and turn with it, or stand up to protest and be spun right off.

  812. =======================

  813. A life without books is a thirsty life, and one without poetry is…like a life without pictures.

  814. =======================

  815. Life could sometimes be grand.

  816. =======================
  817. That lesson suggests that in the end, we can only find peace in our human lives by accepting the will of the universe.

  818. =======================
  819. Later on in life, you might wish that the good things which all befall in your one special year had spread themselves out a little more.

  820. =======================

  821. The road, and the mysteries that lie along it, calls out to none as it calls to the young.

  822. =======================

  823. My life was a sort of series of random disasters.

  824. =======================

  825. My life didn’t please me, so I created my life.

  826. =======================

  827. The best things in life are free. The second best things are very, very expensive.

  828. =======================

  829. Control your life through insanity.

  830. =======================

  831. There is no device whatever to be invented for securing happiness without industry, economy, and virtue.

  832. =======================

  833. Well-spent aid money is saving lives for a few thousand dollars per life saved.

  834. =======================
  835. The trouble with energy farming is that the energy isn’t always where you want to use it, and it isn’t always when you want to use it.

  836. =======================

  837. Don’t settle for what life gives you; make life better and build something.

  838. =======================

  839. Oppressors always expect the oppressed to extend to them the understanding so lacking in themselves.

  840. =======================
  841. A choice of pains. That’s what living was all about.

  842. =======================

  843. Life is very short and what we have to do must be done in the now.

  844. =======================
  845. Many are ambitious of saying grand things, that is, of being grandiloquent.

  846. =======================

  847. All great deeds and all great thoughts have a ridiculous beginning.

  848. =======================

  849. We always deceive ourselves twice about the people we love first to their advantage, then to their disadvantage.

  850. =======================
  851. At the heart of all beauty lies something inhuman.

  852. =======================
  853. No one who lives in the sunlight of gratitude that things aren’t worse makes a failure of his or her life.

  854. =======================

  855. Psychology is action, not thinking about oneself. We continue to shape our personality all our life. To know oneself, one should assert oneself.

  856. =======================

  857. The realization that life is absurd cannot be an end, but only a beginning.

  858. =======================

  859. Likewise and during every day of an illustrious life, time carries us. But a moment always comes when we have to carry it.

  860. =======================

  861. Of course it is happening inside your head, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real.

  862. =======================

  863. There is no good and evil, there is only power and those too weak to seek it.

  864. =======================

  865. We can’t choose our fate, but we can choose others. Be careful in knowing that.

  866. =======================
  867. Always the innocent are the first victims, so it has been for ages past, so it is now.

  868. =======================
  869. Every man’s life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another.

  870. =======================
  871. life isn’t hard to manage when you’ve nothing to lose.

  872. =======================

  873. Nobody ever lives their life all the way up except bullfighters.

  874. =======================

  875. My life used to be full of everything. Now if you aren’t with me I haven’t a thing in the world.

  876. =======================
  877. The world was not wheeling anymore. It was just very clear and bright and inclined to blur at the edges.

  878. =======================

  879. One doesn’t recognize the really important moments in one’s life until it’s too late.

  880. =======================

  881. Our body is a machine for living. It is organized for that, it is its nature. Let life go on in it unhindered and let it defend itself.

  882. =======================

  883. There can be no peace for us, only misery, and the greatest happiness.

  884. =======================

  885. In order to understand, observe, deduce, man must first be conscious of himself as alive.

  886. =======================
  887. He was right in saying that the only certain happiness in life is to live for others.

  888. =======================
  889. The Most difficult thing but an essential one – is to love Life, to love it even while one suffers, because Life is all, Life is God, and to love Life means to love God.

  890. =======================

  891. Life is fragile and absurd.

  892. =======================

  893. The simplest and shortest ethical precept is to be served as little as possible and to serve others as much as possible.

  894. =======================
  895. We should show life neither as it is or as it ought to be, but only as we see it in our dreams.

  896. =======================
  897. The subject of history is the life of peoples and mankind.

  898. =======================

  899. Life is too long to say anything definitely; always say perhaps.

  900. =======================

  901. Each time of life has its own kind of love.

  902. =======================

  903. The march of humanity, springing as it does from an infinite multitude of individual wills, is continuous.

  904. =======================

  905. There is nothing, nothing certain but the nothingness of all that is comprehensible to us, and the grandeur of something incomprehensible, but more important!

  906. =======================

  907. All the variety, all the charm, all the beauty of life are made up of light and shade.

  908. =======================
  909. For the first time in his life he knew the bitterest sort of misfortune, misfortune beyond remedy, misfortune his own fault.

  910. =======================

  911. The goal of the artist is not to solve a question irrefutably, but to force people to love life in all its countless, inexhaustible manifestations.

  912. =======================
  913. We are conscious of the force of man’s life, and we call it freedom.

  914. =======================
  915. The social conditions of life can only be improved by people exercising self-restraint.

  916. =======================
  917. A better life can only come when the consciousness of men is altered for the better; and therefore, those who wish to improve life must direct all their efforts towards changing both their own and other people’s consciousness.

  918. =======================
  919. Therein is the whole business of one’s life; to seek out and save in the soul that which is perishing.

  920. =======================
  921. We expect rewards for goodness, and punishments for the bad things which we do. Often, they are not immediately.

  922. =======================
  923. If you look for perfection, you will never be satisfied.

  924. =======================
  925. Even in the best, most friendly and simplest relations of life, praise and commendation are essential, just as grease is necessary to wheels that they may run smoothly.

  926. =======================

  927. The one thing necessary in life, as in art is to tell the truth.

  928. =======================
  929. Everything was lit up by her. She was the smile that brightened everything around.

  930. =======================

  931. If the good has a cause, it is no longer the good; if it has a consequence – a reward – it is also not the good. Therefore the good is outside the chain of cause and effect.

  932. =======================

  933. All the ordinary circumstances of life, without which nothing could be imagined, ceased to exist for Levin.

  934. =======================

  935. There were no other eyes like those in the world. There was only one creature in the world that could concentrate for him all the brightness and meaning of life.

  936. =======================

  937. There is only one thing in this world which is worth dedicating all your life. This is creating more love among people and destroying barriers which exist between them.

  938. =======================

  939. Life is everything. Life is God. Everything changes and moves and that movement is God. And while there is life there is joy in consciousness of the divine. To love life is to love God.

  940. =======================

  941. Life seemed to him a gift; the statement ‘I am alive’ seemed to him to contain a satisfactory certainty and many other things, held up as indubitable, seemed to him uncertain.

  942. =======================
  943. Somebody said the key to life is to work hard, play hard, rest hard, and I’ve pretty much adopted that.

  944. =======================

  945. People always remember the worst day of their life. It becomes a part of them forever.

  946. =======================

  947. Life is such a miracle, a series of small miracles.It really is, if you learn how to look at it with the right perspective.

  948. =======================
  949. Just because life is hard, and always ends in a bad way, doesn’t mean that all stories have to.

  950. =======================

  951. Life can be like walking on a high wire. Falling seems a tiny misstep away.

  952. =======================

  953. If this was what life was like without words – a life of doing, not just talking – I just might be willing to give them up forever.

  954. =======================
  955. Life is a test. It’s all a test. Sometimes you have to get through it, and then later everything makes more sense.

  956. =======================

  957. We couldn’t know the future or how long it would last. We could only choose to be happy and alive right now.

  958. =======================

  959. In situations where the sane flee from danger, law enforcement officers sprint to engage it.

  960. =======================

  961. One only realizes the value of air when one is deprived of it and one only begins to value life in the face of death.

  962. =======================
  963. Only to live, to live and live! Life, whatever it may be!

  964. =======================
  965. Life is paradise, and we are all in paradise, but we refuse to see it.

  966. =======================

  967. Everything passes, only truth remains.

  968. =======================

  969. It’s life that matters, nothing but life–the process of discovering, the everlasting and perpetual process, not the discovery itself, at all.

  970. =======================

  971. It seems, in fact, as though the second half of a man’s life is made up of nothing, but the habits he has accumulated during the first half.

  972. =======================

  973. We have all lost touch with life, we all limp, each to a greater or lesser degree.

  974. =======================

  975. The second half of a man’s life is made up of nothing but the habits he has acquired during the first half.

  976. =======================
  977. It must be true that the whole second half of a man’s life is most often made up only of habits accumulated during the first half.

  978. =======================

  979. Life had stepped into the place of theory and something quite different would work itself out in his mind.

  980. =======================

  981. Dear friends, don’t be afraid of life! How good is life when one does something good and just!

  982. =======================

  983. One life passed, another began, then that passed and a third began, and there’s still no end. All the ends are cut off as if with a pair of scissors.

  984. =======================

  985. There is a line in everything which it is dangerous to overstep; and when it has been overstepped, there is no return.

  986. =======================

  987. Real life oppressed me with its novelty so much that I could hardly breathe.

  988. =======================

  989. If we find ourselves with a desire that nothing in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that we were made for another world.

  990. =======================
  991. Affection is responsible for nine-tenths of whatever solid and durable happiness there is in our natural lives.

  992. =======================
  993. The rule of the universe is that others can do for us what we cannot do for ourselves, and one can paddle every canoe except one’s own.

  994. =======================

  995. Try to exclude the possibility of suffering which the order of nature and the existence of free-wills involve, and you find that you have excluded life itself.

  996. =======================

  997. If ever they remembered their life in this world it was as one remembers a dream.

  998. =======================
  999. Life is too deep for words, so don’t try to describe it, just live it.

  1000. =======================

  1001. The universe rings true whenever you fairly test it.

  1002. =======================

  1003. The game is to have them all running about with fire extinguishers when there is a flood, and all crowding to that side of the boat which is already nearly gunwale under.

  1004. =======================

  1005. When things go wrong, you’ll find they usually go on getting worse for some time; but when thins start going right they often go on getting better and better.

  1006. =======================

  1007. Life is a storm. One minute you will bathe under the sun and the next you will be shattered upon the rocks. That’s when you shout, “Do your worst, for I will do mine!” and you will be remembered forever.

  1008. =======================

  1009. It was like the eve of a battle; the hearts beat, the eyes laughed, and they felt that the life they were perhaps going to lose, was after all, a good thing.

  1010. =======================

  1011. God orders a man to do all he can to save his life.

  1012. =======================
  1013. Hard decisions, sacrifices doesn’t keep you warm at night, life’s too damn short, too damn long to continue without someone at your side.

  1014. =======================

  1015. There is neither happiness nor misery in the world; there is only the comparison of one state with another.

  1016. =======================

  1017. Life is very tenacious in these lawyers.

  1018. =======================

  1019. One must ask for death to know how good it is to live.

  1020. =======================

  1021. Your whole life is ahead of you. Don’t you ever forget that.

  1022. =======================

  1023. Man’s real life is happy, chiefly because he is ever expecting that it soon will be so.

  1024. =======================

  1025. A mystery, and a dream, should my early life seem.

  1026. =======================
  1027. Step with care and great tact, and remember that Life’s a Great Balancing Act.

  1028. =======================
  1029. You get what anybody gets – you get a lifetime.

  1030. =======================

  1031. Not only are there no happy endings,’ she told him, ‘there aren’t even any endings.

  1032. =======================

  1033. You got a lifetime. No more. No less.

  1034. =======================

  1035. Life is sometimes hard. Things go wrong, in life and in love and in business and in friendship and in health and in all other ways that life can go wrong. And when things get tough, this is what you should do. Make good art.

  1036. =======================

  1037. For a moment, just be silent and feel the joy of life.

  1038. =======================

  1039. Let us choose to live our lives with the joy of loving.

  1040. =======================
  1041. Life is a vacation to enjoy the beauty of life.

  1042. =======================

  1043. Life is like a flowing river. Just like the speed of time, it will never come back.

  1044. =======================

  1045. Our life is a one way journey; we can never go back.

  1046. =======================

  1047. Life is for happiness not for success.

  1048. =======================
  1049. Ambition is the ignition of a car we call life.

  1050. =======================

  1051. Never forget to stop and drink the beauty of roses to get drunk for a few moments of life.

  1052. =======================

  1053. Life must be enjoyed to be truly lived.

  1054. =======================
  1055. You are the universe, so see the beauty of nature and feel the joy of life.

  1056. =======================

  1057. Life is a most wonderful but wild dream.

  1058. =======================

  1059. To find your own way in life, start going with all of your heart to find the beauty of life.

  1060. =======================

  1061. It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose. That is not weakness, that is life.

  1062. =======================
  1063. Life is not tough as much sometime we create it by overthinking about unnecessary things. Speak freely, feel more, live life.

  1064. =======================

  1065. Life is an adventurous ride in a train we call time.

  1066. =======================

  1067. Life is a fairytale of courage, fear, failure, persistence and triumph.

  1068. =======================
  1069. Life is ephemeral like the journey of a dew drop. We must not forget to glitter.

  1070. =======================
  1071. Every person you meet in your life is your destiny. We alter the course of every life we touch, whether we realize it or not.

  1072. =======================

  1073. Life is here to tea!ch us, so be a good student. Mistakes are the only way we learn.

  1074. =======================

  1075. Life is not about l!iving the safer option. Life is about living a life worth living.

  1076. =======================

  1077. Life is just a c!easeless show my friend enjoy the colours and dance to the music because its gonna end anyway sooon.

  1078. =======================
  1079. The fact that life has no meaning is a reason to live-moreover, the only one.

  1080. =======================

  1081. Enjoy the! beauty of simplicity and slowness of life, let go of urgency, stress, and anxiety of life.

  1082. =======================
  1083. Urgency fills our l!!ife with stress and anxiety. but slowness, simplicity, and love fill our life with beauty and happiness.

  1084. =======================

  1085. Let life go with l!ove and joy.

  1086. =======================

  1087. Life is a mirror o!f our mind and it reflects the beauty of our thoughts.

  1088. =======================
  1089. To enjoy the bea!uty of life, live in the moment, not in the past or future.

  1090. =======================

  1091. Life is finite, so f!ocus on your purpose and do what is important.

  1092. =======================

  1093. Life is fin!ite but you’re blessed with infinite love.

  1094. =======================

  1095. Adventure !is a way of worthy life.

  1096. =======================

  1097. There is no!thing ordinary in life because life itself is mystical, magical, and extraordinary.

  1098. =======================

  1099. Every mom!ent is a moment of hope, moment of beauty, a moment of joy and it is our life.

  1100. =======================
  1101. Words are l!ife. Carefully choose your words.

  1102. =======================

  1103. Investig!ation in our own life is far more rewarding than investigating life of other’s.

  1104. =======================
  1105. Life is al!ways beautiful when we focus on the greatness of our God.

  1106. =======================

  1107. Life is the o!nly thing which can never be replaced when lost.

  1108. =======================

  1109. The greates!t riches are life and good health.

  1110. =======================

  1111. Life is science.

  1112. =======================
  1113. Donate your !blood from your heart to save life. Life will donate you hearts full of love, blood and contentment in return.

  1114. =======================

  1115. Every!day life, everyday miracle.

  1116. =======================

  1117. !Life is a daring game. The more we dare to play more games, the higher the chance of winning.

  1118. =======================

  1119. !@Life is more valuable than money.

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