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New Merry Christmas Quotes Shayari Wishes

  1. Christmas apko khushi de kar jaye,
  2. Jeen!e ki ek nai umang de kar jaye,
  3. Khushiyo se bhara hota hai jo kal
  4. Aisa aapka aane wala kal aaye.

  5. Wish you a Merry Christmas And Happy New Year

  6. =================================
  7. May your home be filled
  8. with the joy of the Christmas season.
  9. Here’!s wishing you a blessed
  10. Christmas and Happy New Year 2017

  11. =================================
  12. Aane wala saal khushiya de apko,
  13. Har koi dil se dua de apko,
  14. Hamari to bas ek hi dua hai
  15. Wo sab mi!le jo na mila ho apko.

  16. Happy New Year In Advance

  17. =================================

  18. Christm!as is a time for cherishing
  19. Those who bring so many blessings to our lives.
  20. May your heart feel that love
  21. This Christmas and throughout the New Year ahead.

  22. Wish you a Merry Christmas And Happy New Year

  23. =================================

  24. Dil se tum aj ek bar kehna,
  25. Christmas ko tum bye bye kehna,
  26. Ayega agle saal ye fir
  27. Tum bas iske intezar mein rehna.

  28. Bye bye Christmas see you next year

  29.  =================================

  30. Christmas Shayari Sms And Quotes
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  32. Christmas Shayari Sms Quotes In Hindi And English

  33. =================================
  34. Kabhi na ho tanha aap,
  35. Rahe khushiya aapke sath,
  36. Mubara!k ho christmas aapko
  37. Rahe aapke uper hamesha prabhu ka hath.

  38. Merry Christmas
  39. =================================
  40. May the sweet magic of Christmas
  41. Not only fil!ls in your heart.
  42. But also spreads to your dears and nears
  43. Wishing you a Merry Christmas filled with fun and joy.

  44. =================================

  45. Christmas ki shaam mubark ho apko,
  46. Khushiyo ka jaam mubark ho apko,
  47. Jo aya hai khushiyo se bhar ke
  48. Wo bada din mubarak ho apko.

  49. Wish You A Very Merry Christmas

  50. =================================

  51. Prabhu yeshu sukh de
  52. Khusi de samradhi de apko,
  53. Prabhu! Itni shakti de
  54. Ki Kabhi kisi ki kami na pade apko.

  55. Merry Christmas

  56. =================================

  57. I don’t nee!d to receive gifts this Christmas
  58. For I already have the best gift one can ever receive.
  59. The gift of being with someone I love.
  60. Merry Christmas to you, my dear!

  61. =================================

  62. संटा आपके लिए उपहार लाये,
  63. साथ खु!शियां अपार लाये,
  64. आये आपके जीवन में सुख
  65. ऐसी परमात्मा की रौशनी लाये.

  66. =================================

  67. A silent night, a star above,
  68. a blessed gift of hope and love.
  69. A blessed Christmas to you!

  70. Very Merry Christmas

  71. =================================
  72. Parmatma sakti de apko,
  73. Khub khushi de apko,
  74. Rahe pra!bhu ka hath hamesha apke jeevan mein
  75. Aisa sukh samradhi wala jeevan de aapko..

  76. =================================

  77. On this joyous day,
  78. And throughout the new year,
  79. May your li!fe be filled with
  80. An abundance of love.

  81. =================================

  82. Christmas time is always so hectic.
  83. That’s why I!’m so glad I have a friend like
  84. you to help me out during the holidays.

  85. Merry Christmas

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