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New Attitude SMS 2016

Some People Say Never Forget
Me, Some People Say Always
#Remember Me, But I Love
My Attitude, So I Will
Say Forget Me If You Can..
Whats Winning Attitude.?
3 Ants Saw An Elephant Coming.
#Ant1, We Will Kill Him..
Ant2, We Will Break His Legs..
Ant3, Forgive Him Guys,
He Is Alone And We Are 3..
My Attitude:
If U Dont Care, I'll Care..
If U Again Dont, I'll
#Continue Caring.. If U
Still Dont, Then I Wont
Give U A Chance To Care
For Me Again..
People May Call It Attitude
#But I Call It Reality:
Care For Only Those
People Who Deserve It.
B'coz We Are Not Jokers
To Entertain Evrybody...
Attitude During Exam:
"They Gave The Questions
#Which I Dont Know..
So I Wrote Answers Which
They Dont Know..


An Excellent Positive Statement:
"I'm Not Totally Usless..
#I Can Still Be Used As An
Example Of Uselessness..
Thats The Attitude..!
Attitude For Life:
Why To Flirt,
#When U Are Capable
Of Being Loved..!
Like: 109 - SMS Length: 72
'My Way Of Life'..
People Laugh Because I
Am Different.. And,
#I Laugh Because They Are
All Same..
Thats Called Attitude..!
Excellent Attitude..
"I Am Not Saying That
#I Am Special...
I Am Just One Of God's
Limited Editions..!!!
My Atittude In Exams.
They Give Me Questi0ns
Which I Don't Know.
#I Give Them Answers Which
They D0nt Know.
Tit For Tat....

Attitute Rokss.....

Perfect Quote...

If U Think I'm Bad, Come To Me..
I'll Give U Much Better Reasons...
Hate Me...!!
I Am Not Famous In This World
I Am Famous In Someone’s Heart
That's All That Matters To Me
I Dont Have An Attitude Problem,
But I Believe..
Zuko Wahi...
#Jaha Kisi Ke Dil Me Kisi
Ko Zukane Ki Jiidd Na Ho...
By: Dilse In: Special SMS
It Was Written On An Old Man’s
“I Am Not 60″ .
“I Am 18 With 42 Years Of
Experience” .
That’s Attitude
Think Different :
Attitude At Exam!!!!

Teacher: Kuch Kiya Bhi Hai
Ya Aise Hi Aa Gaye

Student: Sir, Breakfast
Karke Aaya Hu, Or Aap

#Share This Sms
Attitude For Life:
"Why To Flirt
When You Are Capable
Of Being Loved..'':)
Attitude Rockz:
#Maa Bete Se: Uth Jaa Kambakht
Dekh Suraj Kab Ka Nikal
Aya Hai Beta: To Kya Hua Maa
Wo Sota Bhi To Mujse Pehle Hai.

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