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Life Quotes Status One Line

  1. You have to be passionately curious in life.
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  3. Life is a daring faith.
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  5. We all get knock down in life. Encouragement lifted our spirit.
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  7. The three great pillars of life; hope, faith and love. The greatest is love.
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  9. Some look at life, for their entire life, before they actually see.
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  11. Every child destiny is predetermined by the Creator.
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  13. Never wait until the end of your life to realize you have not live to fully love.
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  15. Each man must make is own sacred journey.
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  17. You do not need many possessions to have a happy life.
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  19. Our life today is a history of tomorrow.
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  21. Your greatest responsibility is to live a life that nourishes your highest truth.
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  23. Life is easy. We make it hard.
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  25. Life’s too short to take yourself seriously, and too long to take a wife jokingly.
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  27. The life we’re given is on a thread, so wear it well.
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  29. Life changes us. To wish otherwise is pointless.
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  31. Life after love was possible. I was proof. Loss taught you about yourself, burrowed in the dark parts of your soul and ate you from the inside out.
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  33. Only those who can see, feel, and use the power of love, can enjoy the beauty and ecstasy of life.
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  35. Don’t take your happiness for granted. Be proactive about maintaining and sustaining it in your life.
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  37. There is nothing wrong with enjoying life’s luxuries as long as your happiness isn’t contingent on them.
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  39. There is nothing wrong with wanting more. There is no reason why you shouldn’t get everything you want from life.
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  41. When you understand the difference between want and need, you will finally realize how rich your life really is.
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  43. Find a way to express your gratitude for the wealth and abundance in your life.
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  45. The only way to get an understanding of the true wealth in your life is to acknowledge all the things you have to be grateful for.
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  47. Everyone has a different journey in life. Don’t judge someone else for theirs.
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  49. In spite of the surprises and anxieties and responsibilities of living, this was rather a nice world.
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  51. Spend Life With Who Makes You Happy, Not Who You Have To Impress.
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  53. The Best Things In Life are the People We Love the Places We’ve Been and the Memories We’ve Made Along the Way.
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  55. We are already abundant, we have everything we need within us, to live a purposeful and fulfilling life.
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  57. Create space in your life for people who deserve it.
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  59. Holding on to positive thoughts and beliefs is your only guarantee to a happy life.
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  61. Practice appreciation for who you are and what you have… and allow your life to unfold in the most amazing way.
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  63. Life is a dash. Pause in the present. Enjoy this moment.
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  65. Live a life you don’t need to take a vacation from.
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  67. Life is generated by love. Love is a friend to humility. The road to happiness is paved with humility, hence, be humble in life.
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  69. life is too short so no need to shorten it with sadness.
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  71. Life is exceedingly great.
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  73. Live a life you don’t need to take a vacation room.
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  75. A moment is not complete until you realize it is fleeting.
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  77. Life is abysmal hilarious if you have the eyes to see.
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  79. Life is the greatest gift.

  80. ==============================

  81. Enter your inner self in order to see the life you desire.
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  83. Its all about perception in life, For some One minus One = One & for some its Zero.That’s the only difference.
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  85. In life your expectations and disappointments are directly linked. So too is your heartfulness and your contentedness.
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  87. Do not blindly accept anyone’s definition of your life and define it yourself.
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  89. Taking risks is part of life, but to take risks invites the possibility of disapointmet, but also the possiblity of true happiness.
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  91. Continue to live life to the fullest.
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  93. life is like hump on your back u need to carry it somewhere no matter how stormy the road gets.
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  95. The meaning of life. The wasted years of life. The poor choices of life. God answers the mess of life with one word:grace.
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  97. The most wonderful pleasure on earth is in saving treasures in heaven… The most wonderful treasure lies in the pleasure of doing so. Live life so well.
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  99. Life is a pilgrimage. Each moment is to be lived in depth, because each moment contains God, hidden within it.
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  101. Don’t make prayer a consistent battle, but rather constantly pray against life’s battles.
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  103. Life experiences teach me to absolute trust God.
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  105. Life is like a dream, when you wake up, you only have memories.
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  107. There is more to life than I imagine. Life is spiritual. We are heavenly beings.
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  109. Life will be a whole lot better if we understand what our salvation in Christ means.
  110. ==============================
  111. Everything in life had a purpose, and unless it achieved that purpose, it was just taking up space on the planet and wasting everybody’s time.
  112. ==============================

  113. Life is a question asked by God about the way he exists.
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  115. Some of the most beautiful things we have in life comes from our mistakes.
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  117. Many of the most powerful things in life are not tangible. All it takes is for you to close your eyes to see.
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  119. Your thoughts and your words define your life. Think positively and affirm positive words to enrich your life positively.
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  121. Without God, life has no purpose, and without purpose, life has no meaning. Without meaning, life has no significance or hope.
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  123. The art of life is to live in the present moment and to make that moment as perfect as we can by the realization that we are the instruments and expression of God himself.
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  125. He is not apprehended by reason, but by life.
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  127. You’re not here just to make a living but for appreciating and expressing gratitude for the abundance and beauty of life that you are enjoying.
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  129. Let us be grateful and express gratitude for all those beauties and magic of our life.
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  131. Life turns out to be the best for those who give their best effort whatever they do and enjoy the abundance of life with love and gratitude.
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  133. Accepting and appreciating heart brings abundance in life but gratitude acknowledge and dance with joy of receiving.
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  135. Plant the seeds of gratitude to grow and enjoy the abundance of life.
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  137. Life itself is the most precious gift to me, for that I am perpetually indebted.
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  139. When gratitude begins, then life finds the abundance and suffering ends.
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  141. Not the comfort, but the confrontation and hardship, is the teacher of a great life.
  142. ==============================

  143. Moments of love is life, a life is for moments of love.
  144. ==============================

  145. For a beautiful life, fill it with service and love.
  146. ==============================

  147. Go for the life you dream and desire with boldness but without fear.

  148. L==============================

  149. A busy life is an empty life.
  150. ==============================

  151. A purposeful life is a happy life.
  152. ==============================

  153. Life is a drama of love, hopes, dreams, desires, and fears. To enjoy it, be bold to overcome fear.
  154. ==============================
  155. Life is a one-way journey to be enjoyed, so enjoy the beauty of the present moment with all your heart.
  156. ==============================
  157. Life is a surprise waiting, every moment we are discovering that surprise.
  158. ==============================
  159. Life is those moments when we forget to live but are too busy to enjoy.

  160. ==============================

  161. Life has dazzling beauty. To see it, open the window of the mind and remove the curtain of conformity.
  162. ==============================

  163. For a peaceful life, always think of peace and forget to judge others.
  164. ==============================

  165. Life is an endless journey. I travel just to unfold the beauty of my life.
  166. ==============================

  167. Life is a journey without destination but it unfolds our conscious and subconscious expectations.
  168. ==============================

  169. Life is not about tomorrow. Life is about living your fullest today.
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  171. For an illuminated life, give yourself up for the service of others.
  172. ==============================

  173. Life has no limits. We are limited by our expectations.
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  175. A journey of a lifetime is measured by memories, not by time.
  176. ==============================
  177. Life is not waiting for you. This moment is your life, so love it, live it, and enjoy it.
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  179. The more you appreciate and celebrate life with joy, the more abundance will fill your life to enjoy.
  180. ==============================

  181. Make every moment of life a moment of joy.
  182. ==============================

  183. Let us fill our mind with kindness, heart with love, and life with joy.
  184. ==============================
  185. A heart full of love and a joyful smiling face is the best makeup for life.
  186. ==============================
  187. Life is a lifetime opportunity to make the right choice to be great.
  188. ==============================
  189. Celebrate life as it is, let it go to find out what it could be.
  190. –==============================
  191. Life is not defined by what you achieve, but what you give.
  192. –==============================
  193. Life gives us the greatest opportunity to serve and be happy.
  194. –==============================
  195. A well lived life is purpose filled.
  196. –==============================
  197. Your purpose of life is not to find a job, but to find what you love and do it with all your heart.
  198. –==============================

  199. Sometimes life is like living in a chamber of Liquid Oxygen. Liquid don’t allow you to live and Oxygen don’t let you die.
  200. –==============================

  201. Life is not about destination, it is a journey of creation.
  202. – ==============================

  203. The thoughts that you think define your life that you live. So have good thoughts to have a great life.
  204. –==============================
  205. Life doesn’t walk away, we do.
  206. ==============================

  207. Life is a do-it-yourself project.
  208. ==============================
  209. What seems like the right thing to do could also be the hardest thing you have ever done in your life.
  210. ==============================
  211. Life is too short to be anything but happy. So kiss slowly. Love deeply. Forgive quickly. Take chances and never have regrets. Forget the past but remember what it taught you.
  212. ==============================
  213. Every beautiful thought adorns your life with beauty and love.
  214. ==============================
  215. Accept your life with love; life will bloom with joy and happiness.
  216. ==============================

  217. You are the eyes of the universe and the sunlight of the dawn. Universe exists because of you.
  218. ==============================
  219. Law of attraction magnetically attracts what you think, what you feel, what you dream consciously and subconsciously in your life.
  220. ==============================

  221. Make life as a lifelong love affair with yourself.
  222. ==============================
  223. Life is an adventure, you only win if you are bold and courageous.
  224. ==============================
  225. Life is all about focusing on the goal, not on the donut hole.
  226. ==============================

  227. For a great life a road map of life is more important than the journey itself.
  228. ==============================

  229. Plan your life, keeping value of time in mind because time is your life and it is very limited.
  230. ==============================
  231. To expand life, love more; to get more from life, give more.
  232. ==============================
  233. Fill your heart with pure love; life will glow with inner beauty and magic.
  234. ==============================
  235. Life is same for everyone. The difference is only that some are living by heart and some for only sake of living.
  236. ==============================
  237. A hopeful life is a successful life. People who bury their hopes and crave for someone’s success never know that their diamond is hidden as they envy other’s silver!
  238. ==============================
  239. Life has no destination, it is a journey to see the beauty.

  240. ==============================

  241. Value of life depends not on your possessions, but on your donation.
  242. ==============================

  243. Life is figure out what you hope for, live inside that hope, but live right in it,under its roof.
  244. ==============================

  245. Life is so short, no time to spare, so choose carefully, love intensely and live blissfully.
  246. ==============================

  247. The purpose of life is to be happy and then spread the fragrance of happiness to enhance the beauty of life.
  248. ==============================

  249. When you think your life is falling apart, it’s usually falling together in disguise.
  250. ==============================
  251. Life is many things, but if you don’t try to control it, it will take hold of you and ruin you.
  252. ==============================
  253. There has never been a more urgent time than now for you to seek to maximize your potential for achieving greater balance in your life.
  254. ==============================

  255. You live your life proportional to your love for life.
  256. ==============================

  257. Life is a bubble in the ocean of time. At the same time, it can hold all the water of the ocean in her heart.
  258. ==============================

  259. Happiness in your life is directly related to your ability to love, not your ability to earn.
  260. ==============================
  261. Life is an endless story of lover and beloved.
  262. ==============================
  263. Life is eternal and, at the same time, ephemeral.
  264. ==============================
  265. Life is a never-ending poetry of love.
  266. ==============================

  267. Live as if life is for loving and giving.
  268. ==============================

  269. Life is a wave of love in the ocean of time.
  270. ==============================
  271. Our lives begin to end when we begin to forget to love.
  272. ==============================
  273. Worth of life depends on how much love you invested in it.
  274. ==============================
  275. Life is worth living to reveal the beauties of life.
  276. ==============================

  277. You born with three obligations: to love, to live, and to be happy.
  278. ==============================

  279. Every word Martone sets down, finally, a choice that limits the universe, their trail across the page a fossil record of some life’s life-story.
  280. ==============================

  281. Life’s adventures make great reading!
  282. ==============================

  283. Perfectionism means that you try not to leave so much mess to clean up. But clutter and mess show us that life is being lived.
  284. ==============================
  285. That’s one of the tragedies of this life – that the men who are most in need of a beating up are always enormous.
  286. ==============================
  287. To be an honest writer, you have to be away from home, and totally alone in life.
  288. ==============================

  289. We are now living in an age which doubts both fact and value. It is the life of this age that we wish to see and judge.
  290. ==============================

  291. The writer’s life: Hard days, lots of work, no money, too much silence. Nobody’s fault. You chose it.
  292. ==============================

  293. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to create your own world whenever you want to.
  294. ==============================
  295. Life is painful and disappointing. It is useless, therefore, to write new realistic novels. We generally know where we stand in relation to reality and don’t care to know any more.
  296. ==============================

  297. Every evening words, not stars, light the sky. No rest in life like life itself.
  298. ==============================

  299. Life like a painters palette, just when you’ve got everything worked out the colours change.
  300. ==============================

  301. Life can give everything to whoever tries to understand and is willing to receive new knowledge.
  302. ==============================

  303. The complexities of adult life get in the way of the truth.
  304. ==============================

  305. Life’s greatest lessons were not shown to me, read to me, illustrated or explained to me; they happened to me.
  306. ==============================

  307. Every day is a part of life, so make it special.
  308. ==============================

  309. May the stars ever shine on your path, and the darkness never leave your side.
  310. ==============================

  311. We know birth and we know death; the mystery is everything in-between.
  312. ==============================
  313. The best of your life could be the rest of your life, if you decide it will be so.
  314. ==============================

  315. Your life has a limit, but knowledge has none. If you use what is limited to pursue what has no limit, you will be in danger.
  316. ==============================

  317. Life is miraculous and love is the miracle.
  318. ==============================

  319. Let life and love live together. Lets love win over life forever.

  320. ==============================

  321. Each of us is a unique strand in the intricate web of life and here to make a contribution.
  322. ==============================

  323. The purpose of life is the expansion of happiness.
  324. ==============================

  325. Life is short only if you are not living your purpose.
  326. ==============================
  327. You can’t Google life.
  328. ==============================
  329. Life without Music would be a Mistake. Life without Books would be Catastrophic!
  330. ==============================
  331. Life, for the living, is a gift of opportunity; an exercise of the will to choose.
  332. ==============================
  333. Be in limits, life will never limit you.
  334. ==============================
  335. Life makes love look hard.
  336. ==============================
  337. If we don’t live our life, life will let us leave.
  338. ==============================

  339. Life is a mission but death is the greatest adventure.
  340. ==============================

  341. A life without purpose is like journey without destination.
  342. ==============================

  343. Those moments you are most joyful, those moments are most blissful, and those moments of life are most useful.
  344. ==============================

  345. Day becomes week, week becomes month and month becomes year. Never stops, life going on with ups and down, it’s our joy and fear.
  346. ==============================
  347. When life is an existential suffering, death is our ultimate blessings.
  348. ==============================

  349. Life begins by sending an invitation for death.
  350. ==============================

  351. For every minute you are wasting, you are losing 60 seconds of your life.
  352. ==============================

  353. Life is difficult, easy and wonderful. As you think, it is as such.
  354. ==============================

  355. The deepest pain gives the clearest view of life.
  356. ==============================

  357. Today, live an inspired life.
  358. ==============================

  359. If this beautiful life is worth living, it will be more worthy if you are loving.
  360. ==============================
  361. Life is the time between birth and death, so express your love to enjoy your time.
  362. ==============================

  363. The best way to appreciate life is to express love wherever you can and enjoy whenever you can.
  364. ==============================

  365. Most important thing in life is to love, love everything, love everybody, and become beloved.
  366. ==============================
  367. The most important thing in life is to fall in love and live in love.
  368. ==============================

  369. Life is short but love is universal and eternal.
  370. ==============================

  371. Life is nothing but a desire to love.
  372. ==============================
  373. Without love life is impossible.
  374. ==============================
  375. To live a worthy life, just love. Love is the essence of life and it makes the life worthwhile.
  376. ==============================

  377. To live a worthy life, just love.
  378. ==============================

  379. Without any reason or expectation, love someone today and feel the joy of life.
  380. ==============================

  381. Without love, life is worthless.
  382. ==============================

  383. Life is loves shrine when you’re my valentine.
  384. ==============================

  385. Without love, life is so boring.
  386. ==============================
  387. We came to this world with two wealth, love and hope, but, in the end, love is our only wealth.
  388. ==============================
  389. All the life will not have any value if you never felt beloved.
  390. ==============================

  391. To live, embrace love, to die, cease to love.
  392. ==============================
  393. By spending love, you increase the value of your life.
  394. ==============================
  395. Love yourself and feel the joy of life.
  396. ==============================

  397. Life is not a problem but an endless possibility.
  398. Love is not a mere sentiment but an instrument of ability.
  399. ==============================
  400. Let me love and feel the charm and joy of life.

  401. ==============================

  402. Let me love and feel the joy of life.
  403. ==============================
  404. Each moment of love is eternal. Each moment of life is essential.
  405. ==============================
  406. The very essence of life is to love and very essence of love is to be beloved.
  407. ==============================

  408. Life is not worth living if you forget to love.
  409. ==============================

  410. The object of art is to enhance the beauty, imaginations and joy of life.
  411. ==============================

  412. Most of our life we pass by waiting for tomorrow, but not living for today.
  413. ==============================

  414. In life, never talk about problems. Talk about solutions.
  415. ==============================

  416. Events are transient, feelings are momentary, perception is optional and internalization is life long.
  417. ==============================
  418. Make peace your purpose in the garden of life.
  419. ==============================

  420. Life without a defined purpose is similar to a boat without a crew in the middle of the ocean.
  421. ==============================

  422. Everyone has a purpose of life. My purpose of life is to serve humanity.
  423. ==============================
  424. Never try to be the passenger of life. Be the driver and enjoy the ride.
  425. ==============================
  426. When life presents you with a problem, have the courage, find the solution and become bigger than the problem.
  427. ==============================

  428. A life with simplicity and joy is the best statement of success.
  429. ==============================

  430. In life, be daring, look for adventure, provide the service and love the nature.
  431. ==============================

  432. Appreciate all of life’s beauty and express the deepest gratitude for all the abundance.
  433. ==============================
  434. The whole art of living is to regard people who cause us suffering as, in a degree, enabling us to accept its divine form and thus to populate our daily life with divinities.
  435. ==============================

  436. Certainly, it is more reasonable to devote one’s life to women than to postage stamps, old snuff-boxes, or even to paintings and statues.
  437. ==============================

  438. Always try to keep a patch of sky above your life.
  439. ==============================
  440. The facts of life do not penetrate to the sphere in which our beliefs are cherished; as it was not they that engendered those beliefs, so they are powerless to destroy them.
  441. ==============================
  442. True life life at last discovered and illuminated the only life therefore really lived that life is literature.
  443. ==============================

  444. Expect trouble as an inevitable part of life and repeat to yourself, the most comforting words of all; this, too, shall pass.
  445. ==============================

  446. If you wouldst live long, live well, for folly and wickedness shorten life.
  447. ==============================
  448. Every man’s life lies within the present for the past is spent and done with, and the future is uncertain.
  449. ==============================

  450. Life is nothing but a competition to be the criminal rather than the victim.
  451. ==============================

  452. Conscience is the perfect interpreter of life.
  453. ==============================

  454. The question is not whether we will die, but how we will live.
  455. ==============================
  456. Remember this-that there is a proper dignity and proportion to be observed in the performance of every act of life.
  457. ==============================
  458. One can survive everything, nowadays, except death, and live down everything except a good reputation.
  459. ==============================

  460. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.
  461. ==============================
  462. There is no power on earth that can neutralize the influence of a high, simple and useful life.
  463. ==============================

  464. Life is a story within a story.
  465. ==============================
  466. Take life one chapter at a time.
  467. ==============================

  468. To know nothing is the happiest life.
  469. ==============================

  470. Though in midst of life we be Snares of death surround us.
  471. ==============================
  472. The end of life is not to be happy, nor to achieve pleasure and avoid pain, but to do the will of God, come what may.
  473. ==============================

  474. The ability to lead a happy life is made, not found
  475. ==============================

  476. The quality, not the longevity, of one’s life is what is important.
  477. ==============================
  478. Hatred darkens life; love illumines it.
  479. ==============================

  480. A productive and happy life is not something you find; it is something you make.
  481. ==============================

  482. The major problem of life is learning how to handle the costly interruptions.
  483. ==============================

  484. We stand in life at midnight; we are always at the threshold of a new dawn.
  485. ==============================

  486. Life isn’t worth living until you have found something worth dying for.
  487. ==============================

  488. Of course life has no point. If it had, man would not be free.
  489. ==============================
  490. The best things in life are clean living, good works, and big saphires. And not in that order.
  491. ==============================
  492. Life is amazing, life is odd. Life is not what you expected it to be. Things happen… Growing up takes longer than you think.
  493. ==============================
  494. Acting is a life of rejection.
  495. ==============================

  496. Life is not what you expected it to be.
  497. ==============================

  498. No one has ever written a romance better than we lived it.
  499. ==============================

  500. It’s inappropriate and vulgar and absolutely unacceptable to use your private life to sell anything commercially.
  501. ==============================

  502. A planned life is a dead life.
  503. ==============================
  504. Listen to the Song of Life
  505. ==============================

  506. Life gets harder the smarter you get, the more you know.
  507. ==============================

  508. Life’s what’s important. Walking, houses, family. Birth and pain and joy – and then death.
  509. ==============================

  510. To live creatively free, do what you know how to do now, then ‘act as if’ you know how to do the rest.
  511. ==============================

  512. A lot of movies are about life, mine are like a slice of cake.
  513. ==============================
  514. One must never set up a murder. They must happen unexpectedly, as in life.
  515. ==============================

  516. You only got one life. You can’t sit around waiting for your next life to begin.
  517. ==============================
  518. As we advance in life it becomes more and more difficult, but in fighting the difficulties the inmost strength of the heart is developed.
  519. ==============================

  520. What color is in a picture, enthusiasm is in life.
  521. ==============================

  522. Life is not long for anybody, and the problem is only to make something of it.
  523. ==============================

  524. To save a life is a real and beautiful thing. To make a home for the homeless, yes, it is a thing that must be good; whatever the world may say, it cannot be wrong.
  525. ==============================

  526. To know life, one must love many things.
  527. ==============================

  528. life without love, is no life at all
  529. ==============================
  530. Life is pretty simple: You do some stuff. Most fails. Some works. You do more of what works.
  531. ==============================
  532. In life beauty perishes, but not in art.
  533. ==============================

  534. Life well spent is long.
  535. ==============================

  536. Whoever does not respec@t life, does not deserve it.
  537. ==============================

  538. Not to appreciate life, all of life, is not to deserve it.
  539. ==============================

  540. Life, when is spen@t well, is long.
  541. ==============================

  542. A life well used procures a @happy death.
  543. ==============================

  544. Everyone is an explorer. How@ could you possibly live your life looking at a door and not open it?
  545. ==============================

  546. Life is a grindstone. Whe@ther it grinds us down or polishes us up depends on us.
  547. ==============================
  548. The trouble with life i@s that there are so many beautiful women and so little time.
  549. ==============================

  550. Life is not so b@ad if you have plenty of luck, a good physique and not too much imagination.
  551. ==============================

  552. To know, to esteem, to love, and then to part, Makes up life’s tale to many a feeling heart.
  553. ==============================

  554. I don’t know yet if I am, but I do know you are, and this gives me a feeling of fulfillment.
  555. ==============================

  556. I was not looking for my dreams to interpret my life, but rather for my life to interpret my dreams.
  557. ==============================

  558. Life is not a problem. Life is the closest God has yet come to a solution.
  559. ==============================
  560. When we have lost everything, including hope, life becomes a disgrace, and death a duty.

  561. The goal of all life is death.
  562. ==============================

  563. Not through discovery but through our fathomlessness do we move confidently through life.
  564. ==============================
  565. Life for me has been exactl!!y what I thought it would be, a cake, which I have eaten and had too.
  566. ==============================
  567. His faith perhaps in some n!!ice tenets might Be wrong; his life, I’m sure, was always in the right.
  568. ==============================

  569. Beauty is everything. Lo!!ve is innocent. A future with the perfect man is life.
  570. ==============================
  571. To become a spectator !!of one’s own life is to escape the suffering of life.
  572. ==============================
  573. Life is very interestin!g in the end, some of your greatest pains, become your greatest strengths.
  574. ==============================

  575. The life of a m!an consists not in seeing visions and in dreaming dreams, but in active charity and in willing service.

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