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Ramadan sms new best

  1. Koi itna Chahe Tumhe to batana,
  2. Koi tumhare itne Naaz uthaaye to Batana,
  3. EID MUBARAK to har koi Keh dega tumse,
  4. Koi Hamari tarah kahey to batana…


  6. May the festival of lights be the harbinger
  7. of joy and prosperity. As the holy occasion of
  8. Ramadan is her!!e and the atmosphere is
  9. filled with the spirit of mirth and love,
  10. here is hoping this festival of beauty brings
  11. your way, bright sparkles of contentment,
  12. that stay with y!!ou through the days ahead.
  13. My Best wishes for u on Ramadan

  14. May The Blessings Of Lord
  15. Be With Y!!ou Today And Always
  16. Congrats On Your Itikaf

  17. Ae chand unko mera paigam kehna
  18. khusi ka din or hasi ki dham kehna
  19. jab wo dekhe bahar aa k to unko meri taraf se
  20. Mubarak ho Ramzaan Kehna

  21. On This Special Ocassion Of Our Special Holiday
  22. Ramadan I Take This Opportunity To Thank Allah
  23. For Keeping You And Your Family
  24. In Good Health And Enabling You
  25. To Celebrate Yet Another Ramadan
  26. May Your Household Have Peace And Happiness.

  27. As the holy occasion of Ramadan is here
  28. and the atmosphere is filled with
  29. the spirit of mirth and love.
  30. My Best wishes are for You.
  31. Happy Ramadan.

  32. Dey itnii Lazzatt apne sajdon mein mujhyYa ALLAH,,K Ramadan main is bewafa or matlabiDun!!iya ko yad krney kaa waqat takk na mile..
  33. Ramadan 2015 Mubarak..


  35. Fortunate Is The One
  36. Who Has Learned To Admire,
  37. But Not To Envy.
  38. Good Wishes For A Joyous Ramadan
  39. And A Happy New Year With A Plenty
  40. Of Peace And Prosperity.

  41. Memories of moments celebrated together
  42. Moments th!!at have been attached in my heart, forever
  43. Make me miss you even more this ramadan
  44. Hope this ramadan brings in Good Fortune and Abounding Happiness for you.
  45. Happy Ramadan

  46. Hum app ki yaad main udas hain,
  47. Bas app se milnay ki aas hain,
  48. Chahe dos!!t kitnay hi kyon na ho,
  49. Mere liye to app hi sab se khas hain.
  50. Eid Mubarak To My Cute, Sweet and Special Friend.

  51. Narrated Aisha:
  52. Allah's Apostle said,
  53. Search for the Night of Qadr in
  54. the odd nights of
  55. the last ten days of Ramadan

  56. My Heartfelt Congratulation On Your Itikaf.
  57. I Wish You To!! Attain Many More Success
  58. And Let All The Happiness In This World Will Be Yours

  59. Welcome Ramadan
  60. Walk humbly
  61. Talk politely
  62. Dres!!s neatly
  63. Treat kindly
  64. Pray attentively
  65. Donate generously
  66. May ALLAH bless & protect you...

  67. He is the one God;
  68. The Creator, the Initiator, the Designer.
  69. To him belong the most beautiful names
  70. He is the Almighty, Most Wise.
  71. Wishing you a blessed Ramadan!

  72. Kesa Laggtaa hay jab Raat ky Sannatte meHawa K
  73. Jhonkon k Sung Khamoshi se Chalty HueKoi Chupke
  74. se Aaye Ap ko tham leAor Kahe Chal UTH putar roza rakh la”

  75. Dear!
  76. May Divine Pour His blessings on you
  77. like rain throughout this holy month
  78. recite Quran for blessings
  79. b caring about your prayers
  80. the Mercif!!l will give u more than
  81. your heart desires. 

  82. “Ramadan Mubarak”

  83. What A Night, One wakes Another
  84. No Night Could Be Better & No Gift Could Be Better Than a Guide,
  85. For The Jou!!rney Of Life, It Is Recommended To Spend A Part Of The Nights 

  86. In Prayers
  87. "Seekers are Winners, Sleepers are Losers"

  88. Ae chand unko mera paigam kehna
  89. khusi ka din or hasi ki dham kehna
  90. jab wo dekhe bahar aa k to unko meri taraf se
  91. Mubarak ho Ramzaan Kehna …

  92. What A Blessed Night (Laylatul-qadr), Alhamdulilah
  93. May Allah Show!!er You All With His Mercy And Blessings.
  94. May You All Spiritually Prosper With The Will Of Your Lord….

  95. Wishing you one month of ramdan,
  96. 4 weeks of b!!arkat,
  97. 30 days of forgiveness,
  98. 720 hour!!!s of guidance,
  99. 43200 minutes of purification,
  100. 2592000 seconds of noor.

  101. Happy Ramadan

  102. Ramadan Iftar
  103. A glass of Care
  104. A plate of Love
  105. A spoon o!!f Peace
  106. A fork!! of Truth &
  107. A bowl of Duaas
  108. Mix with spices of Quraan.
  109. Enjoy this Iftar.
  110. Happy Ramadan.

  111. Be-Zubanon Ko Jub Wo Zaban Deta H..Parhne Ko
  112. Phir Wo Quraan!!! Deta H..Bakhshne Pe Aye Jub Ummat K Gunahon
  113. Ko..Tohfe Mai Gunahgaron Ko Ramzan Deta H..

  114. Ramadan ka chand daikha,
  115. Rozay ki dua mangi,
  116. Roshan sitara daikha,
  117. Aap ki !!!khairiat ki dua mangi,
  118. May Almight Allah bless you with his
  119. blessing in the holy month of Ramadan

  120. Ameen

  121. I am coming to your house
  122. 2 give you
  123. all types of happiness,success & joy
  124. please
  125. welcome me after a few minutes
  126. you know I am yours...
  127. Happy Ramadan...

  128. Be-Zabano Ko Jab Wo Zaban Deta Hai
  129. Parhen Ko !!!Phir Wo Quraan Deta Hai
  130. Bakhshne Pe Aaye Jab Ummat k Gunaho’n Ko
  131. Tohfey Mein Gunahgaro’n Ko “Ramzan” Deta Hai…

  132. Allah's Apostle used to
  133. practice a aitakaf in
  134. the last!!! ten days of
  135. the holy month of Ramadan,
  136. May Allah removes all the hurdles
  137. and make it easy to follow our prophet.

  138. Jumma
  139. The Most Sacred Day
  140. With Countless Blessings
  141. And Mercies Of Allah.
  142. May This Juma
  143. Lighten Your Life With
  144. Teachin!!gs Of Islam And
  145. Protect You From Calamity
  146. Have A Blessed Friday ..
  147. Juma Tul Wida Mubarak

  148. Tum ebadat k lamhom main mera 1 kaam krna,
  149. Her sehri s!!e pehle, her Namaz k bad,
  150. Her Iftaar se pehle, Her Rozey k bad,
  151. Sirf apni DUA k kuch alfaaz mere naam krna.

  152. Ramzan Mubarak Ho

  153. I am advising You that my Neighbor Ramadan will be
  154. Visiting you soon.
  155. With his Wife Roza and two kids Sehri and Iftaar.
  156. They will be accompanied by 3 Grandchildren
  157. Rahmat, !!Barakat and Tawba.
  158. They will leave after 30 days by Eid Airlines.
  159. Treasure them and you will be blessed.

  160. Welcome Ramadan 
  161. Walk humbly
  162. Talk !!politely
  163. Dress neatly
  164. Treat kindly
  165. Pray attentively
  166. Donate generously
  167. May ALLAH bless & protect you

  168. He is the one GOD; 
  169. the Creator, the Initiate, the Designer. 
  170. To Him belong the most beautiful names
  171. He is the!!Almighty, Most Wise.
  172. Wishing you a blessed Ramadan..!

  173. Ramazan ka chand daikha,
  174. Rozay ki dua mangi,
  175. Roshan sitara daikha,
  176. Ap ki khairiat ki dua mangi,
  177. May Almight Allah bless you with his
  178. blessing!! in the holy month of Ramadan…

  179. Prophet said:
  180. "Whoever stood for the prayers
  181. in the night of Qadr out of sincere
  182. faith and h!!oping for a reward from Allah,
  183. then all his previous sins will be forgiven"

  184. Mah-e-Ramazan Bhi Juda Honay Ko Hai.
  185. Socho Zara Kya Paya Hum Ne.
  186. Kya Apny Rab!!b Ko Manaya Hum Ne?
  187. Kya Jany Kabhi Naseeb Ab Ye Maah Ho Na Ho.
  188. Rab Ki Rehmat Ka Kya Haq Paya Hum Ne?
  189. Alvida Juma Mubarak

  190. Dear!
  191. May Divine Pour His blessings on you
  192. like rain throughout this holy month
  193. recite Qura!!n for blessings
  194. b caring about your prayers
  195. the Merciful will give u more than
  196. your heart desires.

  197. "Ramadan Mubarak"

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